5 Best Maternity in San Jose 🥇

5 Best Maternity in San Jose

Below is a list of the top and leading Maternity in San Jose. To help you find the best Maternity located near you in San Jose, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Maternity: 

The top rated Maternity in San Jose are:

  • Baby’s First Ultrasound – provides a premier avenue for 4D ultrasound open every day
  • Birthright of San Jose – offers a wide variety of services for pregnant women
  • El Camino Hospital Maternal Connections – provides complete materials for prenatal, postpartum, and babies
  • RealOptions – a full-service center for expecting mothers offering high-quality services
  • Harmony – features an exciting and fulfilling place for expecting parents and families

Baby’s First Ultrasound

5 Best Maternity in San Jose1

Baby’s First Ultrasound provides a premier avenue for 4D ultrasound open every day. They have more than 25,000 satisfied customers. The practice has com[plete amenities and facilities for expecting mothers. This includes k2 viewing monitors and a large HD flat panel TV. They use state-of0-the-art ultrasound equipment for the best picture quality. Furthermore, they offer their services at competitive prices. They offer the best experience to mothers of the local community. The staff provides the best customer service. They also ensure that their clients are comfortable during their stay.

Products/ Services:

maternity, ultrasound


Address: 3030 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: (650)-625-1337
Website: 4dultra.com


”We came here at 34 weeks and had a great experience. Staff was so helpful in giving us advice and perfect customer service. We would like to thank, claudia and the tech Sally for doing a great job. We will be back for our next baby for sure.” – Shaun Howland

Birthright of San Jose 

5 Best Maternity in San Jose2

Birthright of San Jose offers a wide variety of services for pregnant women. They provide positive support to their clients. Moreover, they give complete information and guidance to them. Furthermore, they provide a free and confidential pregnancy test. They ensure that their material is more sensitive and effective than common tests. The pregnancy test they provide takes only 5 minutes to garner results. Moreover, they continue to monitor the patient for positive and negative results. This ensures that they are fully taken care of no matter what the results are.

Products/ Services:

maternity, pregnancy testing


Address: 1210 S Bascom Ave Dispensary / Storage, San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: (408)-241-8444
Website: birthrightsanjose.org


”Birthright is an important service for women deciding what to do for their pregnancy” – Paul Yang

El Camino Hospital Maternal Connections

5 Best Maternity in San Jose3

El Camino Hospital Maternal Connections provides complete materials for prenatal, postpartum, and babies. They have services for the delivery of these supplies. Their items include breastfeeding kits, new baby essentials, and nursing supplies. Furthermore, their materials are highly recommended by lactation specialists and mothers. They also are very reliable and long-lasting. The shop is well-maintained and well-stocked. They also have sales representatives that are knowledgeable of their products. Moreover, they offer guidance for first-timers. They help customers firn the best products for mothers and the baby. They accept all kinds of payment options and offer gift certificates.

Products/ Services:

maternity, boutique, maternity kits, nursing aids


Address: 2485 Hospital Dr, Mountain View, CA 94040,
Phone: (650)-988-8287
Website:  elcaminohealth.org/services/mother-baby-health/for-patients/maternity-boutiques


”This place is still open, Monday to Friday 10 AM to 3 PM. The lady in there is very helpful, I rented a hospital grade pump and some accessories right before she closed, and she didn’t rush anything and even help me carry the pump out to my car. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how many different items they have in there for breast-feeding, considering how few stores carry these things. I’ll definitely be returning, as breast-feeding is proving more difficult than expected.” – Sarah Clawson


5 Best Maternity in San Jose4

RealOptions is a full-service center for expecting mothers offering high-quality services. They provide excellent health care for women. Their services include breast exams, pap smears, and annual examinations. The doctors provide comprehensible women’s health education and information. Moreover,. they offer medical testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and infections. They also confirm pregnancies through symptoms and laboratory-grade pregnancy tests. Furthermore, they provide diagnostic ultrasound imaging for pregnant women. They also provide prenatal care from the first to the second trimester of their pregnancy.

Products/ Services:

maternity, prenatal care, women’s health


Address: 1671 The Alameda #101, San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: (408)-978-9310
Website: realoptions.net


”Very friendly and welcoming staff. I was blessed to find this on google. Staff is genuinely concerned that they provide the best services and provide detailed information about the services they have. I’m glad I was in safe hands because this was my first experience, being a first time mom. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!” – Madiha Ahmad


5 Best Maternity in San Jose5

Harmony features an exciting and fulfilling place for expecting parents and families. They offer a nurturing environment where families can learn, practice, and receive support. Furthermore, they offer unbiased information regarding pregnancy and parenthood. They also create meaningful connections to prepare parents through parenthood. Moreover, the staff gives them all basic and complicated information on breastfeeding, baby care, and parenthood in general. They guide their clients through their challenging stages. In addition, they offer massages for prenatal, postpartum, and general purposes. They also give multiple yoga classes for their clients.

Products/ Services:

maternity, massage, information


Address: 621 E Campbell Ave #14, Campbell, CA 95008
Phone:  (408)-370-3702
Website: harmonymama.com


“They offer wonderful pre natal yoga classes as well as mommy and me style classes where you can bring your baby. They offer drop in packages so you can attend classes when it is convenient for you and you can use them for a variety of classes.” – Aparna Costa