5 Best General Practitioners in Irvine, CA

Best General Practitioners in Irvine

Below is a list of the top and leading General Practitioners in Irvine. To help you find the best General Practitioners located near you in Irvine, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Irvine’s Best General Practitioners:

The top rated General Practitioners in Irvine, CA are:

  • Chang Albert B MD – was born in South Korea and raised in the city of Irvine, CA
    Irvine Family Care – was established in 2007 by Janet Goodfellow and Ronald Young
  • Dr. Kelly K. Wong, MD – holds a Family Medicine Board certification
  • Howard Fishbein, MD – has been a family physician in Irvine for more than 40 years
  • Johnny Tsai, MD – Portola Direct Primary Care – provides all the primary care services

Chang Albert B MDGeneral Practitioners in Irvine

Chang Albert B MD was born in South Korea and raised in the pleasant city of Irvine, California. Following graduation, he went to Chicago Medical School to earn his doctorate in medicine before beginning his clinical residency. After that, he went back to Orange County, California, where he practiced family medicine and spent more than 15 years treating thousands of patients of all ages from all across Southern California. Dr. Chang is married, resides in Irvine, and has two sons who are 8 and 14 years old.


Family Medicine


Address: 15825 Laguna Canyon Rd SUITE 104, Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 949-585-9870
Website: www.shadycanyonmg.com


“Dr. Albert Chang is so kind and I always appreciate him. Thank you for your review.
I am always grateful for giving my family a lot of help, the best treatment, and prescribing, and I highly recommend it here. I trust my doctor .” – Lisa L.

Irvine Family CareTop General Practitioners in Irvine

Irvine Family Care was established in 2007 by Janet Goodfellow and Ronald Young, MD, and is committed to providing adults, adolescents, and children with the highest caliber medical treatment. The team works to improve their patients’ physical, mental, and emotional health with a focus on preventive medicine.

From infants to seniors, Irvine Family Care provides complete healthcare for the entire family. Physical examinations, pediatric care, gynecological examinations, and end-of-life care are just a few of the many services the team provides. They assist in the treatment of both acute and chronic ailments as well as sports injuries. They also provide body-contouring procedures like SculpSure and weight loss counseling.


Asthma, Children’s Health, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Menopause


Address: 2 Osborn Ste 180, Irvine, CA 92604
Phone: 949-417-9820
Website: www.irvinefamilycare.com


“Dr. Long has always taken such good care of me & always answers my questions! She treats me like family. The staff is very welcoming, kind, and professional.” – Jordan G.

Dr. Kelly K. Wong, MDGeneral Practitioners Irvine

Dr. Kelly K. Wong, MD was raised in Southern California after being born in Hawaii. She graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, earning a spot on the Dean’s Honor List in particular. Dr. Wong obtained her medical degree from the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine and finished her family medicine residency there.

She received numerous awards for her great work in medical school, including election into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Dr. Wong holds a Family Medicine board certification. Her practice is mostly focused on primary care, with a focus on women’s health and skincare. She has received specialized training in office-based cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peels, Botox Cosmetic, and Juvederm fillers.


Primary Care, Women’s Health and Skin Care Treatment


Address: 250 E Yale Loop #204, Irvine, CA 92604
Phone: 949-732-3530
Website: www.comprehensivecare-irvine.com


“Dr. Wong is very patient and kind. She explains things clearly and thoroughly. She definitely cares about her patients. I am happy that she is my primary care doctor.” – Shelley

Howard Fishbein, MDGood General Practitioners in Irvine

Howard Fishbein, MD has been a family physician in Irvine for more than 40 years. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in science, from Chicago Medical School with a medical degree, and from Memorial Hospital of Long Beach with a residency in family medicine.

Dr. Fishbein served as the chairman of family medicine at both Hoag Hospital and Irvine Medical Center and was a founding member of the boards of directors of both Greater Newport Physicians and Irvine Medical Center. He served as the organization’s president, People for Irvine Community Hospital. He currently serves as the FCC Irvine location’s medical director.


Urgent Care, Primary Care


Address: 4950 Barranca Pkwy #103, Irvine, CA 92604
Phone: 949-552-2700
Website: www.fccmg.com


“This doctor is one of the most caring physicians I have ever experienced. He takes his time with me, listens to my issues and always has a solution and plan for my health going forward. Then he follows up! Outstanding.” – Patricia H.

Johnny Tsai, MD – Portola Direct Primary CareOne of the best General Practitioners in Irvine

Johnny Tsai, MD – Portola Direct Primary Care provides all the primary care services you would anticipate from a clinic, including thorough annual exams and same-day appointments for urgent medical issues. Johnny Tsai, MD – Portola Direct Primary Care starts by considering the most natural possibilities for illness treatment and only turns to traditional Western medicine when absolutely necessary.

Johnny Tsai, MD – Portola Direct Primary Care is aware that there are several therapeutic modalities, and they think the best way to improve your health and wellness is to strike a balance between them. As part of Johnny Tsai, MD – Portola Direct Primary Care membership package, they provide acupuncture, health coaching, nutrition consultations, and nutraceutical recommendations.


Primary Care, Wellness and Prevention, Acupuncture, Urgent Care, Lifestyle Medicine


Address: 1190 Roosevelt #100, Irvine, CA 92620
Phone: 949-346-4456
Website: www.portola.care


“Dr Tsai, he is really a very good doctor. He is enthusiastic, attentive, and patient, and has helped my father a lot. He always responds to patients’ calls or messages in a timely manner. He really thinks about the patients. He has treated many diseases of my father. I feel very lucky to meet such a good doctor.” – Molly Y.