5 Best Craft Breweries in San Diego🥇

5 Best Craft Breweries in San Diego

Below is a list of the top and leading Craft Breweries in San Diego. To help you find the best Craft Breweries located near you in San Diego, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Diego’s Best Craft Breweries:

The top rated Craft Breweries in San Diego are:

  • Protector Brewery – is determined to create a legacy within the beer community
  • Resident Brewing – provides an inviting, cool, and calm beer experience
  • Knotty Brewing Co. – is a family full of owners, partners, staff, and more
  • Mission Brewery – have been brewing commercially for over eleven years
  • North Park Beer Company – is a pleasant and relaxed place for friends and neighbors to socialize while enjoying world-class beer and delicious food

Protector BreweryProtector Brewery

Protector Brewery was conceptualized by people who have always felt a strong urge to protect. While at one point that meant serving this great nation during a time of war, it has since evolved. Protector is determined to create a legacy within the beer community by doing its part to assist in sustainability. They believe that they are temporary stewards of this natural world and that organic methods support its entire interconnected web of life in the best way possible.

As a family-owned business, they strive for the utmost integrity and transparency is not only the way they do business but in how they present their product to the world. On the back of every can, customers can find a complete list of clean organic ingredients. They place great significance on the power of choice when considering a craft beer. When you taste one of their award-winning craft brews you know exactly what you’re getting in every sip.


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Address: 8680 Miralani Dr UNIT 128, San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: (858) 757-9160
Website: www.protectorbrewery.com


“Place is awesome. Beer and staff are amazing.” – Gary W.

Resident BrewingResident Brewing

Resident Brewing provides an inviting, cool, and calm beer experience under the management of Robert Masterson an award-winning brewer. They hope that you feel invited and a part of their brewery family in every sip. In true Robert fashion, he kept his day job and brews at night and on weekends.

His weeks are grueling 90-hour workweeks that few people could sustain for long but most people are not Robert. His chase and passion for the best beers are his drives. So when he is brewing until 1 or 2 am often with Robert’s father by his side who has become his best brew assistant, it is true for the love of the beer.


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Address: 1065 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 717-6622
Website: www.residentbrewing.com


“Great bar with extra special extra of great beers brewed on site. First batch of beers on this trip and bar has been set very high.” – Gareth S.

Knotty Brewing Co.Knotty Brewing Co.

Knotty Brewing Co. is a family full of owners, partners, staff, and more. All these wonderful people give them inspiration, and ultimately give their beers a personality beyond what you are tasting. One thing that was important to them was to not just make good beer but to make beer they actually drink and enjoy. With that being said they started searching for a brewmaster that had the same passion they did.

With a little luck, they ended up in touch with Donovan Lane the head brewer from a small brewery just outside of Portland Maine. They convinced him for the position of Brew Master for Knotty Brewing. To get to the point, they have a very simple goal in mind. Produce great British and European style beers that everyone can enjoy. They are not the usual hop focused brewery, but they focus on clean, crisp, true to style beers.


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Address: 842 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 269-4337
Website: www.knottybrewing.com


“Amazing place with amazing staff. I’ll come back again and again!” – Maurice A.

Mission BreweryMission Brewery

Mission Brewery was originally established in 1913. It’s like most breweries of the time, went out of business during the first year of Prohibition. Dan Selis rebuilt the brand and finally moved the tasting room and the manufacturing to downtown San Diego in 2007. Besides its historic respect, the brewery is extraordinary in that the brewhouse is set overlooking the tasting room.

When you visit their space, you will be right in the middle of the action. This is the only location and all beer is brewed, bottled, canned, and kegged on-site. They have been brewing commercially for over eleven years. With more than 50 National and International awards under its belt, it is considered one of the top craft breweries in San Diego County.


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Address: 1441 L St, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 544-0555
Website: www.missionbrewery.com


“Great brewery. Had a great time. There are plenty of beer choices. They can any beer you like. The staff was awesome and super attentive. This location is super convenient right off the 5 freeway in the old Wonder Bread factory. The Decor is great. So if your ever thirsty stop by. Also if your girlfriend doesn’t like the beer they have a great sweet root beer(with alcohol of course). Limited time only.” – Eddie R.

North Park Beer CompanyNorth Park Beer Company

North Park Beer Company founded and run out of the garage at Kelsey’s North Park residence while plans for the commercial-scale brewery took shape. What pursued was a tough battle extend several years to raise capital, find the right location, and establish a brewing facility and a brand new taproom.

They left behind careers as game developers to fulfill their dream of opening a community-focused brewpub dedicated to the preservation of Kelsey’s passion for the craft, quality, and hospitality. North Park Beer Co. opened its doors and has since become a fitting tribute to its namesake neighborhood in June 2016. It is a pleasant and relaxed place for friends and neighbors to socialize while enjoying world-class beer and delicious food.


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Address: 3038 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 255-2994
Website: www.northparkbeerco.com


“Delicious! I am kinda a picky eater and I loved everything here. We were in a group of 10 and everything was amazing. I don’t remember the last time I went to a restaurant and everything I tried was so good.” – Jimmy C.