Uladzislau Naidzionak
Uladzislau Naidzionak – San Diego Oncology

Dr. Uladzislau Naidzionak, MD is an oncology specialist in San Diego, CA and has been practicing for 5 years. He graduated from Belarussian State Medical University in 2006 and specializes in oncology, hematology, and more.

He has a research background and provides newer evidence-based treatment. He was involved in cancer drug research in Europe and the United States. He completed Hematology and Oncology training at the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, one of the oldest cancer institutes in the United States.


Diagnostic and treatment of cancer; Breast cancer; Lung cancer; Colon cancer; Brain cancer; Bladder cancer; Prostate cancer; Kidney cancer; Wide range of other cancers and hematologic conditions; Anemias; Leukemias; Lymphomas; Sarcomas; Genetic syndromes