5 Best DJs in San Francisco🥇

5 Best DJs in San Francisco

Below is a list of the top and leading DJs in San Francisco. To help you find the best DJs located near you in San Francisco, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Francisco’s Best DJs:

The top rated DJs in San Francisco are:

  • Ceremony DJs – provides custom, boutique DJ services for intelligent music listeners
  • Lovesick Deejays – aims to play records that connect with the faces and spaces of a night
  • DJ Jeremy Productions – is owned and operated by colleagues Jeremy and Jeannine Downing
  • Boutique DJs & Entertainment – makes sure that all of the music is custom-tailored to your tastes
  • Heart of Gold DJs – is an all-woman crew of expert mobile DJs based in San Francisco and Los Angeles

Ceremony DJsSource - Pexels

Ceremony DJs provides custom, boutique DJ services for intelligent music listeners. Their specialty is understanding how and why your favorite styles of music work and putting it in a context your family can understand and your friends can dance to. They want your wedding to be as close to that mixtape you exchanged on your first date as possible and to bring your favorite songs to life.

They honed their chops in San Francisco’s indie dance clubs with award-winning theme parties across a range of styles and eras, all presented in a classic, mixed-genre format guaranteed to keep the party active, even when you thought moving to that style of music wasn’t even feasible. Basically, they can make your grandma dance to anything.


Weddings, Events, Rentals


Address: 2645 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415) 967-2932
Website: www.ceremonydjs.com


“My husband and I hired Jamie as our DJ for our wedding this past September and he did such a fantastic job! He really wanted to get to know what types of music our guests and we loved to listen to and customized the music to fit our group perfectly! On top of DJing our entire wedding, he also helped us live stream our wedding to all of our guests who were not able to make it. He spent so much time making sure everything went perfectly and we are so happy our friends and family who couldn’t travel were able to share our wedding day with us! Jamie was so fun and easy to work with and we are so fortunate to have chosen him for our special day!” – Amanda R.

Lovesick DeejaysLovesick Deejays

Lovesick Deejays is a small crew of record geeks and party peoples based out of San Francisco who have been spinning records at local dives, house parties, weddings, art openings, and events of every kind since 2005. They aim to play records that connect with the faces and spaces of a night, that serve as a soundtrack to the good times in the here and now, that spark the grooves of memory, and that shake their collective hip bones, that is, records to party down to. They respect the fact that no two parties are alike, which is why they hand-select every record they play to create something memorable, unique and just a whole lot of fun.


Local Dives, House Parties, Weddings, Art Openings & Events


Website: www.lovesickdeejays.com


“Lovesick Deejays made our wedding reception/dinner SO fun! Stephen and Ashley were very patient and thoughtful, taking a lot of time to talk with us before our wedding about the types of music we wanted during each part of our day. They had wonderful suggestions and gave a lot of their time to crafting and re-crafting the most perfect set list. On top of catering the music perfectly to the mood and style that we hoped to create on our wedding day, Ashley and Stephen were simply a joy to be around! They were so fun and open, and kept great energy the whole night. If you are looking for amazing deejays who are also kind, awesome people, I highly recommend Lovesick Deejays!” – Ra C.

DJ Jeremy ProductionsDJ Jeremy Productions

DJ Jeremy Productions is owned and operated by colleagues Jeremy and Jeannine Downing. Their Bay Area DJs merge high-quality audio and lighting gear, the latest in DJ mixing technology, vast musical knowledge, and superb music mixing skills to guarantee a seamless mix of sound for your wedding, corporate event, or private party. DJ Jeremy Productions has the equipment, knowledge, and most significantly, the ingenuity to form your event a complete success.

DJ Jeremy primarily mastered the art of spinning vinyl records on a pair of Technics 1200 turntables and has since incorporated the use of the latest DJ mixing software into his performances. Besides his DJing work at a wedding and corporate events, Jeremy also likes producing casual mashup or studio remixes.


Wedding & Event, Lighting, Photo Booth


Phone: (415) 964-1060
Website: www.djjeremyproductions.com


“Jeremy and Jeannine are awesome. True professionals that know their craft and can definitely make a dance floor rock. They also are so caring about making your event special that they take the time to understand your music tastes and the type of dance floor you want to create. Every single detail was nailed and not a single request was missed. As a huge music fan, I appreciated their honest input into my recommendations of what would and would not work well for a wedding and wow did they deliver! Seamless transitions, blending of multiple genres, knowing when to speed up and slow down, absolute perfection. Highest recommendation possible for your next event. I will certainly use his services again.” – Tim R.

Boutique DJs & EntertainmentBoutique DJs & Entertainment

Boutique DJs & Entertainment‘s first emphasis is to make sure that all of the music is custom-tailored to your tastes because it is your special day and they want everything to feel special for you and your guests. They constantly ensure to include all of your must-play songs and avoid any of your do not play songs.

Their mission is simple, offer the best possible music on quality sound equipment to make you have the most memorable party of your life. Their music is mixed in a consistent fashion for the best dancing experience and their DJs provide no barriers on what they will play for you at your event.

They act as background coordinators that will support your event vendors making sure the timeline is kept on track and the event moves smoothly. They specialize in unorthodox, contemporary events & weddings providing authentic club DJs to mix up all your favorite music. They form your music selections according to your liking and give you complete control over the selections for the evening.


Events, Weddings, Audio/Visual, Photo Booth


Phone: (877) 775-5758
Website: www.boutiquedjs.com


“My wife and I booked Boutique DJs for our Wedding. We were able to chat with Josh before the event; locking down some of our favorites and not so favorite songs. We had a fun chat about what we were looking for in the flow of the event, dance floor, and evening. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! He was able to seamlessly transition songs, keep the energy up, and even gave us some unique moments made just for our wedding. If we have another event in the area we will definitely be calling Josh and Boutique DJs.” – Domenick C.

Heart of Gold DJsSource - Pexels

Heart of Gold DJs is an all-woman crew of expert mobile DJs based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. They will furnish any event, whether that be a wedding, micro-wedding, Zoom event, or corporate party, with a tailored mix of all your favorite tunes and none of the cheesy gimmicks. They at Heart of Gold believe that you should be able to have an event that reflects who you are.

They carry their love of Motown, New Wave, Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, Swing, and Pop Favorites to every event. From lofts to barns to libraries, they work closely with all of their clients to develop an event timeline and song list making sure to incorporate your toasts, family traditions, and, of course, favorite songs.


Wedding, Micro-Wedding, Zoom Event, Corporate Party


Address: 388 Market St #1300, San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 935-0744
Website: www.heartofgolddjs.com


“Meghan from Hearts of Gold DJs was amazing and such a pleasure to work with. She was responsive and accommodated all of our crazy requests. She helped assist with me playing a special song for my wife and helped execute all the sound logistics above & beyond playing songs at our dinner, dancing, and helping with the sound for the ceremony! She did it all without hesitation and never thought any of our ridiculous song requests were crazy. Make sure you ask for Meghan – she is cool, calm, professional, attentive, and definitely wants you to get everything you want out of your day.” – Gwenn W.