5 Best Gardeners in San Francisco 🥇

5 Best Gardeners in San Francisco

Below is a list of the top and leading Gardeners in San Francisco. To help you find the best Gardener located near you in San Francisco, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Francisco’s Best Gardeners:

The top rated Gardeners in San Francisco are:

  • SFGardening.com Gardeners in San Francisco – a full-service gardening company
  • Janet Moyer Landscaping – provides customized residential landscaping services across the area
  • Urban FarmGilds Garden Design – features pozzolan artisan pots and other plant care products
  • The Gardener – provides accessories and artisanal home and garden goods
  • Zenscape – provides beautiful contemporary landscaping designs for residential properties


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SFGardening.com Gardeners in San Francisco is a full-service gardening company. They have all sorts of products needed for gardening and landscaping. Furthermore, their services include hand weeding, real estate garden staging, and seasonal care. They have professionals that creatively deliver pruning and natural shaping. Moreover, they offer the installation of gardens. This includes rooftop and tired gardens. They innovatively design their gardens with accurate object placement. They also beautify decks and terraces.


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Address: 305 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone:  (415)-933-0551
Website: sfgardening.com


“John was extremely helpful through the entire process of redesigning our patio in Pacific Heights. He gave feedback on some of our initial ideas and was communicative and transparent on the design, purchasing of materials & shrubs / plants, and his timeline of work. John’s also very helpful in sharing his experience / advice on how to take care of our patio to newbies like us!” – Christopher Tsai

Janet Moyer Landscaping

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Janet Moyer Landscaping provides customized residential landscaping services across the area. Their expert’s design and install gardens fitting for the varied terrain and climate. They also take into account the architectural constraints of San Francisco. Furthermore, they have designed and installed more than 1,200 unique landscapes. This includes informal, public, and private spaces. They add hot tubs, kitchens, and additional structures to their landscape. Moreover, they make sure that the landscaping is maintained for long-term use. They have gardeners that provide fertilizers and plant care methods regularly.


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Address: 1031 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415)-821-3760
Website: janetmoyerlandscaping.com/urban-landscaping


“Janet Moyer landscaping replaced our front and back yards, which had lawns, with a beautiful water wise garden, with a dry creek bed, and a couple little fountains, a natural looking flagstone patio area, all set in redwood mulch and irrigated and lit. Their staff was very helpful throughout; the installation crew consisted of people who were knowledgeable about plants and irrigation and lighting, and collaborated well with us. They were very hard workers as well. We look forward to their continued maintenance of our new yard.” – Chris D.

Urban FarmGirls Garden Design 

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Urban FarmGilds Garden Design features pozzolan artisan pots and other plant care products. Their Pozzola artisan pots are handcrafted and environmentally friendly. They incorporated San Francisco in their designs. It also underwent three stages of curing without the use of electricity. Furthermore, they have a variety of succulents under their care. They have indoor and outdoor succulents and also educate their customers with the care it needs. There are living wreaths strategically designed to be filled with plants and succulents. The wreaths last indefinitely when they are fully taken care of.


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Address: 1584 Wallace Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone: (415)-244-6254
Website: shopurbanfarmgirlsco.com


“I recently visited the UFG location in San Francisco. It was a real treat to see where they produce their products and develop their customer’s project plans. They really take great care of their customers. I purchased a small pot that I now have fully planted and displayed in my office. I hope everyone have the opportunity to do business with them.” – Steve Parker

The Gardener 

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The Gardener provides accessories and artisanal home and garden goods. They also display plants and their accompanying plant care products. Moreover, the shop displays high-quality pots and gardening tools. They have differently styled and sized garden essentials up for grabs. Furthermore, they have table top accessories made from natural products. Their inventor includes art masterpieces based on nature. They also display latest equipment and tools for gardening. Some wellness products concocted with natural ingredients fill some of their displays. They also have furniture sold at competitive prices. This includes wooden chairs, small tables, and ottomans. It is made from reclaimed redwood. This furniture is durable and are weather-resistant.


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Address: One Ferry Building, #26, San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone:  (415)-981-8181
Website: thegardener.com


“I love that fresh smell when I walk in to the store. I also thought that there coustemer service was awesome when I walked up to the counter they where ready to help” – Piper Altman


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Zenscape provides beautiful contemporary landscaping designs for residential properties. The practice is led by Brian Ott who studied  Zen Buddhism. He follows the Eastern aesthetic designs. For over 20 years, he uses this technique to improve the beauty of homes in San Francisco. Furthermore, landscaping services involve sustainable solutions and timeless design. They also promote the use of drought-tolerant plants since the climate is constantly changing. They also add small gardens with edible fruits in landscaping. The transformation of gardens into simple and vibrant places is breath-taking.


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Address: 1341 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone:  (415)-794-0664
Website: zenscape.com


“Brian is amazing! In the last two months, he’s transformed our blah backyard into gorgeous Zen retreat – from our cool, curvy ipe deck to our amazing slate walkway and stone water feature. We’re so thrilled with what he’s created for us! He is a true visionary with an amazing eye for design.” – Tina Trudel