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5 Best Pediatricians in Nashville, TN

Below is a list of the top and leading Pediatricians in Nashville. To help you find the best Pediatricians located near you in Nashville, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Nashville’s Best Pediatricians: 

The top-rated Pediatricians in Nashville, TN are:

  • Pediatric Associates of Davidson County –transforms the wellbeing of every child they help
  • Norton Children’s Hospital – especially cares for every patient and their immediate family
  • Green Hills Pediatric Associates – one of the most established pediatric clinics since 1961
  • Children’s Clinic of Nashville – welcomes every infant, child, and teenager to a friendly clinic
  • Terrace Pediatric Group – honored to be the healthcare giver of their patients

Pediatric Associates of Davidson County
caring Pediatricians in Nashville

Pediatric Associates of Davidson County transforms the wellbeing of every child they help. The clinic has attentive, helpful, and patient-centered caregivers. Furthermore, they are home to efficient health care techniques and equipment. Their pediatricians strive to provide a pleasing environment for children to be treated properly and efficiently. In addition, they develop a robust patient-doctor relationship with every patient.

They offer medical services for various practice areas. This covers pediatrics to immunizations. Moreover, their doctors are welcoming and friendly to every new child they encounter. They also make sure each child feels great after each visit.

Products/ Services:

pediatrician, screening


Address: 2201 Murphy Ave Suite 201, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 329-3595
Website: pediatric-associates-of-davidson-county-katharine.business.site


”Dr Davidson has been my children’s pediatrician for 3 years now. He is patient and takes the time to answer all my questions and I often come with a list. We are so happy to have found him. I feel he cares about my boys and love when he tells us stories about his children and relates.” – Jessica Ayoub

Tennessee Pediatrics

attentive Pediatricians in Nashville

Tennessee Pediatrics specially cares for every patient and their immediate family. Furthermore, they are specialists in pediatric care. They have physicians with their own areas of specializations. The clinic is spacious and ready to assist patients ages between 0 to 17 with ease. In addition, their facilities currently serve over 1,000 patients with efficiency and care.

Their hospital’s services and medical specialists offer weekday and weekend appointments. There are also skilled pediatricians available. Their services include check-ups, screening, and lab testings. Moreover, they hand their patients with utmost attention and care.

Products/ Services:

consultation, pediatrician, dental check-ups


Address: 5505 Edmondson Pike UNIT 104, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: (615) 331-5898
Website: nortonchildrens.com


”We loved Dr. Barrow! She was always so helpful, listened to our concerns and never felt rushed at our appointments. We were so sad to leave when we moved away.” – Emily Shears

Green Hills Pediatric Associates

established Pediatricians in Nashville

Green Hills Pediatric Associates is one of the most established pediatric clinics since 1961. They connect with their patients with dedication and care with every child they take care of. They also have a professional team of health care providers assisting their patients towards better health. Furthermore, they have a mission of delivering centered and progressive health care.

They offer a wide range of specialists that their patients can be assisted with attention and care. Moreover, their specialists include maternal-fetal physicians and pediatricians. In addition, they have cutting-edge medical equipment for every medical treatment.

Products/ Services:

pediatrician, lab tests


Address: 4322 Harding Pike #229, Nashville, TN 37205
Phone: (615) 385-1451
Website: greenhillspeds.com


”You will never find a better place, to me they are number one and will always be…. Doctor’s,Staff, other workers are absolutely perfect…… I. find no fault.” – Mary Watkins

Children’s Clinic of Nashville

welcoming Pediatricians in Nashville

Children’s Clinic of Nashville welcomes every infant, child, and teenager to a friendly clinic. They ensure that their patient’s care and comfort are given their utmost attention. They help each patient through their experienced staff offering reliable health care services. Furthermore, they are committed to providing the highest quality of care with every pediatric help they can give.

They provide a full selection of medical services fit for every patient’s unique medical background. Moreover, they offer medical clinics for medical attention and rehabilitation that are insurance-ready. Their clinic also helps in children’s behavioral health.

Products/ Services:

orthopedic, medicines, pediatrician


Address: 4322 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205
Phone: (615) 297-9541
Website: childrensclinicofnashville.com


“We love this pediatrician office. Dr. Beveridge and Dr. Haraf are both wonderful, as well as the nurse practitioners. The front desk staff is always helpful with questions or scheduling. I never feel rushed here or like my questions and concerns aren’t important” – Brooke Riebeling

Terrace Pediatric Group

affordable Pediatricians in Nashville

Terrace Pediatric Group is honored to be the healthcare giver of their patients. Their specialists range from pediatricians to therapists. The group also features medical practitioners who are skilled in a wide variety of pediatrics. Furthermore, they care for each patient as if they are one family. Additionally, they have over 4 decades of giving specialized care for kids.

They are home to various pediatric services like orthodontics, consultation, and therapy services. Moreover, their services include child monitoring, vaccinations with monitoring, and check-ups. In addition, they have reliable services offered at competitive rates.

Products/ Services:

physical therapy, therapy, pediatrics, child monitoring


Address: 342 21st Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 327-9371
Website: terracepediatricgroup.com


“Both of my kids see Dr Greenbaum, and we have loved our experience with him. He always takes his time and answers all of our questions. We’ve called in a few times when the kids were sick and have always gotten timely calls back, and quick appointments when necessary. I highly recommend him!” – Emily Pritchard