5 Best Distilleries in Portland, OR

Best Distilleries in Portland

Below is a list of the top and leading Distilleries in Portland. To help you find the best Distilleries located near you in Portland, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Portland’s Best Distilleries:

The top rated Distilleries in Portland, OR are:

  • The Aimsir Distilling Company makes spirits that capture the warmth
  • Martin Ryan Distilling Co.one of the largest pot-stills on the west coast having 750 gallons
  • Pilot House Distilling provide customers with the best craft quality products available
  • Wild Roots Spiritsgrows unique taste and counterbalance
  • Stone Barn Brandyworks creates craft spirits that captivate the substance of the Northwest

The Aimsir Distilling Company Distilleries in Portland

The Aimsir Distilling Company, an engineer by business, Steve creates spirits that capture the warmth that radiates when the discussion goes on. He believes in the rare mixture of aspiration and bravery that drives individuals to go up Antarctica’s highest mountain, race marathons, and create world-class whiskey. Christine’s intelligent business information, avid taste, and dedication to making extensive goods that accept veteran and newcomer drinkers equally have directed Aimsir’s trajectory since its primary start.

Hand in hand, their family looks at Aimsir as a commendation to their family’s Irish inheritance, a method to nurture brotherhood, an opportunity to carry people together, and a stamp new border for search.


Aimsir Gin, Aimsir Whiskey 


Address: 2117 NE Oregon St Suite 202, Portland, OR 97232
Phone: (971) 213-1085
Website: www.aimsirdistilling.com


“One of my new favorite Portland spots! The spirits are amazing and the food is super delicious. We got the mezzanine for a private party and it was fantastic. Super clean and safe, a great place to have dinner with friends in covid times. Do yourself a favor and take a bottle of gin home! You’ll be craving it in no time.” – Lucila C.

Martin Ryan Distilling Co.Top Distilleries in Portland

Martin Ryan Distilling Co., Aria Gin is purified in the core of Northwest Portland’s panoramic and significant Nob Hill Neighborhood. It is enclosed by amazing and on-the-go restaurants, outlet shopping, and other distillery relishing rooms. The still they utilize to extract Aria Gin was traditionally created and locally made. It is one of the largest pot-stills on the west coast having 750 gallons.

Aria Gin is still the only spirit they distill. Even after seven years of having no vodka, no whiskey, no rum. They stock a wide selection of small-batch independently produced cocktail ingredients from bitters, syrups, and tonic, to drinking vinegar and sodas. They also feature all of the professional bar tools they need to set up a complete home bar or give the perfect gift for any occasion.


Aria Gin, Tonic, Tasting Flights, Bar Tools and Mixers


Address: 2304 NW Savier St, Portland, OR 97210
Website: www.ariagin.com


“These guys love gin and it shows. They offer cocktails on tap premixed with their gin and their favorite ingredients. I highly recommend stopping by, saying hi, and asking for a tour. They are excited to show people around.” – Zart C.

Pilot House DistillingDistilleries Portland

Pilot House Distilling, since 2013, is a small craft distillery located in historic downtown Astoria, OR. They started with the basics, vodkas, and gins. Until pilothouse distilling has made it its top priority to provide customers with the best craft quality products available. They offer tastings of their award-winning spirits and bottle sales. They provide a vast option of spirits to select from.

Their team works hard to guarantee that whenever their customers, friends, & family think of quality, they’ll be thinking of them. They’ve recently expanded their line of spirits into Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia through river barrel distribution.


Vodkas, Gins, Whiskies, Agave Spirits, Canned Cocktails


Address: 4214 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 432-8589
Website: www.pilothousedistilling.com


“Great place for beer/wine/liquor tasting! We had beers from Buoy brewing. Nice atmosphere inside and dog-friendly. We had a great time talking with the two bartenders there.” – Kathleen L.

Wild Roots SpiritsGood Distilleries in Portland

Wild Roots Spirits, as residents in the Pacific Northwest and in the active world of vodka, there were no organic alternatives. Unnatural fruit extracts, tastes, and standards stripped the racks, and they realized something had to be completed. So because of their longing for naturally infused spirits, Wild Roots was made. The fruit grows unique taste and counterbalance which is essential for producing a true tasting spirit is because of the abundant land, clean water, and extraordinary climate.

Every bottle of Wild Roots initiates about six-moment purified corn-based vodka, blended with over a beat of true fruit the Pacific Northwest is top famous for.


Vodka, Gin, Vodka and Soda, Cocktails Spirit


Address: 77 NE Grand Ave suite f, Portland, OR 97232
Phone: (971) 254-4617
Website: www.wildrootsspirits.com


“Nice little atmosphere and good mini cocktails.” – Dawn W.

Stone Barn Brandyworks One of the best Distilleries in Portland

Stone Barn Brandyworks originally creates craft spirits that captivate the substance of the Northwest. They are a human-interest distillery vested in their human, elements, and outputs. Their liquor is brewed and purified in their Southeast Portland distillery, through native and natural elements whenever attainable. In the year 2009, they began creating fruit vodka and liquors motivated by European custom. They are husband-and-wife pairs namely Sebastian and Erika Degens who are pioneers of Stone Barn Brandyworks.


Cocktails, Whiskey


Address: 3315 SE 19th Ave B, Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (503) 341-2227
Website: www.stonebarnbrandyworks.com


“Great place, great products, and awesome owner! Thanks for the tastings today. Got a good pick to take home and enjoy with friends.” – Travis P.