5 Best Fire Guard Services in New York🥇

Best Fire Guard Services in New York

With the amount of incidents happening on a daily basis, the local government fire services sometimes cannot keep up with them all and/or respond in a reasonable time. For this reason, fire guard services have become increasingly popular.

They patrol areas they are hired to, and will help to inform, warn and evacuate people in the area. They then will inform police and the fire department.

These are the top 5 best fire guard & watch services in New York:

  1. USPA Security

Website: uspasecurity.com

USPA Security offers fire watch services to the New York area. They offer patrols that patrol the premises every 15 minutes. In the event of a fire, they sound the alarm and alert others to the danger, then informing and staying in contact with dispatch units from the police and fire department. They will then assist the dispatch units with anything they need, finally writing a report about the incident for both the client and police investigators. They also offer services including pandemic response, bodyguards, warehouse security and security guards.

  1. NYC Top Building Services

fire watch services

Website: nyctopbuildingmanagement.com

NYC Top Building Services offers qualified fire guards who are certified and have undergone extensive training, have undergone background checks and are trustworthy and dependable. Their fire guards know the proper fire safety protocols and will ensure the safety of tenants within the premises. Only the highest qualified guards are provided by NYC Top Building Services.

  1. Fire Guards NYC

Fire Guards NYC

Website: fireguardsnyc.com

Fire Guards NYC knows that fire safety can be a major concern for clients, and rightfully so. Fire Guards NYC employs one of the largest teams of fire guards due to the ever high demand for fire safety professionals in New York. Their guards are trained in the provision of fire watching services for both commercial and residential organizations. The legally required personnel are not only provided, but they work closely with the city in order to ensure that violations are corrected and inspections are passed.

  1. NY Fire Consultants

NY Fire Consultants

Website: nyfiresafe.com

NY Fire Consultants provides accredited fire safety and consultation courses. These are run by approved, certified and trained firefighters and consultants, and provide services to commercial and residential buildings. They also offer classes online during the COVID19 pandemic.

  1. Narrow Security

Narrow Security

Website: narrowsecurity.com

Narrow Security provides FDNY certified personnel who have taken additional fire safety training with NYC Fire Guards. They have over 10,000 satisfied customers and provide services that range from institutional, residential and commercial areas, as well as individual clients. With over 10 years of experience, they are a good choice for fire guards in New York.

These are some good choices for fire guards and protection in your area or neighbourhood.