5 Best Pet Care Centre in Sacramento, CA

Best Pet Care Centre in Sacramento

Below is a list of the top and leading Pet Care Centre in Sacramento. To help you find the best Pet Care Centre located near you in Sacramento, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Sacramento’s Best Pet Care Centre:

The top rated Pet Care Centre in Sacramento, CA are:

  • Sacramento Animal Hospital – particularizes in the treatment of dogs and cats
  • River City Cat Clinic – encourage annual exams for all of their patients
  • VIP Petcare Wellness Center – is staffed with a licensed veterinarian
  • East Sacramento Veterinary Center – is proud to provide top-quality care
  • VCA Greenhaven Pocket Animal Hospital – provide the finest medical care

Sacramento Animal HospitalPet Care Centre in Sacramento

Sacramento Animal Hospital particularizes in the treatment of dogs and cats. They are dedicated to giving their patients and clients top-quality care while maintaining the feel and comfort of small family practice. It is their vision that as veterinary medicine advances, they advance with it. They have gained excellence as the reliable name in full-service veterinary care for the East Sacramento community.

For over 70 years, they have worked hard to give the finest veterinary care available. It is their faith that with outstanding client service, thorough education about pet requirements, and excellent veterinary medicine, Sacramento Animal Hospital can have a deep impact on the quality of pets’ lives.


Pet Wellness, Ultrasound & Digital Radiology, Pet Dental Care, Veterinary Surgery, Dog Training Classes, Laser Therapy


Address: 5701 H St, Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: (916) 451-7213
Website: www.mysacvet.com


“We love Sac Animal Hospital. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to make Penny as calm/comfortable as she can be during her vet visits (she’s very anxious). Thank you all for being so patient with her!” – Emily D.

River City Cat ClinicTop Pet Care Centre in Sacramento

River City Cat Clinic endeavors to practice the highest quality of surgery, medicine, and dentistry while developing lasting bonds with their clients and their kitties. They encourage annual exams for all of their patients. Its doctors will execute a complete head-to-toe exam on your cat. They also give deworming, viral screening, flea and heartworm control, and lifestyle-based vaccinations. They can give helpful advice for problems such as scratching, spraying/house soiling, and aggression.


Medicine, Dentistry, Surgery, Pharmacy, Laboratory & Other Services


Address: 2617 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: (916) 441-4727
Website: www.rivercitycatclinic.com


“I wouldn’t take my cats anywhere else. The staff here is amazing and super supportive. When I discovered that my newly adopted kitten was very sick, they did everything in their power to care for her and they provided me with the emotional and informational support I needed. It is because of this clinic’s dedication to caring for cats that my Chibi is still alive and currently healthy.” – Jennifer S.

VIP Petcare Wellness CenterPet Care Centre Sacramento

VIP Petcare Wellness Center utilizes only brand-name veterinary pharmaceutical products. Each location is staffed with a licensed veterinarian who immediately supervises the administration of all services. Pet owners have access to all of their pet’s health records for life, free of charge. All personnel receives comprehensive and ongoing training and education.

They know what it means to open your home and your heart to an animal that you love and to build a bond based on the promise of protection. They believe that all pet parents should have access to suitable, inexpensive preventive veterinary care that suits their lifestyle and their pet’s needs.


Dog Vaccines, Dog Testing, Cat Vaccines, Cat Testing, Additional Services For Cats & Dogs


Address: 4710 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822
Phone: (916) 520-9108
Website: www.clinics.vippetcare.com


“Quick and easy. Was the quick safe option near my house to finish puppy shots.” – Bev B.

East Sacramento Veterinary CenterGood Pet Care Centre in Sacramento

East Sacramento Veterinary Center is proud to provide top-quality care coupled with sincere humanity and an individualized approach to the community. Dr. Cameron Collins leads a team of skilled veterinary technicians and other staff members who are committed to going above and beyond what is expected.

They honestly value the relationships they have with their animal patients and their families, and they treat your pets as if they’re their own. Whether your pet required surgery, preventive care, dental care, or continuous treatment for a chronic condition, they offer the peace of mind that comes from continuity of care.


Wellness & Prevention, Dentistry, Surgery, Diagnostics & Ultrasound, Wellness Plans


Address: 1409 32nd St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (916) 737-5670
Website: www.eastsacvet.com


“I was very impressed with this office!! The Vet even came out to talk about our dog. They called the next day to follow up on him to make sure he didn’t have any reaction to vaccines. So glad we were referred to them!” – Judy V.

VCA Greenhaven Pocket Animal HospitalOne of the best Pet Care Centre in Sacramento

VCA Greenhaven Pocket Animal Hospital aids pets to live long, happy and healthy lives. They provide the finest medical care for pets and the best experience for pet parents. They have four veterinarians and 25 personnel who believe their clients and patients are their top priority. They know getting to know you and your pets will deliver the best possible health care. Actually, when you come in, you will see precisely why their veterinarians are praised for their kind and considerate care.

Its doctors and staff will sit on the floor with your pet and provide you with the help, time, and information you need to be able to create a knowledgeable decision in the care of your beloved family member. They will thoroughly track the course of your pet’s care, and always maintain the importance of your pet’s long-term health in mind.


Advanced Care, Primary Care, & Other Services


Address: 1 Valine Ct, Sacramento, CA 95831
Phone: (916) 391-3677
Website: www.vcahospitals.com


“The nurse and doctor were so great and took care of Isabella I absolutely love the way they helped me.” – Dell L.