5 Best Electronics in San Francisco 🥇

5 Best Electronics in San Francisco

Below is a list of the top and leading Electronics in San Francisco. To help you find the best Electronics located near you in San Francisco, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Francisco’s Best Electronics

The top rated Electronics in San Francisco are:

  • B8ta San Francisco – the next-generation retail store focused on discovery
  • Cornfield Electronics – provides its customers with new and innovative devices
  • Cal Marine Electronics- offers quality service for commercial operators in San Francisco
  • Apple Union Square –offers the latest iPhones, iPads, and many more
  • Best Buy – has a wide selection of electronics, appliances, and computers

B8ta San Francisco

Best Electronics

B8ta San Francisco is the next-generation retail store focused on discovery. It features tools and technology that is cutting edge and new. Innovative products fill their stores in every location. They have award-winning experiential stores in every part of the country. Bridging the gap between innovation and online products, it provides an avenue to display it in one place. Their customers can view and experience new out-of-the-box products. It uses software to manage and analyze store dynamics for superior services.


Address: 590 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States
Phone: 415-534-5279
Website: b8ta.com

“Yay!! Finally, b8ta is coming to downtown San Francisco!! This shop is famous in Pal Alto. We can try new cool gadgets here. Apparently, this new shop has many attractive products same as other b8ta shops. It wasn’t so crowded because just opened. Staffs are friendly and they know products very well. It located at Hayes Valley.” – Yumiko Higuchi

Cornfield Electronics

5 Best Electronics

Cornfield Electronics provides its customers with new and innovative devices. It gives them opportunities to have effective choices. They create electronics that can make the world a better place. They have an enormous potential to help in creating a better world. Mitch Altman, the creator of TV-B-Gone, owns the company. He is highly experienced in creating new technology that can have sensational success. They have an enormous potential to help in creating a better world. In providing people with more electronic options, they want people’s lives to become easier.


Address: 2001 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123, United States
Phone:  415-437-2676
Website: cornfieldelectronics.com/cfe/cfe.main.php

“Enjoyed going around the shop. Amazing selections. They have a unique display.” – Brielle Mint

Cal Marine Electronics 

Best Electronics in San Francisco

Cal Marine Electronics offers quality service for commercial operators in San Francisco. Their technicians are FCC/GROL certified. They are equipped with inspecting and licensing vessel radio certificates. Up-to-date training updates them on new techniques and strategies in handling radio systems. They provide consultation, installation, and integration. On-site repair and service are also available. Collaboration with various products and brands expands their list of supplies available. They have the best technology to test and diagnose radio systems. The company covers all types of commercial and recreational vessels.


Address: 40 Pier, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States
Phone: 415-391-7550
Website: calmarineelectronics.com


“I’ve taken my sons ps3 to get fixed twice. Both times I am able to get it back same day. The people there are very knowledgeable and I trust them. They are open late which is also great!” – Gordon Herrera

Apple Union Square


Apple Union Square offers the latest iPhones, iPads, and many more. It is featured in a sleekly designed space. The place screams luxury and modern technologies. They have the latest collection of Apple products. Maintenance and repair are also available upon request. They also have support services for people who forgot their Apple ID. Hardware issues such as cracked screens are catered to immediately. The staffs are very accommodating and friendly. They are open every day from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Apple products, electronics

Address: 300 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States
Phone:  415-486-4800
Website: apple.com

“As a business customer our time is extremely valuable! People like Chris set really high expectations the way Apple treats their partners! His multitasking abilities and ability to get to the core of things are just sublime! Two appointments/two iPhones, two happy customers!” – Ali Olshan

Best Buy

Electronics in San FranciscoBest Electronics

Best Buy has a wide selection of electronics, appliances, and computers. It is a chain retailer that features famous brands in the electronic industry. They specialize in helping customers to have technologies fit for their lifestyle. Their inventory is filled with the latest smart home technology and HDTVs. Gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Nintendo Switch is regularly stocked. Smartphones and tablets fill some of their racks. They also have repair and maintenance services available. Expert technicians and staff dedicate themselves to provide the best services.


Address: 1717 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States
Phone: 415-626-9682
Website: stores.bestbuy.com/ca/san-francisco

“It’s Best Buy. When things go on sale, the prices are competitive. Store is big and clean. Lots of product selection. The location is convenient. The parking lot is huge. Covid curbside works. Supported with a surprisingly good phone support team from corporate and with price matching, it’s a good place to get your eyes and hands on products. ” – Mark Pengelski