5 Best Distilleries in Raleigh, NC

Best Distilleries in Raleigh

Below is a list of the top and leading Distilleries in Raleigh. To help you find the best Distilleries located near you in Raleigh, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Raleigh’s Best Distilleries:

The top rated Distilleries in Raleigh, NC are:

  • Pinetop Distillery – was originally established in 2014
  • Raleigh Rum Company – was established out of their passion for craft beer and cocktails
  • Oak City Amaretto – would not live without the help of their community
  • Young Hearts Distilling – is town Raleigh’s original distillery plus kitchen
  • Social House Vodka – is a flawless vodka excellent in both style and substance

Pinetop DistilleryDistilleries in Raleigh

Pinetop Distillery was originally established in 2014. Founded on a common love of craft spirits and a commitment to supporting local food, beverage, and artisan movements. They are a group of self-taught distillers who are working to bring Raleigh’s first real grain-to-glass distillery to life. Their backgrounds include engineering, biochemistry, finance, and marketing.

They use a custom-designed and welded continuous still for the first distillation phase. A 6 ft forced reflux column is used in their secondary distillation stage to help concentrate their alcohol percentage and remove contaminants. Finally, their goods are hand-blended to assure flavor and smoothness uniformity.


Pinetop Carolina Moonshine, Pinetop Carolina Gin


Address: 1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604
Website: www.pinetopdistillery.com


“Awesome little distillery with passionate owners. Make a very good white bourbon and gin.” – Frank

Raleigh Rum CompanyTop Distilleries in Raleigh

Raleigh Rum Company was started out of their passion for craft beer and cocktails. They were awestruck by the incredible craft beer available in North Carolina. However, when they looked at the liquor shelf in January 2014, they did not see nearly as many possibilities for the liquor end. As a result, they decided to aid, and Raleigh Rum Company was founded.

RRC was founded by three partners: Matt, John, and Chris. They all grew up in North Carolina and attended different universities throughout the state. Every part of the distillery is highly influenced by each of them. When you purchase a bottle of Raleigh Rum, you can feel assured that it was manufactured in North Carolina.


Carolina Reaper Rum, White Rum, Spiced Rum, Sweet Dark Rum


Address: 1100 Corporation Pkwy #132, Raleigh, NC 27610
Phone: 919-307-7725
Website: www.raleighrumcompany.com


“Best rum I’ve ever had. Even my husband who doesn’t like rum thought it was delicious. To top it off, the service was wonderful and the environment was very relaxed. Can’t wait to go back.” – Julie K.

Oak City AmarettoDistilleries Raleigh

Oak City Amaretto would not live without the help of their community. They are enthusiastic about offering you to sample the finest amaretto available. They handpick all-natural ingredients from American suppliers to ensure you get high-quality flavors you will not get anywhere else without breaking the bank.

They were excited to share their Grandmother’s authentic Sicilian amaretto recipe with you, just as she shared with so many other family members and friends. Greetings from the Famiglia. With the greatest Amaretto, elevate your cocktails and create a bar that others will envy.


Oak City Amaretto Cocktail


Address: 1100 Corporation Pkwy #132, Raleigh, NC 27610
Phone: 443-852-3991
Website: www.oakcityamaretto.com


“We went on a busy day and they were out of what I wanted, but I ended up style loving what I got. They have good suggestions and the product is just beautiful.” – Cate F.

Young Hearts DistillingGood Distilleries in Raleigh

Young Hearts Distilling is town Raleigh’s original distillery plus kitchen. Join them as they search for the ideal cocktail(s), late-night snacks, and farm-to-table dinners. In their newly remodeled facility, they are serving house-made spirits, great for the start, middle, or end of your evening (or all three).

Young Hearts is the ideal venue for your next event, with a rooftop patio overlooking downtown Raleigh, a mezzanine, and a large main floor. Mix & blend their spaces to meet your specific requirements. Take a bottle home with you or use it in one of Young Heart’s specialty drinks.


Distilling, Food, Private Events, Reservation


Address: 225 S Wilmington St, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: 919-424-7817
Website: www.trophybrewing.com


“First time here and loved it. Cocktails were creative and well-executed, the staff was all friendly, and the patio is not only pretty but the heaters *work*. Great place to go if you’re not comfortable being inside these days.” – Timothy H.

Social House VodkaOne of the best Distilleries in Raleigh

Social House Vodka is a flawless vodka excellent in both style and substance. Since their start, they have been North Carolina ABC’s #1 selling craft vodka distilled in their state (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020). They think that the American spirit draws people together from all walks of life to enjoy life, share memorable moments, and build greatness by working together toward common goals that improve their lives and communities for everyone. They want everyone to enjoy these times, so they focus on four essential areas: living socially, drinking finely created spirits, giving back, and being responsible.


Vodka, Distillery, Store, Branded Merchandise


Address: 555 Fayetteville St 3rd floor, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: 252-208-0353
Website: www.socialhousevodka.com


“Y’all, this Vodka is seriously amazing. I have 3 bottles in my liquor cabinet. This is a product that N.C. can be proud of.” – Morgan P.