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5 Best Dog Grooming in Philadelphia🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Dog Grooming in Philadelphia. To help you find the best Dog Grooming located near you in Philadelphia, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Philadelphia’s Best Dog Grooming:

The top rated Dog Grooming in Philadelphia are:

  • Chez Bow Wow Pet Grooming Salon – prioritizes health and safety of the pets
  • Spot’s Spot Pet Grooming – grooms dogs and cats of the surrounding communities
  • The Groomin Room – non-sedative and tranquilizer induced grooming services
  • Woof Grooming – Pooch’s Choice – the only NDGAA nationally certified groomer in Philadelphia center
  • Best in Show Grooming – full range pet grooming salon

Chez Bow Wow Pet Grooming Salon

Chez Bow Wow Pet Grooming Salon
Chez Bow Wow Pet Grooming Salon. Source: Screenshot from www.chezbowwow.com

Chez Bow Wow Pet Grooming Salon has qualified pet groomers that are dedicated to providing a personalized dog grooming service. The salon functions as a spa as well to offer a unique pampering experience. For the dog owner’s accessibility, they now do drop-off and pickup schedules. At the Chez Bow Wow, they want to provide excellently and relaxing pet grooming services while also looking after their health and safety. They use trusted products with proven efficacy for their grooming procedures. The elements, tools, and equipment that they are using are sterilized and disinfected to maintain hygiene standards.


Haircuts, Nail Clipping, Teeth Brushing, Gland Expression


Address: 707 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: (215) 923-2992
Website: www.chezbowwow.com


“Love Chex Bow Bow. Not only do they groom our Yorkie perfectly, they treat the dogs with lots of care. I appreciate that they do not cage the dogs while they are waiting. The best groomer in Philly for sure. I have been to a few.” –Crystal Edge

Spot’s Spot Pet Grooming

Spot's Spot Pet Grooming
Spot’s Spot Pet Grooming. Source: Screenshot from www.spotsspotandspa.com

Spot’s Spot Pet Grooming cares for the localities’ pet dogs and cats. It was opened to the public in 2011 by its founder Philip. He strived to create a reputation for a friendly salon located in the neighborhood. Armed with 17 years of dog and cat grooming skills, he takes the safety and wellbeing of the pets as his utmost priority. The salon does basic dog services like nail trimming, to customize haircuts, de-shedding, breed, and show cut. They do shaving of sanitary areas and other services that the pet owners may deem necessary for their pets. For cats, they can do shave downs, de-shedding, lion cuts, creative grooming, dyeing, and airbrushing.


Nail Trim, Modified Pet Cut, Breed & Show Cut, Basic Shave Down, Cat Lion Cuts, Cat & Dog Deshedding Treatments, Dog Haircuts, Dyeing & Creative Grooming


Address: 123 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: (267) 687-7928
Website: www.spotsspotandspa.com


“One of the best in Philly for brick and mortar. Worth the trip from any section of the city. The employees and owners are AWESOME. They know their animals, and they treat them well. If I ever go to get grooming done, even as far away as I am, it is here. Love these guys!” –Paul Whiteside

The Groomin Room

The Groomin Room
The Groomin Room. Source: Screenshot from www.thegroominroom.com

The Groomin Room vows to have never used sedatives and tranquilizers to their dog or cat clients. The salon was built in 1996 and managed by Michele Mazur. They accept all grooming service requests for all breeds of cats and dogs. Their pet groomers are highly experienced and trained. They have attended The Pennsylvania School of Dog Grooming and The New York School of Dog Grooming. With their acquired knowledge in the training, they have developed a professional and compassionate way of dealing with pet animals. Each session is made enjoyable, fun, and relaxing to encourage the participation of the pet dog and cats.


Dogs receive a double bath, Haircut of your choice, Fluff dry, Ear cleaning, Nail trimming, Pads Shaved, Cologne, Bows or Bandanas, Waterless Bath for Cats, Flea baths, Teeth Brushing, Nail Painting, Hair Coloring


Address: 7540 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136
Phone: (215) 624-7666
Website: www.thegroominroom.com


“This place was awesome! I was able to make a same-day appointment and the staff was welcoming and friendly. They took good care of Penny and dressed her up with a bandana. The prices are extremely reasonable. I will be back!” –Melissa Mulhern

Woof Grooming – Pooch’s Choice

Woof Grooming - Pooch's Choice
Woof Grooming – Pooch’s Choice. Source: Screenshot from www.woofgrooming.com

Woof Grooming – Pooch’s Choice is nestled at the Philadelphia center city. They are an award-winning specialty dog grooming salon. The salon performs all transformational pet grooming works. It can be the dog shampooing service using botanical products, skincare, and moisturizing treatments or the trimming works. They do breed specific haircuts, hand stripping, and scissoring as well. Woof Grooming is the only nationally certified groomer in all of the center city Philadelphia. The certification is granted by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. Their specialty is in AKC show trim for pure and mixed breeds, available on a wide range of breeds available at their website.


AKC Show Trim, Puppy Trim, Pet Trim, Hand Stripping, Hand Scisorring


Address: 133 S 23rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 564-1930
Website: www.woofgrooming.com


“A really good job and they don’t keep your dog an entire day. Even the dog likes it there. We are always asked where we get our dog groomed because he looks great.” –Diane Klein

Best in Show Grooming

Best in Show Grooming
Best in Show Grooming. Source: Screenshot from www.bestinshowgrooming.com

Best in Show Grooming is situated seven blocks away from the Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Boathouse Row. The staff at the salon are all pet owners as well so clients are ensured that they do their job with concern and care. They offer bath and brush service and full grooming services. Bath and brush service features the use of shampoo, conditioner, fruit-infused facial scrub while tending to their ear dirt. The full groom, on the other hand, includes cleaning of the ears, shampooing, conditioning, and facial scrubbing. For smaller breeds, like the Yorkies, Lhasas, small poodles, Poodles mixes, Shih Tzus, Bichons, small Terriers and Terrier mixes full grooming can cost between $60 to $65.


Full Groom, Bath & Brush Service, Matted Coats, Fleas Treatments, Flea & Tick Bath, Teeth Brushing, Trim Nails, Grind Nails, Dog & Cat Sit, Shedding Treatment, De-Matting


Address: 2708 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: (267) 514-7991
Website: www.bestinshowgrooming.com


“They cut my 2 baby hair and it was so nice and clean and smell good. Thank u so much … Keep up the great work….” –Rafiq Taylor