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Dr Weber Coaching – Review

How Dr Weber’s Coaching Courses Turn Words Into Power

According to acclaimed linguist, celebrated author, communications coach Dr Weber, we spend over 70% of our days communicating in some form or another. For many people from all walks of life, there is untapped potential that resides underneath the surface of their daily communications – and it is Dr Weber Coaching that seeks to bring it to the surface.

Dr Weber Coaching was founded by Dr Weber (avid readers will recognize him as his pseudonym John English), who is a communications expert and sought-after speaker for some of the biggest brands around the world. His range of courses and seminars have already given numerous clients a renewed sense of self and inspired them to become better communicators.

The reason his coaching courses are so successful is due to the simple fact that Dr Weber has been educated by the best and brightest life coaches and communications experts of our lifetime. Through careful consideration and study, he has managed to distill the fundamental essence of what communication is capable of, when wielded correctly, and educates his clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


As a celebrated speaker, Dr Weber has brought the underlying principles of his coaching courses to the stage in his speaking events. Companies will often call upon Dr Weber to speak and inspire their top-level personnel on how to best understand and implement effective communication strategies.

Each speaking event he’s invited to is a little different, he has perfected the art of observation and continually improves and hones his speeches to better reflect the room.


Dr Weber’s bread and butter is undoubtedly his educational courses. He runs online and in-person courses on the art of non-verbal language, building rapports, and online communication techniques. These courses are the culmination of his extensive knowledge and experience, as well as his own education from the masters of inspiration which includes Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and John Grinder to name a few.

His workshops are well renowned as well which allows a more personal and deeper education to take place – this includes basic communication skills all the way to high-impact public speaking.


The third pillar in Dr Weber’s extensive offerings is his life and success coaching. Not only does Dr Weber provide his clients with the skillset to level up their lives, he also gives them the means of forging a new path towards their own personal success. Whether the goal is to influence others or develop intercultural business communicative skillsets, Dr Weber coaching has the ingredients that can turn anyone into a communications powerhouse.

Dr Weber Coaching has a lot to offer in a society that favors bold communicators and trailblazing thinkers – these seminars, speeches, and courses develop the leaders of tomorrow.