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5 Best Psychologists in Aurora, CO

Below is a list of the top and leading Psychologists in Aurora. To help you find the best Psychologists located near you in Aurora, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Aurora’s Best Psychologists:

The top rated Psychologists in Aurora, CO are:

  • Family Peace of Mind LLC – cultivates an atmosphere of emotional safety and trust
  • LifeStance Health – offers comprehensive mental health care
  • Buckingham Psychological Services – therapists use solution-focused therapy
  • Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Aurora – assisted people who are dealing with a variety of issues
  • Abounding Heart Counseling, PLLC, Aurora Office – teletherapy sessions can be arranged in coordination with clients

Family Peace of Mind LLCPsychologists in Aurora

Family Peace of Mind LLC, cultivates an atmosphere of emotional safety and trust in a warm and sensitive manner. They try to create a setting where you feel understood. In their opinion, the most important part of their job is to hear you out and comprehend your viewpoint.

They support an evidence- and practice-based approach that is culturally focused and strength-based. They want to help you identify your talents, give you the tools you need to face difficulties head-on, and give you the power to shape your own destiny.




Address: 2101 S Blackhawk St, Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: (720) 316-5840
Website: www.familypeaceofmindllc.com


“Dr. Ellis was provided to me by the VA as my therapist and I could not be more grateful for her. I never imagined having a therapist that would help me improve my quality of life so much. Her guidance has been amazing and looks forward to my future. Thank you, Dr. Irene.” – Chris N.

LifeStance HealthTop Psychologists in Aurora

LifeStance Health consists of a national team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and certified therapists who offer insurance-covered telehealth and in-person sessions to patients of all ages in the field of mental health. At 750 Potomac Street, their Aurora, Colorado location offers comprehensive mental health care.

By giving clients access to dependable, reasonably priced, and individualized mental healthcare, LifeStance Health helps them live better, more satisfying lives. Their psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists offer both in-person and online consultations. The state of Colorado issues licenses to all therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and providers of mental health services.


Psychological Testing & Evaluation, Neurosequential Model, Psychotherapy, & More


Address: 1421 S Potomac St Suite 110, Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (970) 310-3406
Website: www.lifestance.com/aurora-co


“Office staff is thoughtful and quick to return phone calls regarding billing questions, finding the right therapist, and setting up appointments. Therapists are all very kind and encourage you to try out different providers until you feel the right fit. I’m always ready to recommend them to others.” – Karly S.

Buckingham Psychological ServicesPsychologists Aurora

Buckingham Psychological Services, in a setting of trust, respect, and acceptance, therapy is provided at BPS. Since they are aware that dysfunctional thought patterns and behavioral patterns frequently obstruct the way to self-fulfillment, they work with clients to find possibilities to clear the way and lead their best lives.

To become more self-aware and find self-empowerment, they assist their clients in healing, learning, and growing. Their therapists use solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other approaches that are specifically suited to the needs of each client. All of these strategies are supported by research. Their clients’ overall goals in therapy are to feel better and function more effectively in their daily lives.


Psychologists, Counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), & More


Address: 15101 E Iliff Ave Ste 220, Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: (303-750-7411
Website: www.buckpsy.com


“I have been seeing Ms. Michelle bi-weekly for about 2 years now. She has been awesome. Even when COVID hit, she adjusted quickly and we started conducting sessions virtually. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for her services.” – Danny P.

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry AuroraGood Psychologists in Aurora

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Aurora, match people with top-notch service providers who assist their clients in managing problems including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, significant life transitions, and others.

The counselors, psychiatrists, and therapists at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Aurora work with numerous individuals in both in-person and online counseling sessions to enhance their daily lives. Their staff has assisted people who are dealing with a variety of issues, including relationship conflict, a challenging diagnosis, and career frustration.


Depression Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Psychologist, & More


Address: 14707 E 2nd Ave Suite 230, Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: (302) 244-7419
Website: www.thriveworks.com


“Great office staff. Very professional. Location is warm and inviting.” – Mom B.

Abounding Heart Counseling, PLLC, Aurora OfficeOne of the best Psychologists in Aurora

Abounding Heart Counseling, PLLC, Aurora Office, provides HIPAA-secure video chat/telehealth owing to a multitude of factors, including bad weather, schedule conflicts, transportation issues, etc.

Although in-person sessions are preferred, teletherapy sessions can be arranged in coordination with clients when necessary. Together, they work to help you live a life that matters, where you do and accomplish things that fill your heart with joy.


Solution Focused Therapy, Psychologist, & More


Address: 390 S Potomac Way ste c, Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (720) 772-7474
Website: www.aboundingheartcounseling.com


“Dr. Loren Laughlin is a highly engaging and eloquent speaker. Her knowledge is vast yet she conveys information in a manner that is easygoing. Loren captures the heart and the mind effortlessly and often with humor leaving the audience with a sense of community and dignity. It is a delight to listen to her speak.” – Kim F.