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5 Best Contract Attorneys in Raleigh, NC

Below is a list of the top and leading Contract Attorneys in Raleigh, NC. To help you find the best Contract Attorneys located near you in Raleigh, NC, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Raleigh, NC’s Best Contract Attorneys:

The top-rated Contract Attorneys in Raleigh, NC are:

  • Triangle Law Group – we focus on finding the most effective solution to a wide range of legal matters.
  • Maginnis Howard – civil litigation law firm representing clients in consumer class actions and more.
  • Matheson & Associates – we pride ourselves on providing top-quality legal representation and customer service.
  • Vann Attorneys – rooted in relationships with our clients, attorneys, and our community.
  • Miller Law Group – 50+ years of combined experience and over $150 million in settlements and verdicts.

Triangle Law Group

5 Best Contract Attorneys in Raleigh, NC

Triangle Law Group has attorneys that think outside the box. This law firm offers creative solutions for people facing complex issues. Triangle Law Group focuses on providing excellent service. They come up with effective solutions that cater to the client’s needs. Practice areas include business law, collections, litigation, arbitration, pet trusts, and more. Their team is very accommodating and good at their jobs. They are committed to providing only the best service possible. Looking for effective and passionate attorneys in Raleigh? Triangle Law Group is a top-tier law firm you can count on.

Business law, collections, construction law, landlord-tenant, licensing, litigation, pet trusts, real estate law

Address: 3130 Fairhill Dr #104, Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: (919) 848-1110
Website: trianglelawgroup.net

I had an awful situation with a property I leased. Triangle Law Group acted quickly and got my situation resolved with a better result than expected. The firm provides a great value for the cost and provides compassionate service. Highly recommend. – Dan Brown

Maginnis Howard

The Best Contract Attorneys in Raleigh, NC

Maginnis Howard is a law firm that focuses on civil litigation. This Raleigh-based law firm’s mission is to help clients in a variety of cases. Maginnis Howard covers various practice areas from personal injury to business litigation. Their attorneys advocate strongly for the rights of their clients both on and off the courtroom. They see it as their responsibility to provide them with the best chance to win their cases. These attorneys are very passionate and will go out of their way to do everything to win the case. Are you looking for an attorney who will fight for your rights? Check out Maginnis Howard today for the latest news on their activities.

Business litigation, class action lawsuits, consumer law, employee rights, personal injury, estate administration

Address: 7706 Six Forks Rd Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: (919) 526-0450
Website: maginnishoward.com

Maginnis Law has been nothing but amazing to me and my company. Anthony Klish is very professional and easy to work with. Great people and an amazing law firm! If I could give more than 5 stars I would! – Lee Goldstein

Matheson & Associates

Best Contract Attorneys in Raleigh, NC

Matheson & Associates prides itself in having the capacity to provide top-tier representation in Raleigh. This law firm is a top-tier firm in the Carolinas and provides excellent service. Matheson & Associates offers services like DUI/DWI, business legal, criminal cases, and personal legal. This firm is rated highly by various bodies in the Carolinas. Client feedback is positive due to their mix of top-quality legal counsel and customer service. Their attorneys are experienced and highly qualified. They have the knowledge and expertise you need to win your case. Are you looking for a competent attorney in Raleigh? Consider Matheson & Associates today for the best legal counsel in North Carolina.

DUI/DWI, traffic, drugs, felonies, family law, personal injury, trademarks

Address: 127 W Hargett St #100, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 335-5291
Website: mathesonlawoffice.com

Mr. Matheson makes miracles happen! Highly recommend taking him in as your DUI attorney. He took a case that I had not very high expectations in beating. They found a way to blow them out of the water. Amazing work!!! – Will Grant

Vann Attorneys

Raleigh, NC Best Contract Attorneys

Vann Attorneys forge long-lasting relationships with their clients. This Raleigh-based law firm works closely with its clients and community to give the best service. Vann Attorneys have an eclectic team of legal professionals from varying backgrounds. These attorneys are highly committed to fully serving the client’s needs. They are extremely experienced in various practice areas and are effective on and off the courtroom. These attorneys have the experience, wisdom, and results you are looking for in a competent lawyer. Need a trustworthy attorney? Raleigh’s Vann Attorneys is an amazing firm to consider.

Civil litigation, appellate practice, business law, construction law, estate planning, local counsel

Address: 1720 Hillsborough St #200, Raleigh, NC 27605
Phone: (919) 510-8585
Website: vannattorneys.com

Possibly the most pleasant experience given the circumstances. James offered me his time and advice promptly and free of charge. Vann Attorneys is a professional and dedicated practice. I will be using them again in the future. – Abigail Reynolds

Miller Law Group

Raleigh, NC's Best Contract Attorneys

Miller Law Group is one of the most recognized law firms in North Carolina. They offer over 50 years of experience. Miller Law Group has collected more than $150 million in settlements. They help clients get through tough times in an efficient manner. This law firm has been featured in Rolling Stones, Netflix, Fortune, and more. Practice areas include consumer fraud, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. Their attorneys will go above and beyond fighting for your rights. They will do everything to get you the best possible outcome. Do you need a reliable attorney? Miller Law Group offers so much value both on and off the courtroom.

Personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, whistleblower, civil rights, employment law, business litigation, consumer fraud

Address: 2424 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27608
Phone: (919) 587-8714
Website: millerlawgroupnc.com

The Miller law group has been incredibly helpful and responsive. Ciara has been excellent in helping me resolve my insurance claim. Stacy got me more than I expected. Five stars would recommend. – Lesley Russo