5 Best Leisure Centres in Omaha, NE

Best Leisure Centres in Omaha

Below is a list of the top and leading Leisure Centres in Omaha. To help you find the best Leisure Centres located near you in Omaha, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Omaha’s Best Leisure Centres:

The top rated Leisure Centres in Omaha, NE are:

  • Life Time – is Omaha’s premier fitness center and gym
  • YMCA of Greater Omaha – provides programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body
  • Genesis Health Clubs – offers spacious workout floors with top-notch equipment
  • Planet Fitness – provides a high-quality fitness experience at an affordable cost
  • The Salvation Army Omaha Kroc Center – offers an array of sports, faith, and arts

Life TimeLeisure Centres in Omaha

Life Time is the top gym and fitness facility in Omaha. Life Time has transformed into something wholly original since opening its doors nearly 30 years ago. A new future has been defined by a growing community of people today, where relationships, health, and knowledge are highly valued, where they can channel energy for good, and where they live each day with a purpose. They are continuously investigating fresh concepts that enhance not just the body and mind but also incorporate wellness into their daily life.

This can make them all more introspective, effective, and involved as they enjoy life’s path. They have a strong commitment to research and education and the benefits they can have on how they lead their lives.


Signature Group Training, Personal Training, Pilates, and Virtual Training


Address: 17007 Elm Plaza, Omaha, NE 68130
Phone: (402) 334-3000
Website: www.lifetime.life


“Lifetime Fitness is the only fitness center that I have found myself going back to in Omaha. This club continually updates and repairs its equipment. I haven’t been to another gym in Omaha that even comes close when looking at equipment quality and overall cleanliness. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone, especially those that have grown tired of other clubs in Omaha that take poor care of their facilities such as Genesis.” – Clayton G.

YMCA of Greater OmahaTop Leisure Centres in Omaha

YMCA of Greater Omaha helps the community by offering initiatives that promote everyone’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The community is linked with the roots of the YMCA of Greater Omaha throughout the Omaha metropolitan area. The Y was established in 1866 by a Union Pacific employee with the intention of serving young Christian men engaged in transcontinental railroad work in the Omaha area.

For more than 150 years, the YMCA of Greater Omaha has developed into a pioneer in giving families, adults, and children first experiences. The YMCA of Greater Omaha promotes community development by providing services and programs in three key areas: social responsibility, healthy living, and youth development.


Youth Sports, Aquatics, Summer Day Camp, Ymca E-Sports, Activities & Classes, Childcare, Community-Based Health Programs


Address: 430 S 20th St, Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: (402) 977-4300
Website: www.metroymca.org


“It’s such an incredible place to better yourself. The staff members are always greeting you with a warm welcome. The amount of effort that’s put into the cleanliness of this facility is obvious. Well worth every penny.” – Dillon G.

Genesis Health Clubs Leisure Centres Omaha

Genesis Health Clubs has large workout areas and top-notch equipment. They not only offer the best gym, but also the best group fitness studios and unlimited daily exercise courses taught by its highly qualified instructors. For every interest and level of fitness, they address a broad range of target areas. At Genesis 132nd and Center, discover a brand-new exercise regimen or healthful hobby. Their instructors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and interesting.

They know how to provide you with an excellent workout while also providing you with various levels and changes according to your particular need. This guarantees you have the finest possible workout. Yoga, Bootcamps, HIIT, Cycle, Zumba, and Core are just a few of the many activities available.


Yoga, Bootcamps, HIIT, Cycle, Zumba, and Core


Address2275 S 132nd St, Omaha, NE 68144
Phone: (402) 691-8546
Website: www.genesishealthclubs.com


“I love it!! Ethan Wood is an amazing trainer. I totally highly recommend him to anyone that is struggling to get in shape. He is very motivating and very respectful. He will guide you in the right direction. I struggled to lose weight for years and he taught me so many techniques I didn’t know about. So far I lost over 25 lbs. Genesis is very lucky to have Ethan Wood!! Give them a call and schedule with Ethan Wood, you won’t regret it, trust me.” – Sandra L.

Planet FitnessGood Leisure Centres in Omaha

Planet Fitness is a top-notch gym that is reasonably priced. When Planet Fitness first started operating in Dover, New Hampshire, in 1992, it functioned much like every other gym in the little town, serving the same modest number of people who exercised and belonged to a health club. With a significant number of members and locations, Planet Fitness has developed into one of the largest and fastest-growing fitness center franchisors and operators in the United States.

Planet Exercise has grown to more than 2,039 locations in all 50 states, Canada, Australia, and Latin America with the goal of enhancing people’s lives by providing a low-cost, high-quality workout experience in a pleasant, non-intimidating environment.


Gym and Fitness Center


Address: 5565 N 90th St, Omaha, NE 68134
Phone: (402) 614-2400
Website: www.planetfitness.com


“Friendly and courteous staff on my first time in! The clean and spotless facility, socially distanced equipment, everything I need in a gym without the high dollar monthly dues. And the hydro massage chairs are amazing! That right there is worth the few extra bucks a month for the black card membership! Super excited to be back in a gym and super excited to keep going here! Awesome job.” – James D.

The Salvation Army Omaha Kroc CenterOne of the best Leisure Centres in Omaha

The Salvation Army Omaha Kroc Center is a hub for enrichment and gathering, providing a variety of educational, athletic, spiritual, artistic, and supportive programs. The 140,000-square-foot Salvation Army Kroc Facility, which is situated on 15.42 acres, is Omaha’s biggest community center of its sort. It’s like finding a refuge, a getaway away from home, or a safe haven made just for you. You’ll like the sense you get here because it’s not hurried. It is a setting where people know you by name.

You interact with your neighbors, get to know every employee, and learn that they also love this particular location. A location where people congregate and interact. A spot to explore, create an environment that inspires and nurtures. A location that sparks the imagination.


Aquatics, Health & Wellness, Sports & Recreation, Fine Arts, Education & Camps


Address: 2825 Y St, Omaha, NE 68107
Phone: (402) 905-3500
Website: www.omahakroc.org


“Great place to take kids and family for recreation and working out. The swimming pool is amazing! You can go to the lazy River or work out in a separate pool. They also have an amazing water slide. Great for learning computers and getting together.” – Emily W.