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Dr. Deeprak Chopra – Everything You Should Know

Dr. Deeprak Chopra is an Ayuverdic practitioner and author of many books on the subject. Chopra was born in India, but immigrated to the United States in 1970. Having studied medicine in India, he went on to complete a residency and internship in Endocrinology in the United States. Within his medical journey, he became the Chief of Staff in New England Hospital. In 1985, he decided to move into traditional medicine, and renounced his position within the hospital to pursue traditional and spiritual medicine.

His books have gained him fame and wealth in the United States, and he was even interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show about his works. What makes Dr. Deeprak Chopra stand out from the crowd is that he believes an individual can absolutely gain perfect health, in which they are free from disease and never feels pain. What further makes his work interesting is that he incorporates it with elements of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is a largely not understood field of science which is still very new and being researched. His incorporation of elements of quantum mechanics and Ayuverdic medicine is largely unheard of, and has further gained him notice and fame.

Despite much of the notoriety and controversy around his works, he is an accomplished practitioner and author who has gained a serious following. In the world of Ayuverdic and alternative medicine, and even outside of it, he is a well known notable figure with many followers who continue his practices.