5 Best Disability Carers in El Paso, TX

Best Disability Carers in El Paso

Below is a list of the top and leading Disability Carers in El Paso. To help you find the best Disability Carers located near you in El Paso, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

El Paso’s Best Disability Carers:

The top-rated Disability Carers in El Paso, TX are:

  • Disability Services of the Southwest – is a distinguished provider of support services
  • Lifespan Home Health – most caring and responsive provider
  • GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso – is proud to be the 23rd Playhouse in the United States
  • Children’s Disabilities Information – is dedicated to aiding children with disabilities
  • Community Options, Inc. – provides housing and work for people with disabilities

Disability Services of the SouthwestDisability Carers in El Paso

Disability Services of the Southwest is a distinguished provider of support services to the disabled and elderly in Texas. They are committed to assisting people with disabilities in achieving the best level of independence possible by offering high-quality, cost-effective support services.

They serve as a link that allows people to remain in their homes with family and friends. They have a care team that is as diverse as the people they serve. They are bound together by compassion and pushed by a sense of civic responsibility. The state has licensed DSSW to provide a wide range of services to people with disabilities.


Community Living Assistance and Support Services, Deaf-Blind-Multiple Disability Waiver, Medically Dependent Children Program, Primary Home Care, Community Based Alternatives, Personal Care Services


Address: 1200 Golden Key Cir # 369, El Paso, TX 79925
Phone: (915) 774-8787
Website: www.dsswtx.com


“Staff is hard working and cares about their clients.” – Whitney H.

Lifespan Home HealthTop Disability Carers in El Paso

Lifespan Home Health has been created with you and your family in mind. Lifespan has provided nursing, counseling, and personal care services to Texans of all ages across the state since 1984. They strive to be Texas’ most caring and responsive provider, with the highest quality outcomes.

Lifespan delivers everything you and your family need to stay well and active in your community and at home, serving patients and consumers with both long and short-term needs. The Community Health Accreditation Program has granted LifeSpan accreditation.


Pediatric Medicaid, Adult Nursing & Therapy, Adult Medicaid, Privately Funded Personal Assistance, Self Directed Care


Address: 1200 Golden Key Cir # 369, El Paso, TX 79925
Phone: (915) 774-8787
Website: www.lifespantx.com


“I’ve never had direct contact with the co-workers, but they have always presented themselves with good customer service. Professional and works hard in finding individuals jobs that best suits their need.”

GiGi’s Playhouse El PasoDisability Carers El Paso

GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso is proud to be the 23rd Playhouse in the United States and the FIRST Playhouse in Texas. They also offer free educational and therapeutic programs to people with Down syndrome from birth to adulthood, as well as their families and the community.

Please see their calendar for the most up-to-date schedule and program information. To alter the world’s perception of Down syndrome and to promote a global message of acceptance for all. To envision a society in which people with Down syndrome are accepted and welcomed in their homes, schools, and communities.


The one-on-One Literacy Tutoring Program, Language Music N’ Our Peeps, Teen Tastic, GiGiFIT Adult, Fantastic Friends


Address: 960 Chelsea St, El Paso, TX 79903
Phone: (915) 779-7529
Website: www.gigisplayhouse.com


“Free services for everyone with Down Syndrome, programs from babies to adults.”

Children’s Disabilities InformationGood Disability Carers in El Paso

Children’s Disabilities Information has been made up of a large number of volunteers, parents, professionals, and other interested parties that are dedicated to aiding children with disabilities. Their objective is for the youngsters to realize their full potential and become productive members of their community. They encourage collaboration among parents, experts, and various agencies in order to pool resources and find solutions to community problems impacting children with disabilities.


Educational Training, Communicating with School Personnel, Parent Advocacy Tips, Parenting a Child with Special Needs, An Annual Symposium


Address: 1101 E Schuster Ave, El Paso, TX 79902
Phone: (915) 217-2747
Website: www.cdicelpaso.com


“The staff here had something in common with us, they were also parents of children with special needs. ” -Cristina D.

Community Options, Inc.One of the best Disability Carers in El Paso

Community Options, Inc. believes in the dignity of all individuals and in the right of all people to the greatest degree of self-determination Community Options, which embraces this attitude, provides housing and work options for people with disabilities. Thousands of people with disabilities are served by Community Options in ten states.

The Gentle Teaching philosophy is incorporated into Community Options’ programs, which develops trusting relationships via education and support. They address the underlying reason for many troublesome behaviors and create a space for offering love in stressful situations by assisting persons in feeling unconditionally protected.


Housing, Employment, Enterprises, Management Consulting, Real Life Choices, Red Ribbon Academy, STEP, Meaningful Day Curriculum & Staff Guide Book


Address: 2525 E Missouri Ave, El Paso, TX 79903
Phone: (915) 771-7764
Website: www.comop.com


“My brother is one of their clients. They take such good care of him. Thanks to the whole staff mostly Martha and Maria.” – Pam F.