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5 Best Marriage Counselling in Oakland, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Marriage Counselling in Oakland. To help you find the best Marriage Counselling located near you in Oakland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Oakland’s Best Marriage Counselling:

The top rated Marriage Counselling in Oakland, CA are:

  • Julia Barokov, MFT – focuses on treating couples, teens, and adults
  • The Couples Center – was established by Gal Szekely and Liron Cohen
  • Sterling Institute-Relationship – was established in 197
  • The SF Marriage and Couples Center – Oakland – aims to make accessible and inexpensive mental health care services
  • Ayala Kalisher, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist – provides counseling to individuals and couples

Julia Barokov, MFTMarriage Counselling in Oakland

Julia Barokov, MFT focuses on treating couples, teens, and adults. Come to the psychotherapy services of Julia Barokov, LMFT, situated in Oakland, CA, if you want to address the issues you’re having in a warm, non-judgmental environment. As a seasoned psychotherapist in private practice, Julia recognizes that every individual is unique.

The tailored approach provided by Julia Barokov, LMFT is intended to assist you, your partner, or your kid in resolving any problems that are interfering with your life and producing conflict. Whatever issues you and your loved one are dealing with, Julia Barokov, LMFT is here to help you work through them and bring more happiness and peace into your life.


Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stress Therapy, Teenage Therapy, Women’s Therapy, Depression Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Grief Counseling, ADD Therapy, Anger Management Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, Art Therapy


Address: 5767 Broadway #101, Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: 510-545-4758
Website: www.juliabarokov.com


“I have known Julia for over 10 years. She is a very compassionate person, a trusted friend, and a dynamic listener. Julia consistently exceeds expectations when tackling a challenge. Her integrity and commitment to the process of healing are what make her an outstanding individual and therapist.” – Jessica A.

The Couples CenterTop Marriage Counselling in Oakland

The Couples Center was established by a married couple and psychotherapists, Gal Szekely and Liron Cohen. Their goal is to provide you with the best tools, resources, and guidance so you can build a successful relationship. They make an effort to offer efficient assistance so you can quickly make lasting improvements. Along with giving lectures and workshops, they provide relationship therapy to both singles and couples.

To help those with limited financial resources, they also provide sliding-scale therapy. Each of their therapists has experience working with couples and has received in-depth training in the most cutting-edge techniques for marriage and couples counseling. They cooperate to make sure that you acquire the relationship you want by utilizing the best strategies and methods.


Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Sex Counseling, Counseling for Open Relationships, Individual Counseling, Sliding Scale Therapy, LGBTQ+ Therapy and Couples Counseling, Couples Intensive


Phone: 415-322-0417
Website: www.thecouplescenter.com


“As a psychotherapist, I enjoy referring couples to the center of the couple. The staff are well trained and offer a variety of offices throughout the Bay Area. The exciting thing about the founder Gal and his wife Liron is that they are a couple and a pair of therapists as well. Couples get to witness their aliveness and passion in their workshops. Their workshops tend to attract people who are about to get married or have been together for a while and want more passion and connection. Having attended workshops given by them both I have witnessed firsthand Gal’s clear and grounded communication, which is perfectly complimented by Liron’s nurturing, and reassuring presence.”

Sterling Institute-RelationshipMarriage Counselling Oakland

Sterling Institute-Relationship was established in 1979 with the goal of improving interpersonal relationships. The Sterling Institute is made up of qualified employees and volunteers who donate their time to make sure that friends, family, and associates can attend Sterling Weekends and other activities. For alumni and others who haven’t yet attended a Sterling Men’s or Women’s Weekend, the Sterling Institute is now conducting online clinics.

These clinics provide alumni the chance to catch up with their weekends and give those who haven’t yet attended the chance to learn more about who they are and what they do. After finishing a Sterling Men’s or Women’s Weekend, participants can access the Sterling Institute’s ongoing education.


Marriage Counseling


Address: 6114 La Salle Ave Number 537, Oakland, CA 94611
Phone: 510-836-1400
Website: www.sterling-institute.com


“The Men’s Weekend changed my life. I was in the middle of a divorce when I made the decision to go to the Weekend. I got the confidence and the clarity to be the man my kids needed me to be. By being the man my kids could count on and not leaving they chose to stay with me. I wasn’t able to save my marriage but my relationship with my ex-wife improved and I believe I did my best to take care of my kids.” – Allan B.

The SF Marriage and Couples Center – OaklandGood Marriage Counselling in Oakland

The SF Marriage and Couples Center – Oakland aims to make accessible and inexpensive mental health care services available to people from all racial, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds. With a focus on patient care, their firm offers the best possible professional healthcare services. They firmly think that everyone should have access to this level of treatment.

In San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, The Center offers a wide range of treatments, such as individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and couples counseling. They focus on the therapy of emotional and mental illnesses, marital problems, and trauma. In addition to their knowledge and training, their doctors are picked based on their distinctive experiences and what they could give to the Center’s diverse culture.


Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Individual Therapy, Online Therapy, Premarital Therapy Program, Co-Parenting Counseling, LGBTQIA Couples Counseling, Financial Health, Infidelity and Betrayal, Partnership and Executive Coaching, Sliding Scale Therapy


Address: 6333 Telegraph Ave #200g, Oakland, CA 94609
Phone: 415-494-7074
Website: www.sanfranciscomarriagecenter.com


“The marriage and couples center is a great place to find great therapists with a lot of experience in helping couples and individuals through difficult times and situations.”

Ayala Kalisher, Associate Marriage & Family TherapistOne of the best Marriage Counselling in Oakland

Ayala Kalisher, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist provide counseling to individuals and couples who are prepared to transform their lives and their relationships in meaningful and long-lasting ways. They take a somatic, holistic, and experiential approach. This indicates that their collaborative effort does not consist of merely discussing the past or their ideal future.

Working holistically means they are aware of the interdependence between the environment, environment, body, and spirit. They are interacting with all of these domains while they work in one of them. They will investigate your body’s wisdom as a doorway to your emotions and the wealth of knowledge about yourself that the intellect might occasionally conceal.


Individual Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Sex Therapy, Telehealth


Address: 411 30th St #412, Oakland, CA 94609
Phone: 707-536-1043
Website: www.ayalakalisher.com


“Ayala has a deep commitment to your individual clients and her couples. I sincerely trust her clinical skills and often refer to a wide range of clients and couples to Ayala. As someone who regularly consults with Ayala, I know she offers the perfect balance to providing tools to address specific struggles while simultaneously addressing the deeper roots of her client’s challenges.” – Kevin K.