5 Best Cafe in Detroit, MI

Best Cafe in Detroit

Below is a list of the top and leading Cafe in Detroit. To help you find the best Cafe located near you in Detroit, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Detroit’s Best Cafe:

The top rated Cafe in Detroit, MI are:

  • Roasting Plant Coffee – is a group of coffee-lovers
  • Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters Detroit – started as a family firm in 2009
  • FOLK Detroit – is absolutely affecting every bit of the eco-system
  • Milwaukee Caffe – is an Italian-inspired coffee shop
  • Madcap Coffee Company – producing astonishing coffee

Roasting Plant CoffeeCafe in Detroit

Roasting Plant Coffee is a group of coffee-lovers from the Lower East Side NYC who set forth on a quest to produce the ideal just-roasted cup. Their voyage began when an industrial engineer and coffee geek with an aspiration to open the perfect flavors of the best coffee beans.

From common origin in a carport testing with an antiquated Electrolux vacuum and oodles of Jamaica Blue, Javabot comes into existence. A state-of-the-art creation that roasts your selected beans to the precise details of their coffee expert and makes a perfect, hand-crafted cup just for you. Each day, all day at all Roasting Plant cafes.


Coffee, Roasting, Brewing, Beans, Dine-In, & More


Address: 660 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (313) 782 4291
Website: www.roastingplant.com


“This place is very serious about coffee! Good tasting and freshly brewed. Nice elegant modern eye catching design. Fast and efficient 😀.” – Nadav S.

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters DetroitTop Cafe in Detroit

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters Detroit started as a family firm in 2009, with the first focus on delivering people collectively with desserts and musical performance. Their family member Steph would play music almost nightly for hours on end, with their other family member functioning behind the counter doing the dishes and serving coffee and cheesecakes.

President Nathan Hamood was just 13 years old at the time and started to be smitten with the coffee side of things. He sensed like they could exercise their accuracy to their coffee program also, and do and be so much more as a firm.


Coffee, Menu, Catering, & More


Address: 1220 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (313) 338 3515
Website: www.dessertoasiscoffee.com


“This place is among my favorite in downtown. The vibes are simply all there whether it’s coffee, dessert, or a planned getaway from the chaos of the city. But I sure dislike the parking. It’s my only complaint that has nothing to do with the shop but it really would make like easier if parking was easier to get to..that’s downtown for ya. The service here is next level. The staff knows how to put a smile on your face with top a notch menu. If you’re a cheesecake buff, the raspberry one is a hot seller. Overall it’s a great spot for coffee addicts.” – Dave A.

FOLK DetroitCafe Detroit

Folk Detroit is absolutely affecting every bit of the eco-system, comprising their customer, team, environment, sources, and the community. They reach this by constantly causing responsibly grown and created provisions, handmade and local organic as possible; paying their partner’s reasonable prices for their goods and their crew greater than minimum income, hourly of every day.

They have a walk-up window, provide online ordering and secure in-person buying for some of Detroit’s finest gourmet grocery and gifts, a periodically concentrated cafe menu, patio seating, bio-dynamic wine option, espresso, pastries, and catering. They have got provender to-go or you can sit on their terrace.


Grocery, Take-out, Gifts, Catering, Bio-Wine, & More


Address: 1701 Trumbull, Detroit, MI 48216
Phone: (313) 742 2672
Website: www.folkdetroit.com


“This egg sandwich was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I’ve been to Folk a few times and have never been disappointed but this sandwich was out-of-this-world good.” – Lauren M.

Milwaukee CaffeGood Cafe in Detroit

Milwaukee Caffe is an Italian-inspired coffee shop situated in Detroit’s Milwaukee Intersection area, where there before positioned a company called Milwaukee Cafe. Milwaukee Caffè is a multi-roaster coffee shop, where they’ll be providing a revolution of feature beans from roasters everywhere. What’s an Italian-inspired coffee shop resemble? To them, it’s tiny but it’s strong connection-focused.

In other words, you’re going to get around to the bar, get a quality cup of espresso or coffee while you exchange stories with your preferred barkeeper, and begin your day… or restart your afternoon. It’s a consoling tradition, and few might even name it a ritual.


Menu, Order Online, Take-Out


Address: 447 E Milwaukee Ave, Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 262 6223
Website: www.milwaukeecaffe.com


“Great coffee! Even better service. Quaint space loved the atmosphere. Would 100% recommend going if you’re in the Detroit area.” – Maria S.

Madcap Coffee CompanyOne of the best Cafe in Detroit

Madcap Coffee Company started with camaraderie and a mutual desire: producing astonishing coffee and sharing it with others. Trevor and Ryan’s companionship started over a common passion for coffee; its tale, taste, and capability to bring people jointly. No one could think of a better occupation than searching out extraordinary beans, consummating how they’re roasted and developed, and attending them to people who would value the knowledge. They decided to form coffee their living in 2008.


Coffee, Brewing, Apparel, & More


Address: 1413 Farmer St, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (888) 866 9091
Website: www.madcapcoffee.com


“One of my favorite coffee shops in the country. The shop itself is located in a really cool little alley. But what differentiates Madcap is their coffee! I live in Los Angeles and can’t get enough of it. So when I’m not able to make it to Detroit, I’ve been ordering their coffee and getting it shipped to California. Looking forward to making my way back to Detroit to be able to visit in person! Love that they actually know how to make a cortado.” – Daniel C.