5 Best Electricity in San Diego, CA 🥇

Best Electricity in San Diego

Below is a list of the top and leading Electricity in San Diego. To help you find the best Electricity located near you in San Diego, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Diego’s Best Electricity:

The top rated Electricity in San Diego are:

  • Sempra Energy – an energy infrastructure company that connects people through power
  • Sunline Energy – a solar company that delivers an honest approach in their services
  • San Diego Gas & Electric Company – allows customers to pay their bill online and other convenient payment methods
  • California Power Company – aside from solar power services, they also provide insider education about the solar industry
  • New Leaf Electric – ensures the satisfaction of the customers brought by the services they offer

Sempra Energy

Electricity in San Diego

Sempra Energy is known as one of the energy industry leaders, serving over 36 million consumers worldwide. The company highlights industry and technology developments for forward-thinking energy solutions, impacting the communities they serve through energy. They have a mission that strives them as a sustainable company in growth and roadmap. As an energy infrastructure company, they have various services and products to offer, which encompasses a shared powerful purpose. Customer-oriented, development-oriented, and future-oriented, Sempra Energy is your go-to company for energy services, including electricity.


Energy, Electricity


Address: 488 Eighth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 696 2000
Website: sempra.com


“Great company always pays the dividends” – Lisa Worley

Sunline Energy

Electricity from Solar in San Diego

Installed over 50,000+ solar panels in Southern California, Sunline Energy provides top-notch solar energy services in your locale. They are committed to their honest approach, providing the customers superior quality solar systems. The customers are satisfied and believe that the company is among the best. Known for their professionalism, quality, and pricing, customers refer them for your solar fix. Anyone is welcome to inquire, and they have answers to your solar questions. If you plan to install a solar system for your residence or commercial space, Sunline Energy can get your solar problems solved.


Solar, Home Battery Storage, Roofing, Electrical


Address: 7340 Trade St Suite H, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 252 2280
Website: sunlineenergy.com


“Sunline did a great job for us. Everyone was very courteous and responsive for the duration of the project. The initial consultation was handled by the owner of the company. He is extremely knowledgeable and also actively discouraged us from spending money on things he didn’t think would deliver us value. We had both solar and a new roof put on by Sunline and both turned out great. I would definitely go with them again and recommend them to others.” – Steve Muckle

San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Electricity Supply in San Diego

Building you a better future, San Diego Gas & Electric Company is committed to providing their customers electricity and sustainability and care for the environment. Starting in 2020, they created a sustainability strategy for their company, cultivating energy innovation and conservation. With sustainability present in everything they do, they envision a future of clean, sustainable energy for the generations to come. This highlights that more than an energy company, they are a people company. Continuously enhancing their services to their local communities, this company has various projects to provide their customers the reliable energy they deserve.


Electric System, Power Line


Address: 8326 Century Park Ct, San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (800) 411 7343
Website: sdge.com


“These guys seem to be doing a great job delivery and protecting the property owners of San Diego County with regulating electricity. Sure you might get your power turned off during the high fire danger windy weather time but that is definitely better than having a fire.” – Tradewinds H

California Power Company

Electricity Provider in San Diego

Where everything starts with you, California Power Company cares about their customer satisfaction, striving to provide you excellent service. Their first goal is to offer you insider industry education because they acknowledge the gap between what people know about solar and how it actually works. With this, they want to address it through their services, providing you with professional recommendations based form your conversations and needs. Moreover, they have solar plans you can choose from and a transparent, hassle-free process to satisfy your solar needs.


Solar Power, Solar Panels, Electricity


Address: 2163 Becky Pl, San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 333 6169
Website: gocalpower.com


“Last year a solar salesman came to our door named Tyler Jordan. His respect and friendliness won us over. For a variety of reasons the whole process took a while, but through it all Tyler kept helping and fulfilling his word. We heartily recommend Tyler to you.” – Al Hester

New Leaf Electric

Renewable Electricity in San Diego

New Leaf Electric is born from recognizing the need for a quality full-service electrical contractor in the PV. Always prioritizing safety and service, they guarantee you satisfactory results. They treat every project they have with respect, from commercial and residential installation to maintenance. Moreover, they aim to help individuals improve their energy use and work with various stakeholders to continue developing California’s solar infrastructure. This company ensures they are updated on current technologies and promises to provide exceptional service at affordable prices.


Solar Panel Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging, Energy Storage Systems


Address: 3960 W. Point Loma Blvd,. Ste. H234, San Diego CA, 92110
Phone: (619) 787 2448
Website: newleafelectric.com


“I received several quotes for solar from a few of the larger companies. The cost seemed really high and I felt like I was just a number to them. The experience with New Leaf Electric was completely different. The sales rep Jon answered every single one of my questions. he was very honest and not one bit pushy. I was surprised and excited when the quote came in several thousand dollars lower than competition but still using top panels and equipment. The installation was completed in one day and you never would have know they were there! I love my new solar system and am so grateful to New Leaf Electric for helping me go green and save money every month on my electric bill!” – Dee Janofsky