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5 Best Psychologists in Cleveland, OH

Below is a list of the top and leading Psychologists in Cleveland. To help you find the best Psychologists located near you in Cleveland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Cleveland’s Best Psychologists:

The top rated Psychologists in Cleveland, OH are:

  • Thriveworks – was founded by AJ Centore, Ph.D. in 2008
  • The Black Mental Health Corp. – has a high-quality mental health care
  • Michael J. Manos, PHD – is a staff psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Pediatric Institute’s Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health
  • Karly Hoffman King Therapy – offers effective therapy
  • PMA Assessment and Counseling – is a practice that believes in holistic care

ThriveworksPsychologists in Cleveland

Thriveworks was founded by AJ Centore, Ph.D. in 2008 with the intention of improving mental health care for everyone. Clinicians and other healthcare executives who share this objective continue to guide us today. Because of this, their patients can rely on them to always give human-to-human care that has been clinically verified. At Thriveworks, they consider working with a knowledgeable and compassionate mental health practitioner to be beneficial for everyone.

They built a firm that is genuinely focused on their client’s requirements as a result. Though you receive far more from them than from a typical therapy center, they nevertheless accept your insurance. High-touch customer service, working with reputable suppliers, utilizing technology that helps you get the most out of your sessions, and access to other premium resources are all available to you.


Individual Therapy, Psychiatry / Medication Management, Online Therapy, Child Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling


Address: 2800 Euclid Ave # 100, Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: 614-689-3972
Website: www.thriveworks.com


“Courtney Williams is a therapist like no other. Her dedication to professionalism stands out in every interaction. She manages to keep a warm and inviting atmosphere while maintaining a high standard of conduct. It’s clear she’s committed to her work and to providing the best support possible. As a woman seeking mental health guidance, I feel so grateful to have found Courtney.” – Ashtin H.

The Black Mental Health Corp.Top Psychologists in Cleveland

The Black Mental Health Corp. works to give marginalized areas outstanding, high-quality mental health care. The Black Mental Health Corporation’s mission is to rebuild these communities one family at a time by providing first-rate social and mental health services. Desmond Yanamayu founded TBMHC with people of color in mind after seeing that this diverse community faced difficulties and struggles distinct from those of many other racial/ethnic groupings.

Because of this, he sought to provide a setting where black people could feel at ease seeking counseling from someone who was familiar with their particular problems. Nevertheless, all racial and ethnic groups are welcome to use The Black Mental Health Corporations’ services.


Psychiatry, Case Management, Talk Therapy, Virtual and In Person Sessions


Address: 13110 Shaker Square STE C200-F, Cleveland, OH 44120
Phone: 216-512-0321
Website: www.theblackmentalhealthcorporation.com


“My kid has been going here for the last 3 to 4 months and I love it. Everybody there is so nice they speak, It is so friendly in there and welcoming. And my kid loves her person. I would recommend them over and over to everyone.” – Denisha F.

Michael J. Manos, PHDPsychologists Cleveland

Michael J. Manos, PHD., is a staff psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Pediatric Institute’s Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health. He established the Cleveland Clinic’s pediatric and adult ADHD Center for Evaluation and Treatment, which is located in Cleveland, Ohio. He is an Adjunct Faculty member in the Psychiatry Department at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

Dr. Manos has more than 25 years of experience working in the fields of child and adolescent psychiatry, special education, and pediatric psychology. Informing book chapters and scholarly articles on the identification and management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder have been written by or co-authored by him. In addition, he has delivered a lot of articles and symposia on diseases of child and adolescent behavior.


Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Adolescent Health, Behavioral Intervention, Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health, Parent Guidance and Training, Pediatric Behavioral Medicine


Address: 9500 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone: 216-445-7574
Website: www.my.clevelandclinic.org


“The summer camp changed our lives. As a parent, you think you are sending your ADHD child to camp to learn how they can function more effectively. In reality, the camp does more to give parents the skill set to raise their children effectively. We will never be able to thank Dr. Manos and his staff for the opportunity to learn from them. As Dr. Manos says “Your past is your future unless you do something about it.” His words are so true.” – Michael E.

Karly Hoffman King TherapyGood Psychologists in Cleveland

Karly Hoffman King Therapy is a clinical professional counselor with a license who works in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. For motivated young adults who are eager to learn about themselves, are prepared to get to work, and want to make significant, long-lasting improvements in their lives, They offer effective therapy.

They know you’re trying your best, even though it may be difficult to accept that about yourself. The problem is that so many of them were not equipped with the necessary resources to handle adversity in life. With the right tools and a greater understanding of your ideas, feelings, and behaviors, your life may be very different.


Mindfulness Therapy, Young Adult Therapy, Trauma Counseling


Phone: 630-948-8847
Website: www.karlyhoffmanking.com


“Karly Hoffman King is a wonderful person and therapist. She is genuine, kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental. She is so understanding of what is helpful for different people with a variety of concerns and I couldn’t recommend her more! If you’re looking for someone to truly help you feel better, she is the therapist for you.” – Laura B.

PMA Assessment and CounselingOne of the best Psychologists in Cleveland

PMA Assessment and Counseling is a practice that believes in holistic care. An individual treatment plan will be created for you by their treatment staff. They are a practice that believes in holistic care. An individual treatment plan will be created for you by the treatment staff. They provide telehealth, in-office, and outdoor walk-and-talk treatment options. You can get support from their qualified mental health specialists for a variety of issues, including BIPOC, ADHD, PTSD, bereavement, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, sadness, and more.

Additionally, they provide telemedicine marital and couple counseling. Several therapeutic modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, additional trauma-focused therapies, mindfulness-based therapy, and others are taught to their practitioners.


Walk & Talk Therapy, Health Coaching, Yin Yoga


Address: 2814 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: 216-538-7198
Website: www.pmapsychological.com


“I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more friendly and comforting human being.” – Kyle R.