5 Best Dance in Memphis, TN

Best Dance in Memphis

Below is a list of the top and leading Dance in Memphis. To help you find the best
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Memphis’ Best Dance:

The top rated Dance in Memphis, TN are:

  • DanceSmiths Ballroom – teach dance lessons to anyone with most of the winning regional professional titles
  • Ballet Dance School and Company – a classical ballet school and youth dance company
  • TL Williams Academy of Dance – a world of performing arts
  • L.Y.E Academy – offers a standard training industry in an optimistic and ensured setting
  • Dance Dynamics – offer quality dance teaching in a controlled but loving atmosphere

DanceSmiths BallroomDance in Memphis

DanceSmiths Ballroom opened its doors on August 8, 2000. Beth and Benji were steadfast to transform and improve the dynamic of dance studios they had accomplished. With emphasis not only on the essential business but also the factual dance training of the staff & students. They trained their first staff from the ground up, focusing on customer service, and how to teach dance lessons to anyone.

They have excelled in training their professional staff, with most of the winning regional professional titles. The dance floor is fully hovering, solid wood offered by DanceFloor USA. It is the only one of its kind in Memphis. Soft under the feet, safe for back and knees; it will help dance longer.


Private Lessons, Purchase Dance Lessons, Groupon or Living Social, Weddings


Address: 376 Perkins Extd B, Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: (901) 371-9393
Website: www.dancesmiths.com


“Dancesmiths is top-notch. My husband and I began lessons in preparation for our daughter’s wedding. We had so much fun and learned so much from Benji and Francis that now two and a half years later we’ve continued and improved each week with every lesson. So much fun.” – Julie S.

Ballet on Wheels Dance School & CompanyTop Dance in Memphis

Ballet on Wheels Dance School & Company is a classical ballet school and youth dance company that is a noncommercial, prevocational, community-level. Students can discover the foundations of dance while evolving qualities that form for a successful and happy life: self-control, persistence, creativeness, and more. It was started in 2002 when Carlton Lee Johnson’s mistimed passing, the Artistic Director mentor.

His dance endowment, encouragement, and true dedication to worth instruction and execution talent are very greatly active in the associations’ present dance culture. Skilled teachers offer instruction to the diverse student bodies in the art form and theory of classical ballet, creative movement, pointe, modern, adult ballet, and hip hop dance genres.


Community Engagement, Youth Dance Classes, Summer Class, Tickets, Events


Address: 1015 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: (901) 870-4348
Website: www.balletonwheels.com


“My niece treated me with a very intriguing birthday outing. Ballet On Wheels was my granddaughter’s first ballet & play. It was an excellent experience for her & the 3 generations. The girls were well poised, quite professional. I would recommend an evening out for great entertainment with Ballet On Wheels.” – Leatha D.

TL Williams Academy of DanceDance Memphis

TL Williams Academy of Dance is a world of performing arts. Students improve the method, performance trait, correction, and self-esteem. Most significantly, they are learned in a trained atmosphere with highly trained instructors. Students improve admiration for the art of dancing and work in the direction of becoming the champions of tomorrow.

Dance learning starts with a consciousness of the motion of the body and its imaginative capability. The Academy is a competent part of Dance Educators of America (DEA) and the Southern Association of Dance Masters (SADM).


West African, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pointe, Baton & Musical Theatre


Address: 4104 Elvis Presley Blvd # A, Memphis, TN 38116
Phone: (901) 398-4600
Website: www.tlwilliamsdance.com


“TL is just an outstanding Dance instructor. She’s patient, serious, and talented.” – Amber S.

L.Y.E AcademyGood Dance in Memphis

L.Y.E Academy offers a standard training industry in an optimistic and ensured setting for all aspirant entertainers. It is founded by celebrity dancer and choreographer Ladia Yates in 2014. With much exertion, train and commitment, she maintained to strengthen her reliability across the world of dance.

Her life’s mission is to divide her peculiar gift with the world and motivate rest, either new or experienced, to consider the ability of dance. She offers many programs for all ages such as Competitive Hip Hop, Competitive Majorette, Memphis Jookin, Tumbling, Boxing, Beginners classes, a variety of Adult Classes, and more.


Competitive Hip Hop, Competitive Majorette, Memphis Jookin, Tumbling, Boxing, Beginners Classes, Variety of Adult Classes


Address: 4780 Riverdale Rd, Memphis, TN 38141
Phone: (901) 570-3684
Website: www.lyeacademy.com


“My daughter Danielle had a great turnout at L.Y.E Academy pop up today. Nothing but good vibes very positive atmosphere.” – Shiela B.

Dance DynamicsOne of the best Dance in Memphis

Dance Dynamics providing a vigorous ambitious program as well as granting area dancers a great dance cornerstone and education as entertaining dancers. It is officially opened on September 7, 1996. Practice dancers ages 2 1/2 with high school, its purpose is to offer quality dance teaching in a controlled but loving atmosphere, supporting not only physical grace but passion and admiration for the art as well. They aspire to bring out the best in each student who comes through their door.

The owner and director of Dance Dynamics, Annette Wilson is gratified by how many previous students have gone on to follow dance in college. She is also proud of her former students who are dancing professionally in Broadway touring companies and on various prestigious stages throughout the country as well as those who have utilized their capabilities to grow dance teachers inside the community.


Young Dance, Pre-School Dance, Summer Dance Intensive


Address: 8059 Stage Hills Blvd #114, Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: (901) 371-2255
Website: www.godancedynamics.com


“One of the best places for dance lessons in Memphis. The staff is super friendly and the training is top-notch. My daughter loves going to dance classes. The enthusiasm carries over into our living room where she’s constantly working through things she learned in class. Couldn’t be happier with this crew.” – Noah S.