Joseph E. Johnson
Joseph E. Johnson – San Antonio Gastroenterology

Dr. Joseph Johnson IV believes he was destined to be a physician. He never thought of doing anything else. He comes from generations of doctors, dating all the way back to the 1800s. However, choosing his preferred field of study was a little more interesting. Dr. Johnson says, “[Choosing gastro] was an accident. I ended up training under two men who were Nobel Prize winners in GI, their enthusiasm for the field was contagious.

He completed his Doctorate at the University of Texas, followed by acceptance of a Fellowship at the University of North Carolina. During his career, Dr. Johnson served as Staff Physician at Murphy VA Hospital.

In the past, Dr. Johnson was also on a talk show in San Antonio. The show included a 10-minute segment designed to help viewers better understand and care for their health. Although the program is no longer on the air, he still spreads the word about colon cancer.

Dr. Johnson is a colon cancer survivor himself. He says that his own experience battling the disease only fueled his passion for the cause. He says to his patients in daily practice, “When you’re sick or struggling with your health, the last thing that you want to do is sit in a waiting room or be shuffled from room to room and talk to doctors who act too busy. My experience only enhanced the human element that must exist in this practice. I am dedicated to being responsive, on time, and focused on my patient’s care. I’m focused during every moment I spend with them.”