5 Best Immunologists in Mesa, AZ

Best Immunologists in Mesa, AZ

Below is a list of the top and leading Immunologists in Mesa. To help you find the best Immunologists located near you in Mesa, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Mesa’s Best Immunologists:

The top-rated Immunologists in Mesa, AZ are:

  • Allergy Associates & Asthma, Ltd. –  leading immunology and asthma specialist
  • Arizona Allergy Associates –   premier provider of healthcare services
  • Family Allergy Clinic – provides no-shots and no-hassle allergy relief
  • San Tan Allergy & Asthma – strives to provide superior health care for all its patients
  • Arizona Allergy & Immunology – fully understands the need for accurate data for healthcare

Allergy Associates & Asthma, Ltd.

understanding Immunologists in Mesa, AZ

Allergy Associates & Asthma, Ltd. houses leading immunology and asthma speacialists. Their services are committed to improving the lives of their clients who suffer from asthma. Furthermore, they are voted as one of the best Allergists in Phoenix for 2 years. They are proud to be of service to their patients for 30 years and counting. In addition, they aim to provide examinations and treatment plans for the fast recovery of their patients.

They provide medical services for a wide variety of medical problems and practice areas. Furthermore, they specialize in asthma, allergy, and pediatric immunology. They also provide breathing tests and blood tests.

Products/ Services:

lab test, immunologist


Address: 6553 E Baywood Ave #103, Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone: (480) 838-4296
Website: azsneeze.com


“Meeting me as a new patient, Dr. Miriam Anand was very pleasant and professional as she welcomed me to her practice. She reviewed my medical history, asked many questions, and tested to see which specific allergies. They were happy to develop a plan for me. Her aides reflected her demeanor and displayed competence in their processes. I am pleased to be associated with this practice.”– Richard Weiger

Arizona Allergy Associates

caring Immunologists in Mesa, AZ

Arizona Allergy Associates is a premier provider of healthcare services. The team delivers compassionate and reliable healthcare services to patients and their families. In addition, they work with respect with employees, physicians, and patients. They hold efficient ethical medical performance for over 20 years. Their team is sure to hold responsibility for the community they serve. Furthermore, they feature board-certified medical practicioners and fully-insured medical facilities.

They feature comprehensive allergy and immunology tests and services. Moreover, they provide lungs tests, allergy skin tests, and allergy blood tests. They also provide allergy consultations to all new patients.

Products/ Services:

immunologist, physical exam


Address: 4852 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone: (480) 897-6992
Website: azallergy.com


”Dr. Reeder was awesome! So kind, took the time to explain everything in detail. He came up with a great game plan to help get relief from my son’s allergies! Can’t recommend him more highly!” – Christine Curtis

Family Allergy Clinic

hassle-free Immunologists in Mesa, AZ

Family Allergy Clinic provides no-shots and no-hassle allergy relief. Their team aims to provide pain-free allergy treatments for all ages. They make sure to provide children-safe medicine treatments to help them relieve the allergy. Moreover, they provide natural medicines that are free of synthetic ingredients. In addition, they help their clients for a safer and healthier life free of allergies.

They provide a must-see selection of casual and formal wear clothing products. These include oral medicine, take-at-home drops, and sublingual allergy drops. Furthermore, they provide accurate diagnoses and nose spray products.

Products/ Services:

diagnosis, immunologist


Address: 3514 N Power Rd Suite 123, Mesa, AZ 85215
Phone: (480) 827-9945
Website: familyallergyclinic.com


”Dr. Ferrell and her staff are kind, knowledgeable and so professional. I received the Brain Storm infusion. It was AMAZING!!!!! I definitely recommend it for anyone, especially students. Thanks, Family Allergy Clinic and Wellness Center!” – Melanie Martin

San Tan Allergy & Asthma

impressive Immunologists in Mesa, AZ

San Tan Allergy & Asthma strives to provide superior health care for all its patients. They believe in patient-centered health care plans for their comfort. Furthermore, the clinic aims to use an evidence-based approach to offer cutting-edge medical technology services. In addition, they personally tailor treatment plans to fit their patient’s needs. Their knowledgeable healthcare team of immunologists is happy to help anytime.

They provide high-quality medical care for all their patients for immunizations. These include oral immunotherapy, injectable medicines, and immunodeficiency vitamins. Moreover, they offer evidence-based diagnostic tests.

Products/ Services:



Address: 915 E Baseline Rd #112, Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: (480) 626-6600
Website: santanallergy.com


”From the moment you walk in. You’re received with a smile. I’ve had asthma all my life. Meeting with Dr.Khalsa was the best thing that’s happened to me. She’s really working hard to get my asthma flare-up under control. Thank you, Dr.Khalsa. I recommend highly San Tan Allergies and Asthma to anyone.” – Linsey Fredenburg-Humes

Arizona Allergy & Immunology

professional Immunologists in Mesa, AZ

Arizona Allergy & Immunology fully understands the need for accurate data for healthcare. Their goal is to make every visit fun and truly get to know their patients. In addition, they have over two decades of research and medical experience. They aim to provide life-changing treatments and studies for pediatric asthma and allergens. Moreover, they never sacrifice their patient’s safety. They make sure to provide excellent patient care in the name of their clinic.

The clinic provides varied healthcare specialized services. They treat asthma, allergy problems, and immunology needs. Furthermore, they provide body examinations to ensure that their patients receive the treatment best for them.

Products/ Services:

body shots, immunologist


Address: 4915 E Baseline Rd Suite 110-112, Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: (480) 626-6600
Website: azallergyresearch.com


”Always friendly, courteous. caring, professional, and interested in resolving whatever issues I may be having. Have always been able to be seen without an appointment, in an urgent situation, quickly. I could not ask for anything more.” – Owen Fabert