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Common Injuries in Car Accidents and Their Legal Implications

Car accidents occur daily, leaving victims with painful injuries. The treatment of injuries is often costly, adding financial woes to the equation. While you may experience cuts and bruises, the following common car accident injuries are what doctors in San Jose, California, report treating most often.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are caused when someone sustains a sudden jolt or blow to their head. They can be mild or very serious, often causing accident victims headaches, confusion, dizziness, and nausea. Severe injuries can eventually lead to cognitive and physical impairments.

You may feel a little rattled after your car crash and think it’s just the shock of what has happened. However, it is imperative that you get a full medical examination if you were in a major crash to check for concussion, traumatic brain injuries, and other head injuries. Left untreated, these can worsen and even become life-threatening.

Neck and Back Injuries

Perhaps the most common neck and back injury is whiplash, which is caused by the rapid back-and-forth motion the neck undergoes in a crash. It usually takes several months of recovery, but some accident victims will experience long-term discomfort.

Spinal cord injuries also fall into this category, resulting in herniated discs, vertebral fractures, spinal cord compression, and other painful conditions. It will depend on the location of the injury and its severity, which may leave someone with a loss of motor function or even paralysis.

Chest Injuries

Sudden impacts in collisions can crack the ribs and sternum. This can pose a danger to the delicate organs in the rib cage. Often, chest injuries lead to punctured lungs and other life-threatening conditions that will require emergency surgery.

Broken Bones

When the front or side of a vehicle is crushed inward, it can easily cause accident victims to sustain broken bones. Beyond broken legs and arms, the nerves and soft tissues in your limbs can also cause hindered mobility. You may need to endure multiple surgeries to realign your bones and restore function to your limbs.

Psychological Injuries

A common injury from a car crash is one you can’t see, and it often accompanies physical injuries. Psychological impacts from a car accident can slowly consume your life. You may experience post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and phobias in the aftermath that may last for years.

What Are the Legal Implications for Car Accident Injuries?

If you were hurt in a car accident, it is essential to establish fault. California uses a fault-based insurance model, which means the driver who was at fault is liable for the damages that resulted from the crash.

It’s not always easy to determine fault and liability in an accident. In some cases, there may be multiple parties that are responsible. California’s comparative fault system may even mean you shoulder some of the blame for your injuries.

This is why many people choose to work with a San Jose personal injury lawyer to protect their legal rights and get help negotiating fair compensation.