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Samsung smart TV’s potentially prone to viruses

In a tweet sent earlier this week, Samsung recently notified users about regularly checking their smart TV for malware. Originating from Samsung’s customer support twitter account, an online guide outlined how to properly diagnose and perform security scans on your television to locate software attacks. What is unclear is why Samsung pulled the tweet down.

For tech savvy users, smart TVs have every streaming application you could ever need. Some of the latest Samsung TV models can even stream games from a local PC using a steam link box. However recent security flaws leave many considering the negative implications before purchasing smart TV units. If anything, this issue indicates a sign of todays digital times needed to periodically sweep your TV unit and actively maintain security updates.

The most unfortunately privacy flaw is in television units containing microphones. Back in 2017, WikiLeaks revealed the America CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) had developed software called ‘Weeping Angel’ capable of turning Samsung TV’s into listening devices.

Software viruses also make it possible to steal valuable credit card details when purchasing on-demand video. Malware has also been designed that can insert annoying unwanted advertisements.

Samsung continues to encrypt and update anti-malware engines on its products. But it is up to individual users to regularly update their products.

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