5 Best Dry Cleaners in Kansas City, MO

Best Dry Cleaners in Kansas City

Below is a list of the top and leading Dry Cleaners in Kansas City. To help you find the best Dry Cleaners located near you in Kansas City, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Kansas City’s Best Dry Cleaners:

The top rated Dry Cleaners in Kansas City, MO are:

  • WishWash Laundry – was developed and is run by working moms who value your time
  • Hangers Cleaners – provides high-caliber cleaning services at reasonable costs
  • Arrow Fabricare Services – is one of the most heterogeneous businesses in the town
  • Mayfair Cleaners – became the most trustworthy dry cleaner in Kansas City
  • Nature’s Touch Cleaners – use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution made by GreenEarth Cleaning

WishWash LaundryDry Cleaners in Kansas City

WishWash Laundry was developed and is run by working moms who value your time. They are here to help you leave your laundry room and return to the activities you enjoy. They appreciate time-saving folding methods that Professional Organizers have authorized because they maintain orderly closets and drawers.

Simply said, they focus on your laundry. While some people attempt to do it all, you may have faith in their team’s superior expertise in handling your most delicate goods and toughest stains. You don’t need to worry about that unique jersey for the game on Saturday it will be prepared. To ensure that your service is delivered exactly as promised, their hospitable drivers go above and above.


Wash, Fold, Pick-Up, and Delivery


Address: 6740 NW Tower Dr, Kansas City, MO 64151
Phone: 913-353-4546
Website: www.wishwashlaundry.com


“We have been using this company for a month now, and I absolutely love it. I have been happy every single week that they have picked up my laundry and dropped it off two days later. It takes such a weight off my shoulders in this busy life! What amazed me most was that they delivered today even with snow on the roads and below-zero temperatures. To be clear, I 100% would’ve been OK if they did not deliver today. But I was absolutely blown away that they did! The drivers are always so kind and efficient.” – Amy K.

Hangers CleanersTop Dry Cleaners in Kansas City

Hangers Cleaners was established in 2004, as a locally owned and operated company, that provides high-caliber cleaning services at reasonable costs. To ensure that they completely yet delicately clean the clothes of their customers in the Kansas City area, their business only uses eco-friendly materials. They can change anything, including bridal gowns, clean leather, and much more.

Dry cleaning, shirt washing, alterations, washing & fold laundry, leather & suede cleaning, and other services are just a few of the many specialties in which their crew is highly trained and skilled. Allow their staff to get your clothing at no additional cost. Just place your Hangers Cleaners to-bag outside on your porch or at your place of work, and they’ll pick it up on the day you’ve designated. On the next day of your specified delivery period, they’ll transport your cleaned items back to you in a secure manner.


Dry Cleaning, Wash and Fold Laundry, Special Cleaning Services, Alteration, Delivery


Address: 4970 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112
Phone: 816-531-6240
Website: www.hangerskc.com


“They did such a great job altering and dry cleaning our wedding outfits! I’ve never had either of those things done before and it was way cheaper than I expected. Also got done fairly quickly and the ladies there are very nice. I’ll definitely be going back and telling my friends.” – Patrick C.

Arrow Fabricare ServicesDry Cleaners Kansas City

Arrow Fabricare Services is one of the most heterogeneous businesses in the country and is Kansas City’s crowd-puller industry. Arrow is a well-known expert in clothing cleaning around the country. What distinguishes Arrow as a “specialty” cleaner? Simply put, Arrow Fabricare offers a wide range of services to its clients that are hard to come by elsewhere. Since 2006, Arrow has won the IFI Award for Excellence every year for superior garment washing and client care.

Arrow is a family-run company that values its employees. Even though they clean and press garments, they must never lose sight of the reality that what matters most is that their personnel give their customers top-notch service. With complete client satisfaction as their ultimate goal, they are committed to offering exceptional dry cleaning, laundry, and specialty cleaning services that continuously meet or exceed their customers’ expectations.


Dry Cleaning, Alterations, Cloth Cleaning & Storage, Drapery Cleaning, Leather & Fur


Address: 3838 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109
Phone: 816-931-2452
Website: www.arrowfabricare.com


“I have had an exceptional experience with Arrow – every single time I send fur coats, jackets, and accessories to be cleaned, altered, and re-designed. Each and every email and phone communication is clear and just the right questions are asked. Extremely professional and friendly staff that personifies Arrow’s team approach to customer service & customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Arrow for cleaning and all their services. Thank you.” – Jennifer G.

Mayfair CleanersGood Dry Cleaners in Kansas City

Mayfair Cleaners became the most trustworthy dry cleaner in Kansas City. They’re delighted to continue serving you by providing a wide range of products and services, such as digital services that enable valet pickup and drop-off at the touch of a button, to make your life easier. “Family-owned and operated” is more than simply a catchphrase at Mayfair.

Since 1943, they have been committed to offering the same level of excellence, care for the little things, practicality, and amiable service. You can be confident that you will receive the same service and attention that have made Mayfair the greatest dry cleaner in Kansas City for more than 70 years, whether you have trusted them with your family’s dry cleaning for decades or are visiting them for the first time.


Ironed, Wash, Fold, Dry Cleaning, Wedding Gown Cleaning, Household Dry Cleaning


Address: 6220 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO 64154
Phone: 816-231-4123
Website: www.mayfaircleaners.com


“Greeted with a smile at the door, even though I walked up to the door with the giant sign saying stay in your car (It’s a drive-thru cleaner). Turn-in was simple. I was told when to expect my clothes. Pickup was a breeze. Stayed in the car. Just handed over my ticket and paid and out of there in a couple of minutes. Recommended. Great work on my suit and dress shirt.” – Redeye D.

Nature’s Touch CleanersOne of the best Dry Cleaners in Kansas City

Nature’s Touch Cleaners use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution made by GreenEarth Cleaning that doesn’t include any dangerous chemicals or unpleasant odors since they care about the environment. The term “GreenEarth” refers to a unique dry cleaning method that uses liquid silicone in place of conventional petrochemical chemicals.

A safe, organic byproduct of sand, liquid silicone is used in the GreenEarth process. If spilled or discharged into the environment, liquid silicone dissolves into sand and minute amounts of water and carbon dioxide. It is acknowledged as being secure for water, soil, and air. The United States does not classify it as a volatile organic compound. EPA and does not cause the production of smog.


Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundering, Leather, Suede, Fur, Bridal Preservation, Alterations


Address: 13143 State Line Rd, Kansas City, MO 64145
Phone: 816-942-3240
Website: www.naturestouchkc.com


“I took my husband’s suit here. He accidentally spilled a bottle of my nail polish all over the pants. They worked and worked on it until it was gone! They kept me updated throughout the process and were so personable – they knew me by name when I came to pick it up! And they gave me the first-time customer discount so it was only $9 for the entire thing and I know they spent a ton of focused time on getting the polish out! Thank you! The suit my husband wore for our wedding was saved.” – Rachel C.