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5 Best Physiotherapy in Cincinnati, OH

Below is a list of the top and leading Physiotherapy in Cincinnati. To help you find the best Physiotherapy located near you in Cincinnati, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Cincinnati’s Best Physiotherapy: 

The top-rated Physiotherapy in Cincinnati, OH are:

  • Guenthner Physical Therapy – offers therapeutic services in the Northern Kentucky area
  • Athletico Physical Therapy – Cincinnati (Western Hills) – assist patients in returning to their favorite activities
  • Cornell Physical Therapy – will go over your medical history and all areas of pain
  • Beyond Exercise, LLC – gives individuals who place a high value on their health
  • FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center – a team of caring physical therapy clinical specialists

Guenthner Physical TherapyPhysiotherapy in Cincinnati

Guenthner Physical Therapy is one of Cincinnati’s top suppliers of wellness and outpatient rehabilitation services. In 1989, Cathy Guenthner established her first clinic, which was a part of the University Pain Control Center. With the evolving healthcare industry, Guenthner Physical Therapy has expanded and become more varied. One clinic is situated in White Oak on Cincinnati’s western border. Go Kentucky Rehab, LLC was founded in 2001 by Cathy to offer therapeutic services in the Northern Kentucky area.

Their strength is providing patients with top-notch care. With each of their patients, GPT employs the CARETM method—Complete Attention Results Experience. They are dedicated to guiding their treatments with objective data. Their clinical outcome and patient satisfaction data are compared to those of other physical therapy practices as a member of the Ohio Physical Therapy Network.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, Wellness Evaluations, Tai Chi classes, Balance Classes, & More


Address: 5557 Cheviot Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45247
Phone: (513) 923-1700
Website: www.guenthnerpt.com


”Kathy and her team are excellent. Do not look elsewhere go ahead and book here if you need PT. They will get you back feeling better” – Emily L.

Athletico Physical Therapy – Cincinnati (Western Hills)Top Physiotherapy in Cincinnati

Athletico Physical Therapy – Cincinnati (Western Hills) provides a range of physical therapy, rehabilitation, and work comp services to assist patients in returning to their favorite activities. They are conveniently situated next to the Kroger parking lot in the Western Village shopping district. Their physical therapists provide individualized treatment plans based on the medical requirements of each patient.

They began with one therapist attempting to change his community. Physical therapist and athletic trainer Mark Kaufman, their company’s founder and executive chairman, had a goal to assist as many individuals as he could. His first two clients were Francis W. Parker High School and Chicago Lions Rugby. He began by offering rehabilitative services to student-athletes at various organizations.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, & More


Address: 6173D Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211
Phone: (513) 250-4990
Website: www.athletico.com/cincinnati-western-hills


”I had an extremely positive experience at the Cincinnati-Western Hills Athletico. My physical therapist Mark was knowledgeable, friendly, down-to-earth, and insightful. In the month I was there, I felt huge improvements in my knee pain. I also had an easy time scheduling appointments and coordinating my care. I would recommend this facility to others.” – Bridgette D.

Cornell Physical TherapyPhysiotherapy Cincinnati

Cornell Physical Therapy is a fee-for-service clinic that has been open since March 2015; it is not in-network with any insurance companies, so payment in full is expected at each appointment. Together, you and Andrea will go over your medical history and all areas of pain. She wants to know about all of your concerns because everything is interconnected.

Because they are not constrained by insurance requirements, they are not restricted to treating a single location. After that, she will thoroughly assess your strength, range of motion, sore spots, movement patterns, and particular pain-inducing activities. You’ll likely execute one set of the suggested stretches and exercises during the session so that you feel comfortable doing them on your own.

Products/ Services:

Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, Posture Training, & More


Address: 5373 Ridge Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213
Phone: (513) 839-2676
Website: www.cornellpt.com


”I’ve never had dry needling before. Andrea made it a great first experience! It helped a lot with my pain and swelling. She also makes every physical therapy appointment extremely fun but challenging. Her exercises have really strengthened my injury.” – Christian H.

Beyond Exercise, LLCGood Physiotherapy in Cincinnati

Beyond Exercise, LLC exists just to give individuals who place a high value on their health and desire a professional service team to support their wellness and fitness demands another and better choice. They are a highly skilled team of individuals who have experience, have been in your position, take pride in offering individualized care services, and work well together every day to help you reach your objectives, whether they are to walk pain-free, hike for four hours on an epic vacation, play with your children, complete household tasks, or perform athletic feats.

For sports injuries, low back pain, neck discomfort, postpartum health, running injuries, injury prevention, and sports performance, they specialize in physiotherapy also known as physical therapy.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, Massage, & More


Address: 5812 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45227
Phone: (513) 533-9355
Website: www.gobeyondexercise.com


”Through Beyond Exercise I was able to overcome a hamstring injury that was making not only running but even walking painful. Through rehab, exercises specific to my weaknesses, and run strategizing Ryan was able to help me return to running. I was able to regain strength and confidence to run my first Boston Marathon something that has been a goal of mine for much of my running career, but I was not sure was a possibility this year after getting injured.” – Jackson F.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance CenterOne of the best Physiotherapy in Cincinnati

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center is distinct from every physical therapy office you’ve ever visited. In July 1999, FYZICAL Pleasant Ridge opened its doors to the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood. It is home to a team of caring physical therapy clinical specialists who are 100% committed to helping you achieve your highest level of health and wellness. Their physical therapists have years of expertise in providing hands-on healing with an emphasis on building whole-body wellness for thousands of patients across the country.

They also have advanced clinical education and training, specialized certifications, and years of experience. The therapists at FYZICAL stay current with developments in science, technology, medicine, and research. They certify their “FYZICALISTTM” to satisfy the best standards in the business, above and beyond the education and license mandated by law. They can only then start serving you.

Products/ Services:

Physical Therapy, Fitness & Wellness, Telehealth, & More


Address: 5400 Kennedy Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213
Phone: (513) 618-7878
Website: www.fyzical.com/pleasant-ridge-oh


”I had a total hip done 11 years ago and my recovery was excellent. When I had my knee replacement on July 19, 2022, there was no doubt that I wanted to get physical therapy. My rehabilitation is going faster than predicted and talked to other patients who can’t believe how far I have gotten.” – Dan T.