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5 Best Electronics in Jacksonville, FL

Below is a list of the top and leading Electronics in Jacksonville, FL. To help you find the best Electronics located near you in Jacksonville, FL, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Jacksonville, FL’s Best Electronics:

The top-rated Electronics in Jacksonville, FL are:

  • Best Buy – chain retailer with a large array of brand-name electronics, computers, appliances & more.
  • Silmar Electronics – from a single coaxial cable to complex security systems.
  • InMotion – retail chain providing a selection of headphones, speakers, cameras, tablets & more.
  • Jaydon Electronics – Florida’s premier pro-audio-video repair service center.
  • Consumers Electronics and Appliance Service – electronics and appliances repair and sales.

Best Buy

5 Best Electronics in Jacksonville, FL

Best Buy specializes in providing the best customer service available for customers. As one of the most recognized brands and outlets to buy electronics, Best Buy helps change your home for the better with the best and latest electronics, appliances, computers, and more. Best Buy has a large inventory of the best products from top electronics brands sold at reasonable prices. They also have a wide variety of expert electronics services so you can keep your electronics and gadgets working 100% all the time. Their staff are among the most experienced and friendliest in the industry and will help you with your shopping and make sure that your time at Best Buy is as stress-free as possible.

Electronics, computers and tablets, TV and home theater, video games, cell phones, audio, appliances, smart home, cameras

Address: 13141 City Station Dr. Ste 133 Jacksonville, FL 32218
Phone: (904) 714-6087
Website: bestbuy.com

Good selection of electronics and hardware. Might not be the absolute lowest price but there is something to be said for seeing what you are buying in person. Trying out that keyboard or mouse before you buy. – Bryant Dodge

Silmar Electronics

The Best Electronics in Jacksonville, FL

Silmar Electronics is the premier destination for electronics and home and business security systems. This electronics store has a wide range of electronics from audio and video products, to power and batteries, and hardware and tools. Silmar Electronics’ specialty though, is security; products like access and intercom, CCTV systems, home automation, and security products are their benchmark on the market. Their staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and will assist you with your shopping and educate you with what you need to maximize your usage of these products. If you are looking for an electronics store in Jax that specializes in home security, Silmar Electronics is the best place to start your shopping spree.

Electronics, access and intercom, audio and video, CCTV, home automation, power and batteries, security, tools, and hardware

Address: 5121 Bowden Rd # 104, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 730-3350
Website: silmarelectronics.com

Customer service is excellent. Wide variety of security equipment and cameras as well as Access Control, audio/video, and home automation. No public sales. Business sales only. – Ray NeSmith


Best Electronics in Jacksonville, FL

InMotion is the biggest electronics store in the country that specializes in electronics, travel gear, headphones, and more. This electronics store offers the best premiere electronics from top brands like Apple, Bose, Sony, and more. InMotion’s premium inventory of high-class and high-quality electronics are among the best electronics products you can get in Jacksonville. Their store personnel are very helpful and will assist you with your shopping and purchase. Customer service is the game, and InMotion has been winning for years. Looking for top-of-the-line gadgets and electronics? InMotion is an excellent store to start your shopping.

Electronics, headphones, accessories, travel gear

Address: 4801 Executive Park Ct #100, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 332-0450
Website: inmotionstores.com

I was in the Jacksonville airport and thought I would stop into your store to look around and kill time. Sharika greeted me and was so enthusiastic about everything, which I find contagious. She’s an excellent ambassador for your store and products. – Sean R.

Jaydon Electronics

Jacksonville, FL Best Electronics

Jaydon Electronics is an electronics store in Jacksonville that also serves as an authorized service center for top electronics and appliances brands. People flock to this electronics store for their service and repair needs due to their professional and efficient service specialists. Jaydon Electronics is Florida’s premier professional audio and video service center that specializes in electronics and musical equipment. Their specialists have an excellent and efficient turnaround making them an attractive destination for people looking to repair their electronics and equipment. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and speedy repair center to work on your electronics, Jaydon Electronics is among the elite.

Electronics, audio and video equipment service, electronics repair

Address: 11239 St. Johns Industrial Parkway South, Suite 7 Jacksonville, FL 32246
Phone: (904) 290-1335
Website: jaydonelectronics.com

These folks are great! Friendly, helpful, and efficient. They repaired TWO of my broken piano keyboards in less than 24 hours, and both now work perfectly. I also thought their prices were reasonable. Highly recommend! – Brian Lays

Consumers Electronics and Appliance Service

Jacksonville, FL's Best Electronics

Consumers Electronics and Appliance Service is one of the most respected and trusted electronics and appliance service stores in Jacksonville. Their team prides itself on providing appropriate knowledge and experience to customers to effectively help them with their needs. Consumers Electronics and Appliance Service has the best customer service in Jax and many people know it. Their electronics service specialists are among the best in repairing and maintaining electronics and equipment from the top brands. If you are looking for the best electronics service provider in Jax, look up Consumers Electronics and Appliance Service.

Electronics, electronics repair, appliance repair, lightning damage, audio equipment, appliance service

Address: 8725 Youngerman Court Suite 105, Jacksonville, FL 32244
Phone: (904) 771-7039
Website: ceijax.com

This has been the BEST customer service and appliance service I have encountered. Mindy and Dwayne are both extremely professional, courteous, thorough, and prompt. My dryer is like new again! – Jennifer Diley