5 Best Mattress Stores in Atlanta, GA

Best Mattress Stores in Atlanta

Below is a list of the top and leading Mattress Stores in Atlanta. To help you find the best Mattress Stores located near you in Atlanta, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Atlanta’s Best Mattress Stores:

The top rated Mattress Stores in Atlanta, GA are:

  • Mattress Firm – has grown into America’s largest specialty mattress store
  • The Original Mattress Factory – offers a premium mattress experience
  • Natural Sleep Mattress & Organic Bedding – was voted “Best Beds” of Atlanta
  • Sleep Number – specializes in beds with adjustable firmness and support
  • Casper – designs outrageously comfortable mattresses, bedding

Mattress FirmMattress Stores in Atlanta

Mattress Firm has been delivering better sleep for the past 90 years by pairing you with the best mattress at the perfect price. What began as a few businesses have evolved to become America’s largest specialty mattress retailer, with over 2,400 neighborhood stores in 49 states. Their Sleep Expert receives 80 hours of training before beginning their job. However, training can only take you so far; here is where Mattress Firm stands out.

They believe that having happy, inspired personnel is the greatest approach to ensure unmatched service to consumers worldwide. They’ve created a culture in which employees enjoy coming to work and always get out of bed on time.


Mattresses, Bed Frames, Furniture, Bedding, Pillows


Address: 650 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Bldg 800 Ste A, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: (404) 815-9600
Website: www.mattressfirm.com


“Romeo was the best. I’d been sleeping on an air mattress for two weeks because the online company I used wouldn’t refund me for the lost package. I was desperate and had an affordable mattress in my car within an hour thanks to Romeo.” – Christina H.

The Original Mattress FactoryTop Mattress Stores in Atlanta

The Original Mattress Factory, Ron Trzcinski developed The Original Mattress Factory to give clients a better mattress and a better mattress purchasing experience. They recognized the mattress industry’s lack of openness and decided that every client deserved more. The Original Mattress Factory’s mission has not changed over 30 years later. In all they do, they continue to put the consumer first.

The Original Mattress Factory is a worker-owned business. Almost everyone who works at OMF is also an owner, from the factory to the sales floor to the delivery team. They take joy in all they do for the firm and their consumers because they own it. They provide relief. Relief from intermediary markups, exaggerated sales pitches, and a long day at work. Every mattress they sell is manufactured in their own factories. And their products are not only American-made but also hometown-made, as they have a factory in each community that they serve.


Mattresses and Box Springs, Adjustable Beds, Heavy-Duty Bed Frames, Headboards and Beds, Bed and Mattress Accessories


Address: 3230 Peachtree Rd Suite #100, Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 237-5778


“My wife Sarah and I were referred to the Original Mattress Factory and the customer service and mattress we purchased certainly did not disappoint. First of all, the gentleman Clayton who assisted us was very professional, knowledgeable, and just a genuinely nice guy that was a pleasure to work with. He never steered us in any direction and just listened to the feedback we were giving him while laying on each mattress. We settled on one and we both haven’t slept this well in years. Ask for Clayton. He is the best.” – James W.

Natural Sleep Mattress & Organic BeddingMattress Stores Atlanta

Natural Sleep Mattress & Organic Bedding displays the most luxury and natural beds on the market. Their store is filled with handcrafted mattresses that provide the best pressure alleviation, relaxation, and support. They sell certified organic latex mattresses as well as customizable mattresses, kid beds, cribs, and accessories. Their goal is for you to be able to sleep better and live a more fulfilling life.

Their proprietor has worked in the mattress sector for the past two decades. He understands more about the contents and durability of a mattress than most people will ever want to know, which is why he founded a mattress shop specializing in luxury and organic beds produced from the best and most durable materials, such as organic latex foam, wool, and organic cotton.


Air Purifiers, Bedding Accessories, Adjustable Beds & Foundations, Mattresses, Pillows


Address: 3129 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: (404) 788-3282
Website: www.naturalsleepmattress.com


“The customer service at Natural Sleep is amazing. We have been shopping here for the past two years slowing converting all of our bedding to organic, hypo allergic. Of course, shopping for organic, allergy-free bedding is more expensive, but the cost of ownership is much lower than other options. Evelyn is great to work with. Their goal is definitely to provide superior customer service. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not visit this store.” – Amy C.

Sleep NumberGood Mattress Stores in Atlanta

Sleep Number improves people’s lives by personalizing their sleeping experiences. Only Sleep Number mattresses allow you to adjust each side to your optimum firmness, support, and pressure-relieving comfort – your Sleep Number setting – for the deep, restful sleep you both deserve. The Sleep Number bed is the only one available with SleepIQ technology to track and enhance your sleep.

You can complete your sleeping experience with the exclusive Sleep Number bedding collection, which includes everything from comforting warm blankets to personalized pillows. Visit the Atlanta Sleep Number store, where one of our Sleep Professionals will assist you in finding the ideal Sleep Number bed to help you sleep better.


Mattresses, Beddings, Pillows


Address: 3435 Lenox Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone: (404) 467-2454
Website: www.stores.sleepnumber.com


“Tammy was very knowledgeable, friendly, she provided excellent customer service. I had reservations about purchasing the Sleep Number due to the cost. But after having all my questions and concerns answered I was on board thank you Tammy from sleep number can’t wait to get my bed. I highly recommend this Sleep Number business.” – Rachel H.

CasperOne of the best Mattress Stores in Atlanta

Casper spent years researching the science and magic of sleep. The more they study, the more certain they become: good sleep alters everything. It makes them kinder, faster, smarter, and even cozier. The world would be a better place if they all got enough sleep. They began by developing an absurdly comfy mattress and bringing it to your home in a little box. After over a million sleepers, their mission has only grown.

Casper Labs’ researchers, designers, and engineers spend their waking hours researching sleep and developing solutions based on genuine customer demands and feedback.


Mattresses, Pillows, Bed Frames, Adjustable Bed Frames, Sheets, Duvets, Weighted Blanket, Glow Light, Dog Bed, Bundles


Address: 650 North Avenue NE Unit S203, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: (470) 237-5765
Website: www.casper.com


“Great shopping experience. I knew about Casper but this was my first time in the store. The manager Jocelin was helpful, asking and answering questions to fit my needs. I purchased two of the original pillows and I can’t wait to sleep on them tonight. Thank y’all again.” – Tiffany J.