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Nancy Mello shares her goals in using her clairvoyant ability to connect people with deceased pets and relatives

Nancy Mello is not your stereotypical psychic medium. As an animal intuitive and clairvoyant, Nancy focuses her skills on helping her clients get much-needed closure surrounding the passing of those closest to them so they can move on with confidence.

Nancy was kind enough to answer some questions about her work.

Hello Nancy, how did you start communicating with deceased people and animals?

My grandmother soon visited me after she passed when I was six-years-old and used some colorful language that a child of that age shouldn’t know. When I told my mom, her face went white, and I didn’t bring it up again for years. Living on a farm in the country, I could feel an energy that was present. It was only later that a family member revealed to me Native Americans would hunt on the very land our house was on. I was always drawn to animals and seemed to intrinsically know when they were sick, needed help, or what they were feeling. My mom used to joke that animals were attracted to me, as strays always seemed to find their way to our house. At the age of eight, my grandfather died on my birthday. Within days I was clearly smelling his cigar. Called, “phantom scents” that was my first experience with truly intellectually understanding that my grandfather was around me, even though he had passed on.

When did you realize that you could help others with your abilities?

I screwed up a lot as a child and a young adult. I was the kid that things, “just seemed to happen to” and I ended up with a lot of physical and mental scars because of it. Somewhere in my twenties after my “starter marriage” ended, it started to become apparent that all of these things were happening to me for a reason. It would be another decade before I realized that all of my experiences (from being molested as a young child, date-raped, having a special needs child, losing a child, almost dying due to a blood clot just to name a few) taught me empathy that you can’t learn in a textbook. It had to be experienced. With all of these horrific experiences behind me, I found I could relate to so many different kinds of people on a deep level of understanding. With my abilities, I found that not only could I show empathy and relate to their struggles, but I could give people hope with the messages I was receiving. It was only after my last suicide attempt in 2019 that I realized that my purpose was bigger than the pain I had experienced and that if I could help even one person, it would honor the God that had carried me through the chaos.

What is your goal in helping people communicate with passed animals and relatives?

My goal is to give each client as much accurate information as I can to help them let go of past pain, trauma, and guilt, and live their best life moving forward. I believe everything I tell a client should be able to be proven. I call it the “ah-ha!” moment during the reading- it’s the moment where it is apparent that I am truly speaking to their loved one or pet that has passed on. For one dog, it was the exact position he cuddled in with his owner every night. For a grieving niece, it was the purple scarf with a floral design that her deceased aunt wanted her to have. For another, it was a childhood dog’s name that I couldn’t have possibly have known. Those moments are incredibly powerful, and I am honored to be apart of them.

Nancy Mello

What is your goal in helping people and pets?

I find both humans and pets to be unique and individualized due to their personality more than species, with individual needs. Each client that comes to me deserves one hundred per cent of my attention and energy. When I am speaking with clients, I am completely present and engaged with helping them through an individualized journey. The same goes for pets. Each pet that I connect with has joys, fears, and memories, and they deserved to be honored, regardless if it’s a guinea pig or a horse.

What kinds of questions do people engage you to ask of their deceased loved ones and pets?

Lots of questions revolve around wanting to know if their loved one is alright and if they are able to still visit them. Depending on the personality of the deceased, I find that signs and messages tend to go one of two ways: if the person had a big personality in life, they undoubtedly still have one. I had one deceased father send signs by continuously sending a bird to peck at his daughter’s window. The daughter came to me, thinking it was a bad omen but dissolved into laughter when she found out it was simply her dad trying to get her attention. On the side, if a person tended to be quiet, reserved, and held back, don’t expect them to be ringing the doorbell to give you a sign. A client came to be to connect to her mother. I noticed her mom was quiet and didn’t have much to say, and it upset the daughter. She started to cry, thinking her mom didn’t want to talk to her. It occurred to me to ask what her mother was like in life. When she mentioned that her mom generally said very little- it dawned on both of us that this was simply her mom being her typical reserved-self. Each client of a pet that has passed over wants to make sure their pets are in heaven, and the answer is always yes. Pets generally pass over easier than people. The transition is as natural as taking a breath, and the experience is a beautiful one.

Can you explain some of the work you do on behalf of animal welfare in your community?

I volunteer my services, helping assist local rescues in finding the right homes for dogs and cats. Being able to tap into a pet’s personality means that we can truly triangulate the best home for the animal. This leads to lasting outcomes with the adopted families. Whenever possible, I also assist in finding lost pets. My own dog, a rescue lab named Abbey K, was lost for 7 days in 2019. It was frustrating from a psychic perspective because I could feel where she was, but I couldn’t get her to stay put. It was only our first day owning her, and she was unfamiliar with my family and me. It is an experience that I try to help others in the community avoid. In the first four months of 2020 alone, I assisted in helping find two lost dogs. When an animal is found, the joy is indescribable.

Thank you Nancy for your time!
You can follow up with Nancy Mello at https://nancymello.com or her Facebook page.