5 Best Pet Shops in San Francisco 🥇

5 Best Pet Shops in San Francisco

Below is a list of the top and leading Pet Shops in San Francisco. To help you find the best Pet Shops located near you in San Francisco, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Francisco’s Best Pet Shops:

The top rated Pet Shops in San Francisco are:

  • Village Pets and Supplies – local pet shop with varying selection of toys and food
  • Bow Wow Meow- started their first store in 1989 and has served satisfied customers since
  • Pet’s Corner – dedicates itself to delivering quality pet services to the local community
  • The Animal Company-  specializes on bird products for food and care. It also has products for other animals
  • Pawtrero Bathhouse and Feed Co. –pet shop that offers delivery of supplies, accessories, and other pet essentials

Village Pets and Supplies 

5 Best Pet Shops

Village Pets and Supplies is a local pet shop with varying selection of toys and food. Their shop includes health care products and treats for you pets. Their products passed quality inspections and are safe. It also has a dog wash for your pets. It has the latest equipment such as elevated tubs and deodorizing spritzes. Their groomers are highly trained. They treat each dog they beautify as their own.  It is open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM in all their three locations.


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Address: 1036 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States
Phone:  415-525-4757
Website: ilovevp.com


“Pet Food Express donates all the food they use at the SF SPCA, that’s definitely something to cheer about. In addition, the staff is always super friendly and ready to provide support. The selection might not be as extensive as some of the big box pet food stores but the folks here really care about pets and the work they do. I would highly recommend Pet Food Express, I do all my shopping there.” – Angela Joli

Bow Wow Meow

5 Best Pet Shops in SF

Bow Wow Meow started their first store in 1989 and has served satisfied customers since. It was originally an information website for pet care. But with the rising need to care pets personally, they set up their first store. They pride themselves in grooming pets for a long-time with the best products. Their services include grooming, teeth cleaning, and dog training classes. They have expert professionals that groom your pets quickly and with grace. Their services are reliable in giving the best care to your furry pets.


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Address: 2150 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States
Phone: 415-440-2845
Website:  bowwowmeow.net


“My company called to set up service for 5 pieces of equipment. gave them models and what we needed. This company is a professional in providing heavy equipment” – Duane D.

Pet’s Corner 

Best Pet Shops in San Francisco

Pet’s Corner dedicates itself to delivering quality pet services to the local community. It is a community minded and family owned pet store. Their products include dog, cat, bird, and small animal supplies. The supplies are sold at affordable prices. Nutritional food is displayed as they promote the healthy wellbeing of the pets. Raw food, dry and wet food, and healthy treats are also available for grabs. Aside from nutrition, there are pet toys and grooming essentials present. They are also open for suggestions on stocks and services.


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Address: 3701 Geary Blvd #102, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States
Phone: 415-751-7387
Website: petscornershop.com


“Last Friday afternoon, I went to this pet shop to buy some stuff for my lovely dog. I was so happy when you have it at a very friendly price. I also thanked your staves for being so friendly to me. What a nice service! I am always thankful to you guys for being so helpful. Highly recommendable shop in the area!” – Mary Alice Stanwood

The Animal Company

5 Pet Shops in San Francisco

The Animal Company specializes on bird products for food and care. It also has products for other animals. It started in 1974 and the store still exists today. It has a wide variety high-quality pet products to choose from. The inventory of their supplies cover supplies from the most common to the rarest animals. Their excellent customer service is also a highlight of their services. They encourage pet adoption to give homes to more stray animals. Their standards on the healthcare of animals are high. It ensures them that all their products are healthy and safe. They also sell exotic birds raised in maintained environments.


bird products, exotic birds, pet shop


Address: 4102 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States
Phone: 415-647-8755
Website: theanimalcompany.net


“I came here from the central valley to purchase a green cheek conure from this place. I had looked at other places and even looked to private breeders. I settled with The Animal Company because they had reasonably priced birds with good variety and a friendly customer service policy. Their current location is crowded, but the birds looked healthy and they are also in the process of moving to a different location with more space available. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend putting them on your list of places to look if you are interested in getting a bird.” – Mustafa Ghassemi

Pawtrero Bathhouse and Feed Co.

Pet Shops in San Francisco

Pawtrero Bathhouse and Feed Co. is a pet shop that offers delivery of supplies, accessories, and other pet essentials. It was founded by Shireen Nyden and Suzie Yannes in 2002. Motivated by the health of their dogs, they researched on biologically appropriate foods. They aim to educate pet owners of their pet’s health. Though their carefully researched products, pets are healthier and more lively. Aside from healthy food, they also offer dog baths in the most traditional way. Their equipment is modern and full of friendly staff. They offer holistic care for your beloved pets.


pet food, dog bathhouse


Address:1485 Kerley Dr, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
Phone:  408-441-9922
Website: enterprisetrucks.com


“I would shop here if I lived in San Francisco I actually went there to purchase a gift certificate for someone we have made friends with on who’s on the streets with his dog. Oviously he couldn’t carry around extra food and things. It’s right across from Oracle makes it convenient for all.” – Jeni Karraker