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5 Best Malaysian food in New York 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Malaysian food in New York. To help you find the best Malaysian food located near you in New York, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

New York’s Best Malaysian food:

The top-rated Malaysian food in New York are:

  • Nyonya – a variety of Malaysian delicacies showcasing exotic flavors.
  • West New Malaysia – discreet Malaysian joint popular for their huge menu of curries and other hearty meals.
  • Kopitiam – quaint Malaysian food joint that serves sweet and savory dishes. Also serves breakfast.
  • Malaysia Grill – comfy dining spot that offers Malaysian, Chinese, and Thai classics.
  • New Pinang – Malaysian and Thai eatery that offers a huge menu of noodles and curry dishes.


Best Malaysian food in New York

Nyonya is well-known for being one of the most authentic Malaysian restaurants in New York. It is very popular for people who are used to eating the dishes they serve and to those who enjoy the occasional Malaysian treat. They have a wide range of authentic Malaysian cuisines like their popular Phad Thai and Prawn Mee. Their dishes are amazing and very affordable making Nyonya one of the best go-to spots for someone craving Malaysian food.

Malaysian, Chinese, and Asian Fusion dishes.

Address: 199 Grand St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 334-3669
Website: ilovenyonya.com

Great Malaysian food! Was in Singapore for four years and would like to say this place was authentic! – Tian G.

West New Malaysia

Best Malaysian food in New York City

West New Malaysia is situated in a very odd and somewhat secluded location so it would be sheer luck if you came across it by accident. Most of its clientele has been going in and feasting on their reliably authentic Malaysian treats so their popularity might have been spread by word of mouth.

Nevertheless, this quaint little Malaysian food joint is beloved by locals and foreigners who are far from home with their hearty menu. Their curries, soups, and seafood are among their most popular dishes within their large menu of very affordable eats.

Appetizers, noodles, meats, seafood, sides.

Address: 46-48, Bowery, New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 964-0284
Website: westmalaysiatogo.com

Reliable spot for Malaysian food. I’ve been eating here since I was a kid and it always hits the spot. My favorite dishes here are the Hainanese Chicken Rice (order with “white meat” — the breast rather than “dark meat” which I find tends to have more bony inedible parts), Singapore Fried Rice Noodle, Sarang Burang (this dish has a fried taro exterior that may not travel so well via delivery), Kang-Kong Belacan. – Joy L.


Best Malaysian food in NYC

Kopitiam prides itself in introducing customers to authentic Nyonya cuisine, which is a mixture of Malay and Chinese flavors from cooking techniques and ingredients from both cultures with a little dash of British and Portuguese influences.

Their dishes are all-natural without any artificial additives like seasoning and food coloring and are made fresh with ingredients that are sourced directly from Malaysia.

Hybrid Malay and Chinese cuisine.

Address: 151 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002
Phone: (646) 609-3785
Website: kopitiamnyc.com

I had the Hainanese chicken rice, the spicy stir-fried duck tongue, the Malaysian Style half-boiled eggs, and the rose Bandung. I’ve been holding out for the chicken rice for a while now. Everything was really good. The food was tasty and the service was great! – Howard Bell

Malaysia Grill

New York Best Malaysian Food

Malaysia Grill is a modest Southeast Asian restaurant that offers Malaysian and Chinese cuisine in large and affordable portions. Their menu is comprised of comfortable authentic Malaysian dishes. Some of their popular dishes are the Beef rendang, their spicy soups, and their curry dishes. They also have unique and tasty desserts like their Roti Canai, a crispy Malaysian-style pancake that has chicken curry sauce.

Affordable Malaysian and Chinese cuisine.

Address: 224 W 104th St, New York, NY 10025
Phone: (212) 579-1333
Website: malaysiagrill.nyc

The cleanest and best Malaysian restaurant in the 5 boroughs! If you want something that is not on the menu just ask them and they’ll make it for you! I had to stop going because they have stairs and since an accident 2 years ago, I can’t use stairs but we still get take out when we can! Most of the other Malaysian restaurants and I have been to them all in NYC and NJ and upstate as well are either dirty or very stylish but fake just Chinese saying they are Malaysian. – Pinky

New Pinang

New York Malaysian Food

New Pinang is a lovely Malaysian restaurant who to some of its patrons is the best go-to spot in Queens. Their interior design is modest but has vibrant colors that liven the place up and will still attract those who love to take selfies. They have a large menu of dishes that are priced spectacularly. Another thing of note is that if you don’t eat meat, they have an amazing vegetarian menu. This restaurant also has an amazing staff, given that most, if not all of its clientele say that their customer experience was wonderful.

Malaysian and Thai dishes.

Address: 111-10 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375
Phone: (718) 268-9135
Website: newpinangtogo.com

This place has been underrated in our world. We have been here before and really liked it. We went back this weekend and we asked ourselves why don’t we come here more often! We ordered 3 dishes and they were all super delicious. It is very well priced and the staff is very friendly. We are definitely making this our go-to SE Asian eatery this time around. – Gadi Glogowski