Joilson Melo’s New Smash Hit Single “The Tropical Summer” Skyrockets to Success

Joilson Melo
Joilson Melo

Joilson Melo has quickly become one of the world’s top musicians. Ever since he was a child, he has had a love for music and has worked hard to develop the skills necessary to become an accomplished and well-rounded musician.

As the writer, recorder, and producer of his own music, Joilson Melo has impressed fans around the globe with his ability to create infectious hip hop and electronic style songs.

One of his biggest inspirations is David Guetta and it is clear that Joilson Melo is able to express himself through music in a similar way. The blend of styles that he employs in his music allows him to create unique yet highly enjoyable songs.

“The Tropical Summer” is Joilson Melo’s latest hit single and furthers his reputation as a talented songwriter and producer. All of his songs are created from his home studio, a place that Melo takes pride in and has created as a space that allows him to perfect his craft. All 13 tracks of his first album “Genesis Mystery” were created there.

The electronic community continue to listen to the album and Joilson Melo has become a well-known name among fans of the genre. This success has led to the release of more popular tracks in recent years.

Joilson Melo’s music can be found on all good streaming platforms and continues to grow in popularity. “The Tropical Summer” is his most recent release and fans have gladly reveled in the chance to hear more of this budding superstar’s talent. A feel-good track that can be enjoyed by anyone, the song has become a go-to this summer.

As the name suggests, the song is able to capture the joyous and warm feeling that this season brings.

With each song that Joilson Melo releases, more and more fans from all around the world take notice. His music can be found on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal and more and is sure to be on high rotation on all of your playlists. If you have been looking for a summer anthem to get you excited for the all the fun of this season, then look no further than Joilson Melo’s “The Tropical Summer”.

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