5 Best Physiotherapy in St. Louis, MO

Best Physiotherapy in St. Louis, MO

Below is a list of the top and leading Physiotherapy in St. Louis. To help you find the best Physiotherapy located near you in St. Louis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

St. Louis’s Best Physiotherapy: 

The top-rated Physiotherapy in St. Louis, MO are:

  • Athletico Physical Therapy – South City – welcomes patients to an efficient physical therapy clinic
  • SSM Health Physical Therapy – premium provider of comprehensive patient rehabilitative services
  • Mobile Physical Therapy – provides expert in-home care to adults
  • TheraPlus – owner-operated and locally-funded physical therapy clinic
  • ApexNetwork Physical Therapy – leading choice for individualized therapy

Athletico Physical Therapy – South City

caring Physiotherapy in St. Louis, MO

Athletico Physical Therapy – South City welcomes patients to an efficient physical therapy clinic. Furthermore, they help patients get back to doing the things they love to do. Their services are personally made to suit all their clients and their needs. In addition, their clinicians are passionate about helping patients reach their goals. They create personalized treatments plans that focus on helping patients.

The clinic offers a wide range of physical therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation services. Moreover, they treat back and neck pain, muscle strains, and muscle sprains. In addition, they treat sports and work-related injuries with cost-efficient methods.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 3726 S Kingshighway Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63109
Phone: (314) 351-7172
Website: athletico.com


”What a great place to work and be a patient… everyone is sooooo helpful and friendly!!! Mollie, Chris, the two ladies at the front desk, Larry, Darryl….You work sooo hard and always made me feel like I can handle this PT…Thank you all for helping me recover!!! Love you all!!! ” – Donna Katke

SSM Health Physical Therapy

experienced Physiotherapy in St. Louis, MO

SSM Health Physical Therapy is the premium provider of comprehensive patient rehabilitative services. With a network of over 60 centers, they are able to send help anytime. Moreover, they have a team of more than 600 specialists and therapists that are dedicated to their job. Their therapists hold advanced certifications in their field of expertise. In addition, they focus on providing exceptional care and unparalleled customer services.

They provide a wide selection of physical and rehabilitation treatment plans. Furthermore, they specialize in sports, orthopedic, and work-related injuries. They also offer pediatric therapy and reconditioning services.

Products/ Services:

physiotherapy, pediatric therapy


Address: 32 Hampton Village Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63109
Phone: (314) 353-2626
Website: ssmphysicaltherapy.com


”SSM Health Physical Therapy is Super! My therapist is excellent!
My arm discomfort has improved tremendously with my first three visits!
I highly recommend SSM Health Physical Therapy.” – Rita Schmitz

Mobile Physical Therapy

Best Physiotherapy in St. Louis

Mobile Physical Therapy provides expert in-home care to adults. The clinic has been serving patients for over 15 years and counting. Ever since 2005, they have been collaborating with their patients for them to get back their life faster. Furthermore, their specialists create health care plans that prioritize their patient’s health. They make sure that their health care providers are able to help all their patients.

Moreover, they have client-centered care plans and treatments that are fully insured. These services include hip mobility, leg stretches, and physical rehabilitation. They also provide mobile physical therapy for the convenience of their patients.

Products/ Services:

Address: 1310 Papin St, St. Louis, MO 63103
Phone: (314) 690-9995
Website: mobile-pt.com


”I cannot recommend Mobile PT enough. My experience was wonderful and I experienced a tremendous amount of success thanks to my therapist, KAREN. I suffered a broken ankle and going to a therapy center was not an option for me. I was very comfortable having the therapist come into my home and treat me in my own space. Karen was very adept at encouraging me to push through my pain and bear weight to begin walking. She was kind, but again, highly encouraging.” – Laura Butler


welcoming Physiotherapy in St. Louis, MO

TheraPlus is an owner-operated and locally-funded physical therapy clinic. Their staff prides themselves on the range of clients they serve and the attention they give them. In addition, they prioritize giving the best attention and interaction to their patients. Moreover, they have world-class equipment to help every patient move and feel better. They make sure to improve balance, endurance, and fitness.

The clinic offers individualized plans with a variety of physiotherapy services. Furthermore, they provide services that improve joint mobility, endurance, and flexibility. They also provide movement patterns and strength assessments.

Products/ Services:

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Address: 2001 S Hanley Rd #190, St. Louis, MO 63144
Phone: (314) 821-8304
Website: theraplus.org


”I have worked with Tom for over 20 years for physical therapy as well as strength training. Tom has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill; he is forever coming up with new and ingenious ways to help people. Most recently, I have been working with Aggie. Aggie has amazing energy and skills; IASTM is an incredibly helpful treatment.” – Rachel Goltzman

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy

reliable Physiotherapy in St. Louis, MO

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy is the leading choice for individualized therapy. The clinic provides a relaxing and comfortable environment for every therapy session. In addition, they are known for delivering remarkable results. Furthermore, they have a positive and encouraging team. They ensure that every patient receives individualized physical therapy plans and services.

They feature a large array of physical therapy treatments and therapies. Their services include manual therapy, sports rehabilitation, and dry needling. In addition, they also provide industrial rehab, balance rehab, and hand therapy.

Products/ Services:

doctor, physical therapist, physiotherapy


Address: 4100 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: (314) 361-6100
Website: apexnetworkpt.com


”I went to Apex to rehab my elbow after surgery and then for a lower back issue and both treatments did wonders. Chris is an incredible therapist and really knows his stuff. He creates a fun environment for everyone there. I actually looked forward to my appointments. I still do the PT exercises he recommended and they continue to build strength and improve my mobility.” – Colleen Durfee