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5 Best Web Designers in Bakersfield, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Web Designers in Bakersfield. To help you find the best Web Designers located near you in Bakersfield, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Bakersfield’s Best Web Designers:

The top rated Web Designers in Bakersfield, CA are:

  • Enspyre Digital – started out as entrepreneurs
  • Fluxar Studios Inc – provides beautiful custom layouts
  • Monroebot Graphics – founded and operated by Stacey Hinzo
  • Genuine Web – was started by Greg Boyer in 2004
  • The Marcom Group – was founded in 1998 by Dave Plivelich

Enspyre DigitalWeb Designers in Bakersfield

Enspyre Digital started out as entrepreneurs, working in the trenches and figuring it all out. They have the hands-on experience required to prove their skills work. They take off your marketing needs and share their knowledge with you along the way. Enspyre Digital, LLC is a digital marketing agency in Bakersfield, California, particularizing in web design services, search engine optimization, copywriting, Google and Facebook advertising.

Their team of skilled designers and developers will craft a website that is not only visually appealing but also optimized for search engines. So whether you are starting a new business or just need a revamp of your existing website, they have got you covered.


Web Design Services, SEO, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Video Marketing, Graphic Design


Address: 2005 Eye St Ste 8, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 498-9001
Website: www.enspyredigital.com


“I have worked with Enspyre Digital as an outside vendor for almost two years. Charles is great, and is readily available should I have a question, while allowing me to work independently. I appreciated the trust in my capability to accomplish the project. Work is steady and as the company has grown there have been more opportunities. They are great with communication and give clear and concise instructions which make my job easier. I don’t have to harass them for payment as it is always on time. Great Company to work with!” – Justin R.

Fluxar Studios IncTop Web Designers in Bakersfield

Fluxar Studios Inc was made as a singular idea fused from the merging of vision and execution. Its combined experience in conceptualizing ideas, design-based problem solving and the complex artistic process gives them a unique edge in the world of design. To say they only specialize in graphics would be inaccurate, to say the least. They don’t put any limits on what they can design and the ways they can implement said creations.

Fluxar Studios Inc can get digital, they can get mixed media, and can get down and can cut a rug. Fluxar Studios Inc provides beautiful custom layouts that suit your specific needs and reflect your needs and functionality that guide your users in a clear and concise manner.


Web, Logo, Industrial, Branding, Packaging, Signage, Photography, Album Art, Poster Art


Address: 814 18th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 322-2840
Website: www.fluxar.com


“Fluxar Studios is great to work with! Not only are they knowledgeable and professional, they truly had my best interest. I am really impressed with Fluxar and highly recommend them to my friends and family!” – Bo C.

Monroebot GraphicsWeb Designers Bakersfield

Monroebot Graphics‘ founder and operator Stacey Hinzo decided to start a business with the pure intention of starting a business that created designs that were unlike anything else that she had seen. There was truly a major need for it. With years of experience in fashion merchandising and stylizing and with years of experience within business development, graphic design, and marketing, Stacey’s side in the corporate world Monroebot Graphics quickly flourished. She has a nerdy niche to promptly establish someone’s style, their story that they’re trying to convey along with an epic flare and branding that truly elevates others to become very different from the rest.

With that being said, Stacey now dedicates her time to sharing her knowledge, providing the creating designs, essential tools, and strategizing an effective plan for clients. When you are given a beautiful brand design, effective plan, and strategy, your confidence, drive, and passion quickly follow.


Web Design, Graphics, Photography


Address: 3813 Margalo Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93313
Phone: (661) 304-6535
Website: www.monroebotgraphics.com


“Monroebot graphics created our website for our small business and did such a great job! We love it! We told her the kind of look we were going for and she delivered. Stacey really is super awesome in what she does and truly is the Best graphic designer you won’t be disappointed.” – Cherry H.

Genuine WebGood Web Designers in Bakersfield

Genuine Web was started by Greg Boyer in 2004 with a goal in mind to help local businesses grow through the internet. Today, they are a boutique creative design and marketing company. That means they are purposely small, highly creative, effective, and highly versatile which gives them a competitive advantage over the .com giants. They are a one-stop resource for small to large-sized businesses. Genuine Web runs its own web hosting servers. They listen to their clients and follow the rules.

They have full control over every aspect of their client’s accounts which allows them to offer excellent client service. Genuine Web strives to give each of its clients close personal attention in order to make their project as successful as possible.


Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing & SEO, Brand & Logo Design, Web Hosting, Others


Address: 4900 California Ave suite 210-b, Bakersfield, CA 93309
Phone: (661) 529-2530
Website: www.genuineweb.com


“I wish there was a higher rating than Excellent! Because Greg with Genuine Web is absolutely phenomenal! Professional, honest, efficient, and talented. Our website was a complete and total disaster. But Greg took the time to understand what was going on and completely fixed it! It’s working even better than it was before and we couldn’t be happier.” – Briana C.

The Marcom GroupOne of the best Web Designers in Bakersfield

The Marcom Group was founded in 1998 by Dave Plivelich a design and marketing expert. They’ve positioned themselves to provide results-oriented marketing, branding, and creative services across numerous industries. Today, The Marcom Group is a leading advertising agency that uses in-house creative and technical talent along with hand-picked vendors to offer full-service marketing, branding, and website development services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. They are great at listening to their clients, asking the right questions, and making intelligent recommendations to help achieve their goals.


Web Services, Brand Development, Graphic Design, Video & Media Production


Address: 1100 Mohawk St #170, Bakersfield, CA 93309
Phone: (661) 489-4444
Website: www.themarcomgroup.com


“We are truly grateful for the excellent service provided by The Marcom Group. Our responsive website design is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Together, we are creating a positive and meaningful impact in our community.” – Aliza M.