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Best Employment Attorneys in New York

Below is a list of the top and leading Employment Attorneys in New York. To help you find the best Employment Attorneys located near you in New York, our team at Kev’s Best put together our own list based on this rating points list.

New York’s Best Employment Attorneys:

The top rated Employment Attorneys in New York are:

  • Kenneth Abeyratne – Phillips & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PLLC
  • Kelly O’Connell – Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC
  • Maya Risman – Risman & Risman, P.C.
  • Larry Carry – Cary Kane LLP
  • Robert W. Ottinger, Jr. – The Ottinger Firm, P.C.

Phillips & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PLLC

Kenneth Abeyratne - Phillips & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PLLC
Kenneth Abeyratne – Phillips & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PLLC. Source: Screenshto from www.newyorkcitydiscriminationlawyer.com

Kenneth Abeyratne of Phillips & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PLLC works as a Junior Associate. He offers legal assistance with employment discrimination matters and collaborates together with other attorneys to obtain the best outcome in every cases they work with. He took B.A. in Economics and a minor in Business Studies in New York University, then graduated in 2013. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association. and New York City Bar Association. He can assist his clients with other Civil Rights Violation matters, discrimination, harrasment and other compensation or claim cases.

Their firm was chosen as one of the best Employment & Labor Law Firms in New York serving the New York City and Tri-State area. Their attorneys are professionals who are best in employment and discrimination law, their focus are in these areas and they are excellent at it. They also offer free consultation to possible and future clients. They also do not take any lawyer’s fee without a final verdict or settlement.


Wage & Hour Law, Discrimination in Public Spaces, Whistleblower Protection Claims, Executive Compensation, Civil Rights Violations, Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy Discrimination, Other Discrimination, Other Areas of Practice


Address: 45 Broadway #620, New York, NY 10006
Phone: +1 212-248-7431
Website: www.newyorkcitydiscriminationlawyer.com


“This was the perfect company to help me put the past in the past. My attorneys worked very hard on behalf of me and I am please. Thank you and keep up the great work.” – Tiffany Duplessy

Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC

Kelly O’Connell - Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC
Kelly O’Connell – Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC. Source: Screenshot from www.discriminationandsexualharassmentlawyers.com

Kelly O’Connell of Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC is a Sexual Harassment Lawyer servicing Florida & New York. She took her Bachelors degree in Nova Southeastern University. Kelly enrolled at a law school and graduated in St. Thomas University School of Law, J.D., with a Certificate in Intercultural Human Rights.

Kelly was an executive editor for a legal journal that focuses on advancing global equality while in law school. She acquired her skills and experiences with areas of civil litiogation and discrimination law through her law school career and several legal internships.

Attorney O’Connell also writes various articles for Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC. Their firm provides a full-service employment law firm servicing New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Miami. They are focused on providing best legal services involving employment discrimination, sexual harassment, family and medical leave act, wrongful termination or retaliatory termination and Americans with disabilities act.


Sexual Harassment, Employment Law, Discrimination, Civil Litigation & Contracts


Address: 1 Pennsylvania Plaza #4905, New York, NY 10119
Phone: +1 212-587-0760
Website: www.discriminationandsexualharassmentlawyers.com


“Had a great experience with Kelly O’Connel. The whole process was smooth and explained everything in a way that I could understand it, dealing with legal matters can be frustrating and confusing but this was never the case here. Highly recommend it!” – Javier Hernandez

Risman & Risman, P.C.

Maya Risman - Risman & Risman, P.C.
Maya Risman – Risman & Risman, P.C.. Source: Screenshot from www.risman-law.com

Maya Risman of Risman & Risman, P.C. is a civil litigator for over 16 years providing legal services in medical malpractice, personal injury and discrimination action matters for their clients. She may have an extensive experiences in handling employment law matters in New york but she focuses in representing aggrieved employees in complex employment discrimination claims.

Attorney Risman is a member of the New York State Bar, United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. In 1994, she achieved her Bachelors in International Relations and graduated from Boston University. In 1997, she obtained her J.D. from Touro Law School.


Employment Discrimination, Employee Rights & Benefits


Address: 30 Vesey St, New York, NY 10007
Phone: +1 212-233-6400
Website: www.risman-law.com


“I cannot recommend Risman & Risman enough. This firm has a level of professionalism that puts them head above shoulders above other law firms. When I had a contract dispute I reached out to six firms and Risman were to only ones to reach back to me in an acceptable amount of time. Risman gave me their truthful opinion on my problem as well as the likelihood their solution would be successful. If you’re someone who doesn’t come from a legal background and are looking for a firm that will guide you, fight for you and keep you inform then look no further.” – Akeem Grant

Cary Kane LLP

Larry Carry - Cary Kane LLP
Larry Carry – Cary Kane LLP. Source: Screenshot from www.carykanelegal.com

Larry Cary have been practicing labor, employment and employee benefits law for three decades. He is one of the Founding Partner of their firm, Cary Kane LLP. In, 1975, Mr. Larry Cary obtained his Bachelors degree from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. He took his Masters degree in Public Administration at the New York University in 1979. He received his J. D. from Brooklyn Law School in 1983 and his Certificate in Employee Benefits Law from Georgetown University Law Center in the year 2008.

Attorney Larry is affiliated with the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee & Federal Bar Council. He is also affiliated with others such as the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Association of Benefit Administrators, Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives Advisory Board, Workers Defense League, Treasurer & Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation, Inc., President.


Labor Law, Employment Law & Employee Benefits Law


Address: 1350 Broadway #1400, New York, NY 10018
Phone: +1 212-868-6300
Website: www.carykanelegal.com


“I found Cary Kane LLP to be a professional and efficient company. I worked with Christopher Baluzy, who was supportive, helpful, and explained things in a very patient and thorough way. Chris also did all he could in order to meet the time constraints he was given. I highly recommend this company.” – Maria Lebron

The Ottinger Firm, P.C.

Robert W. Ottinger, Jr. obtained his Bachelors degree in Economic and Communications from East Stroudsburg University in 1986. He received his J.D. from Loyola Law School in 1991. He also became a Law Clerk to The Honorable Robert M. Mallano at Los Angeles Superior Court from 1992-1993, as his Judicial Clerkship. Robert is now an employment attorney focusing in providing legal assistance to employees and executives with their  employment conflicts and matters.

Attorney Ottinger is associated and a member of varios associations such as State Bar of New York, State Bar of California, State Bar of Connecticut, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and U.S. District for the Central District of California.


Bonus Disputes, Commission Disputes, Family Medical Leave, Hostile Work Environment, Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Solicitation Agreements, Overtime Pay, Pregnancy Discrimination, Retaliation, Severance Pay, Sexual Harassment & Wrongful Termination


Address: 401 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016
Phone: +1 347-492-1904
Website: www.ottingerlaw.com


“I have used Ottinger Firm for my personal employment contracts and recommended friends and colleagues to consult with Ottinger. Services are excellent, staff is knowledgeable, accessible, helpful. Highly recommend.” – Peter Krein