5 Best Art Galleries in Tucson, AZ

Best Art Galleries in Tucson

Below is a list of the top and leading Art Galleries in Tucson. To help you find the best Art Galleries located near you in Tucson, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Tucson’s Best Art Galleries:

The top rated Art Galleries in Tucson, AZ are:

  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum – encourage individuals to live in peace
  • DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun – built and designed by acclaimed Arizona artist Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia
  • Tucson Desert Art Museum & Four Corners Gallery – is a non-profit museum
  • Tucson Museum Of Art – was established in 1924
  • University-Arizona Museum-Art – has been the beneficiary of several seminal donations of artwork since its beginning

Arizona-Sonora Desert MuseumArt Galleries in Tucson

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a combined experience like the art gallery, zoo, botanical garden, and classes, natural history museum, and aquarium. Since they opened its doors, it has worked to protect the natural systems of the Sonoran Desert Region. Its mission is to encourage individuals to live in peace with the natural world by fostering appreciation, love, and understanding of the Sonoran Desert.

It was founded in 1952, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is broadly recognized across the world as a model institution for innovative presentation and interpretation of native plants and animals featured together in ecological exhibits.


Virtual Programs, Adults, School & Youth Groups, Just For Kids, Books, Photo Library


Address: 2021 N Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743
Phone: (520) 883-1380
Website: www.desertmuseum.org


“The Desert Museum is a great place for families and anyone wanting to learn more about the desert. The staff and facilities were very nice and you could make a trip to the Museum a quick trip with families or a long trip to read all the cactus and informational signs and have a great time. We have been coming to the Desert Museum for over 12 years and they continue to get better! If you’re visiting the desert for the first time I’d recommend stopping here first to learn first hand about the region.” – Justin F.

DeGrazia Gallery In The SunTop Art Galleries in Tucson

DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun, what began as a little construction project in the early 1950s expanded into a ten-acre National Historic District built and designed by acclaimed Arizona artist Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia. There are 6 permanent collections of paintings that track historical events and native cultures of the Southwest. Rotating exhibitions display some of the DeGrazia originals housed at the gallery, including watercolors, oils, sketches, serigraphs, lithographs, sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry.

A displays DeGrazia originals from consignment rooms are available for buying, while the gift shop provides an extensive selection of reproductions.


Events, Gallery Tours, Exhibitions, Gift Shop, Education


Address: 6300 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718
Phone: (520) 299-9191
Website: www.degrazia.org


“I am an artist and found great inspiration by visiting here. Came home with ideas and implemented them right away. The gallery is amazing as well as the gardens. It’s worth the tour! This will be something I take out of town guests to visit.” – Donna A.

Tucson Desert Art Museum & Four Corners GalleryArt Galleries Tucson

Tucson Desert Art Museum & Four Corners Gallery is a non-profit museum, started on November 1, 2013. Their mission is to display art and artifacts of the Desert Southwest and surrounding regions and educate the guests about the history, cultures, and art of the region. The Museum comprises 25,000 square feet of classrooms, meeting, exhibit space, and auditorium space, and a library.

It also has a various range of historical artifacts, classic and contemporary Southwestern paintings, including works by Maynard Dixon, Albert Bierstadt, Gerald Cassidy, Thomas Moran, Ed Mell, Ray Roberts, Peter Nisbet, Howard Post, and other outstanding artists of the Southwest. The Museum also keeps rotating special exhibits, which change out every year.


Events, Exhibitions, Gallery & Shop


Address: 7000 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 85715
Phone: (520) 202-3888
Website: www.tucsondart.org


“Wonderful place. Great local art with good prices. Nice place to pick up a holiday gift.” – Robin S.

Tucson Museum Of ArtGood Art Galleries in Tucson

Tucson Museum Of Art was established in 1924 as the Tucson Fine Arts Association, it made its place in the Kingan House on Franklin Street in the El Presidio Historic District. The association was formally renamed the Tucson Art Center in 1954 to establish its exhibition and education mission. This day the Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block surround an entire city block in historic downtown, and features original and traveling exhibitions concentrating on Art of Latin America, Art of the American West, Modern and Contemporary Art, and Asian Art along with tours, education programs, studio art classes, and a Museum Store to pleasure and educate visitors.

They serve the city and nearby regions and are dedicated to broadening public access to the arts, enriching daily life.


Events, Visit, Art, Museum


Address: 140 N Main Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: (520) 624-2333
Website: www.tucsonmuseumofart.org


“The Tucson Museum of Art offers world-class art and a wide variety of activities each month, plus large annual community events in Tucson. Keep an eye out for Free First Thursdays and second Sundays! There’s also a beautiful cafe and restaurant tucked into the Museum complex.” – Korey S.

University-Arizona Museum-ArtOne of the best Art Galleries in Tucson

University-Arizona Museum-Art encouraged critical dialogue among community and campus audiences and celebrates art as important to the lives through the stewardship and interpretation of its expanding collection of archives and arts. It has been the beneficiary of several seminal donations of artwork since its beginning. The kindness of contributors of art over the years has become possible for the Museum to grow into a world-class collection. Though its holdings span many eras and cultures, the core collections include the art of the United States and Europe, from the Renaissance through Contemporary.


Events, Visit, Exhibitions, Education, Collections


Address: 1031 N Olive Rd, Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (520) 621-7567
Website: www.artmuseum.arizona.edu


“This Museum displays a broad variety of work from different historic periods, including contemporary. What is so special is by contrasting differing styles of work, they have created the perfect learning setting. A unique, temporary exhibit is photographs of stars whose time it took for the star’s light to become visible is the age of the paired painting. Relationships and explanations are what this museum is about – perfect for learners of all ages, and small enough to inspire and not overwhelm.” – Torrin D.