5 Best Food Trucks in San Jose, CA

Best Food Trucks in San Jose, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Food Trucks in San Jose, CA. To help you find the best Food Trucks located near you in San Jose, CA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose, CA’s Best Food Trucks:

The top-rated Food Trucks in San Jose, CA are:

  • Chick N’ Bros – one of the best Nashville Hot Chicken food trucks in your Bay Area
  • Keeku da Dhaba – an Indian food truck that serves hot, mouth-watering barbecue
  • Moveable – brings the best food trucks in Bay Area
  • Chubby’s Chickn – born out of love for spice and fried chicken
  • Red Pepper Express Food Truck – serves Indian and Chinese fusion food around the San Jose area

Chick N’ Bros

Chick N' Bros in San Jose, CA

Chick N’ Bros is located in the heart of the Bay Area, serving hot chicken sandwiches for their customers. With big chick energy, their Nashville hot chicken sandwich food truck serves mouth-watering food wherever they are located in respective to their schedule. Hence, they want to share this amazing, spicy food experience and energy with their customers. Furthermore, they have a good variety of chicken sandwiches. With this, you can choose from any of them and grab a big bite to taste all the exploding flavors and savory chicken.


Chicken Burger, Food Truck Services


Address: 3242 Stevens Creek Blvd San Jose, CA 95117

Phone: (408) 789 8816

Website: chicknbros.com


“This is my friend’s favorite chicken restaurant! He is always asking to come here. The location is a bit awkward since it’s on a busy street, but I usually don’t have trouble finding parking.

Their chicken is super crispy. The go-to is the Angry Bird sandwich. Every time we’ve come, we do not have to wait long for our food. If you can, order ahead too! Nice and fast customer service as well.” – Vanessa M.

Keeku da Dhaba

Keeku da Dhaba in San Jose, CA

Keeku da Dhaba believes that there is love more sincere than loving food. With this, they want to share their delicious Indian barbecues in your locale. One of the best Indian food trucks, they serve their tasty and hot kababs and biryanis. Moreover, their chef is trained by the famous Delhi chefs. Hence, he brings you authentic flavors of Indian food with their food truck. Furthermore, they offer their fresh kababs and chicken tikkas cooked to perfection, giving your taste buds a tasty ride.


Indian Food, Food Truck Services


Address: 3400 Mowry Ave Bharat Bazaar Parking Space Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: (510) 789 3437

Website: keekuz.com


“Amazing food. If you are craving some amazing kebabs, then stop here, and your dream will come true. This place will give foodgasm!! Not expensive and worth every penny.” – Vishal M.


Moveable in San Jose, CA

Moveable brings you a lot of food and experiences. They gather the best food trucks of the Bay Area in your locale. With this, you can enjoy many of the best street food outdoors. Furthermore, you can enjoy both the food and the experience in a safe, contactless process. Besides their food trucks, they are an event organizer, food pop-ups, and offer catering services. Based in Jose, they tour nearby cities and areas to bring you amazing food trucks and entertainment.


Hot Food, Food Truck Services, Events


Address: San Jose, CA 95125

Phone: (408) 800 6825

Website: mvbl.co


“My first time at a Movable Feast event in SJ. They had 8 trucks at this event. It was not super crowded, and the location was easy to get in and out of.

Also, they had giant-sized games for the kids, which made it very family-friendly.” – Michael W.

Chubby’s Chickn

Chubby's Chickn in San Jose, CA

Chubby’s Chickn is one of the unique food trucks in San Jose. Born out of love for fried chicken and spice, they serve hot chicken sandwiches and more to their customers. Through their food travels and experience, they have created a unique food truck with unique chicken burgers. Moreover, they serve fried delicacies that you will enjoy along with their burgers. Specializing in Nashville hot chicken, they continue to bring out the best full flavors of their menu. Furthermore, you can order online then pick the food hot and fresh from their truck.


Chicken Burgers, Food Truck


Address: 888 Story Rd San Jose, CA 95122

Phone: (408) 489 7514

Website: chubbyschickn.com


“Chubby’s Chickn is definitely one of the best in the area. They use thigh meat instead of breast-like in most places, so their giant chicken “patty” between the toasted buns, sweet and tangy pickles, and saucy slaw is one of the juiciest and most flavorful I’ve ever had! Their waffle-cut fries are also just a perfect add-on with the sandwich. The wings are also pretty bomb but looooove the sandwiches here the most!

If you can’t do well with spice, I’d recommend getting Level 1 or 2 since my bf, and I got level 3 and suffered just a little bit from the ghost pepper and reaper spices! Good luck to those getting anything higher!” – Annie P.

Red Pepper Express Food Truck

Red Pepper Express Food Truck in San Jose, CA

Red Pepper Express Food Truck serves Indo-Chinese fusion food in your locale. With their food truck, they serve their amazing Indian and Chinese food around Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas. At your convenience, they bring you an Asian style of cooking with Indian and Chinese spices. Furthermore, they strive to offer food lovers good food at affordable prices. Their authentic flavors of Indian and Chinese food make you want to eat and experience the unique taste of Indo-Chinese cuisine. You can check out their website to know their food truck schedule.


Chinese Food, Indian Food, Food Catering, Food Truck


Address: 725 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Phone: (650) 660 0991

Website: redpepperxpress.com


“Best Chicken momos in Northern Cali. My wife and I also love the chili chicken chow mein noodles. This spot is a must-go-to and eat. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed!” – Walt T.