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5 Best Craft Breweries in Chicago 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Craft Breweries in Chicago . To help you find the best Craft Breweries located near you in Chicago, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Chicago’s Best Craft Breweries:

The top rated Craft Breweries in Chicago are:

  • Corridor Brewery and Provisions – creative gastropub that features seasonal brews
  • Motor Row Brewing – a microbrewery with a tasting room and taproom
  • Dovetail Brewery – has house-brewed beers served in a chill taproom
  • Revolution Brewing – has a 60-barrel facility tour and a taproom
  • Begyle Brewing – offers an approachable and diverse collection of brews

Corridor Brewery and Provisions

5 Best Craft Breweries in Ch

Corridor Brewery and Provisions is a creative gastropub that features seasonal brews. It is a warehouse-style brewery with delicious meals. As a craft brewery, they regularly change their draft list. this makes more flavors available to taste. They have styles ranging from double dry-hopped IPAs to funk-forward Saisons. Their creative rews attract more customers. They are brave to test new experimented brews. Their creations are available in 32 oz crowlers and 64 oz growlers for takeout. The brewery is the only place to taste the beers. Their dishes consist of locally sourced ingredients. They create simple food to pair the beers.


brewery, gastropub


Address: 3446 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States
Phone: 773-270-4272
Website: corridorchicago.com


“Our server Rachael was amazing! Very attentive, knowledgeable about the beer on tap and super nice. The beer here is delicious! Can’t wait to come back and try the food.” – Kimberly Manning

Motor Row Brewing

Best Craft Breweries in Chicago

Motor Row Brewing is a microbrewery with a tasting room and taproom. It produces and serves seasonal beers. As it is located in the neighborhood of automobile manufacturers and dealers, their name is conceived. Many historical buildings of different designs surround the brewery. The brewery itself features its own history. Some of their collections were inspired by their history. They create new twists to bring new flavors to light. They have professionals that can effectively balance the ingredients. The balance of flavors satisfies each customer.


brewery, taproom


Address:  2337 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, United States
Phone: 312-624-8149
Website: motorrowbrewing.com


“Manchester ( bartender ) grate guy Give us a whole lesson about beer about the neighborhood the history of Chicago !!!! The beer is just better then gray goose.” – Felipe Santiago

Dovetail Brewery 

5 Craft Breweries in Chicago

Dovetail Brewery has house-brewed beers served in a chill taproom. They feature classic European-based brews. It is a symbol of craftsmanship and quality. The brewery is a joint force of two brewers. They have a passion for brewing. The traditional and modern brewing methods come together here. The modern creative ideas of brewing add a twist to the traditional one. American style of brewing is also combined with European methods. With a unique approach in brewing, both combine their expertise in creating quality beers. They cater to private events and simple dining in the brewery.




Address: 1800 W Belle Plaine Ave, Chicago, IL 60613, United States
Phone:  773-683-1414
Website: dovetailbrewery.com/?over21=true


“My favorite brewery in Chicago, easily. They absolutely nail all classic German styles they offer. Their house Lager is incredible and very drinkable. They also dabble in Belgian inspired spontaneous sours which are impressive in their own right. Friendly staff, friendly clientele. All around a great experience and even better lager.” – Seth Hohman

Revolution Brewing

5 Best Craft Breweries

Revolution Brewing has a 60-barrel facility tour and a taproom.  The large local brewery is an innovator in the brewing industry. It is treated as the largest independently-owned brewery in Illinois. They go with the evolution of beers as time passes by. The innovations of their brewing process remain superior. They can produce IPAs, pilsners, and ales. Their ongoing long list of products proves them to be one of the best. The brewing process can be observed through the tours. People can see the process from the mahogany bar at the brewpub to the eight 800 barrel fermenters at the brewery. They commit to creating high-quality beers that pour out from the taproom. Great accessible brews for everyone is their goal.


brewery, gastropub, tours


Address: 3340 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, United States
Phone: 773-588-2267
Website: revbrew.com


“Excellent selection of beers. Good food. Great place to take out of town friends or just to go and have a beer. Bike parking right in front so you can keep an eye on your ride and enjoy some hops.” – Imran Khan

Begyle Brewing

Craft Breweries in Chicago

Begyle Brewing offers an approachable and diverse collection of brews. They built a community-supported brewer program for beer lovers. It is a 6 or 2-month  growler fill subscription. They can taste and enjoy brews through events and celebrations. Their brews prove to be high-quality. It hits the right spot in every sip. They create new flavors that delight the taste buds. The variety of brews make them well known for travelers. It became one of the travel destinations of visitors and residents alike.


brewery, membership


Address: 1800 W Cuyler Ave, Chicago, IL 60613, United States
Phone: 773-661-6963
Website: begylebrewing.com


“Good beers, nice staff. Appreciated their attitude to social distancing and table sanitizing. Order system is funny. Enjoyed our time here, food truck was helpful. “– Ivan Volkov

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