5 Best Sleep Specialists in Oklahoma City, OK

Best Sleep Specialists in Oklahoma City, OK

Below is a list of the top and leading Sleep Specialists in Oklahoma City, OK. To help you find the best Sleep Specialists located near you in Oklahoma City, OK, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Oklahoma City, OK’s Best Sleep Specialists:

The top-rated Sleep Specialists in Oklahoma City, OK are:

  • April Merrill, APRN-CNS – one of the best sleep specialists in your neighborhood
  • Affordable Sleep Center – provides high-quality sleep services at a reasonable price
  • Dr. Azhar Khan – implements medical services that care to the whole person
  • Oklahoma Sleep Institute – offers comprehensive sleep studies and sleep disorder treatment
  • Tarek Ahmad Adnan Dernaika, MD – specializes in sleep medicine and critical care medicine

April Merrill, APRN-CNS

April Merrill, APRN-CNS in Oklahoma City, OK

April Merrill, APRN-CNS is one of INTEGRIS Sleep Medicine Southwest providers who specializes in Sleep Disorders Medicine. She is board-certified and a registered nurse with advanced practice in sleep medicine in Oklahoma City. Her passion for patient care is evident in every help she provides to her patients. She works with her patients to guide them to improve their health and sleep lifestyle. Furthermore, she strives to educate her patients and establish a treatment plan to improve their quality of sleep. Hence, she is reliable and caring as a sleep expert.


Sleep Medicine, Medical Care


Address: 4221 S Western Ave #3030, Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Phone: (405) 951 2141

Website: integrisok.com/doctors/april-merrill


“Dr. Merrill was great to deal with. She was concise and pleasant when we chatted. I would highly recommend her for other patients.” – Robert F.

Affordable Sleep Center

Affordable Sleep Center in Oklahoma City, OK

Affordable Sleep Center is one of the best places to help you get your sleep better, leading you to a healthier and less-stress lifestyle. They specialize in patients with high-insurance deductibles. Their low-cost options for at-home sleep studies are reliable and ensure the efficiency of what they do. Furthermore, they offer affordable and trusted CPAP and BiPAP devices. Dr. Imes is one of the sleep specialists that provide sleep consultation and help you manage your sleep treatment. Hence, they only want the best quality sleep products and services for their patients at the best price.


Sleep Specialists, Sleep Medicine, Medical Care


Address: 3613 NW 56th St #150, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: (405) 601 1405

Website: affordablesleepcenterok.com


“Great sleep specialist.”- Jim B.

Dr. Azhar Khan

Dr. Azhar Khan in Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Azhar Khan is one of the Asthma, Lung, and Sleep Clinic providers in Oklahoma City. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Sleep Medicine. His expertise and deep knowledge come from years of experience in his field and genuine care for his patients. Furthermore, he wants to help you enjoy life through medical services and treatment that help your sleep becoming better. His clinic commits to high-quality and compassionate care. Hence, they specialize in comprehensive medical care and treatment services to their patients.


Sleep Medicine, Medical Care


Address: 3366 Northwest Expressway, Building D, Suite 650, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: (405) 947 3347

Website: breatheok.com


“I have been struggling with depression since I was 12. I was having these episodes, and nobody knew what it was. We went to a neurologist, and they did an EEG and diagnosed me with epilepsy. I went three years of taking epilepsy medicine, still having episodes, and we could never figure out why. Finally, my neurologist sent me to Dr. Kahn, and he was able to diagnose me with narcolepsy with cataplexy. This has been life-changing for me. I finally can have a good quality of life, and it’s only because of Dr. Khan!” – Hannah M.

Oklahoma Sleep Institute

Oklahoma Sleep Institute in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma Sleep Institute helps you sleep better that leads to better health and lifestyle. Their dedication to your sleep health is evident in every work they do to ensure the best quality of their medical care and treatment services. They are a premier provider of diagnostic sleep studies and treatment in your locale. Hence, they are a go-to place for your sleep problems. They utilize the latest digital diagnostic technology and customized software to provide a high-quality sleep evaluation and treatment for you. In addition, they strive to create an ideal environment for sleep study in private and comfortable rooms.


Sleep Medicine, Medical Care, Sleep Specialists


Address: 13901 Technology Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Phone: (405) 606 2727

Website: oklahomasleepinstitute.com


“Always a great experience with Oklahoma Sleep Institute!” – Trav D.

Tarek Ahmad Adnan Dernaika, MD

Tarek Ahmad Adnan Dernaika, MD in Oklahoma City, OK

Tarek Ahmad Adnan Dernaika, MD is one of Mercy Clinic Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine providers in your locale. His specialization includes sleep medicine and critical care medicine. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Sleep Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. Furthermore, he is a great provider who gives his patients full attention and offers the best medical services they deserve. He is an expert when it comes to sleep medicine. In addition, he is compassionate and provides the right knowledge to his patients to help them have a better lifestyle through better sleep.


Sleep Medicine, Medical Care


Address: 13313 N. Meridian Avenue Suite Building D, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Phone: (405) 755 4290

Website: mercy.net/doctor/tarek-ahmad-adnan-dernaika-md


“Was my first visit to Dr. Dernaika’s office. He seems very nice, kind and professional. I left there feeling like I was going to be in good hands with his care. It was a very good visit, and he seemed like a very caring person. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. His nurse and front desk staff were all very nice.” – Donna J.