5 Best BBQ Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA

5 Best BBQ Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA

Below is a list of the top and leading BBQ Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA. To help you find the best BBQ Restaurants located near you in Philadelphia, PA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Philadelphia, PA’s Best BBQ Restaurants:

The top-rated BBQ Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA are:

  • Baby Blues BBQ – BBQ joint serving ribs & another meat-centric fare in a quirky space within a repurposed brownstone.
  • Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse – rustic BBQ joint offering hickory-smoked ribs, chicken & more plus all-you-can-eat Monday nights.
  • Fette Sau – dry-rubbed meat smoked in-house; beer & whiskey served in industrial-rustic digs with picnic tables.
  • Mike’s BBQ – straightforward barbecue & sides in simple digs from Taproom on 19th’s Michael Strauss.
  • Mission BBQ – casual chain featuring BBQ & American sides, plus memorabilia honoring soldiers & first responders.

Baby Blues BBQ

5 Best BBQ Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA

Baby Blues BBQ is one of the best go-to BBQ spots in Philadelphia who has been providing patrons with some of the best-grilled meat for over a decade. Since 2010, Baby Blues BBQ has proven to be more than just a grilled meat resto, but an actual brand that promotes a lifestyle. Baby Blues BBQ offers some of the best slowly smoked meats in Philly and only a few come close. They use premium cut meat that turns into mouth-watering grilled and smoked perfection. Each bite will leave you wanting more and with the ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant, who would blame you? If you want to experience some of the best BBQ in Philadelphia, Baby Blues BBQ is a safe and excellent first choice.

The butcher’s block, Memphis-style ribs platter, pulled pork sandwich, Texas-style sliced brisket, mac’n’cheese, banana pudding

Address: 3432 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (215) 222-4444
Website: babybluesbbq.com

They offer a fantastic range of fresh food. I love eating here. Staff members are always kind, prices are affordable and the spot is always well organized. – Braiden Curry

Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse

The Best BBQ Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA

Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse has been providing top-tier BBQ options to Philly residents for almost 20 years and has never slowed down. This BBQ spot is owned by two chefs, Jim and Brooke Higgins who wanted to bring the best BBQ to Philadelphia. Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse was then born, growing into a prime destination for smoked and grilled meat. The chefs are well-versed in mixing and matching a variety of herbs and spices that make their BBQ stand out amongst the competition. If you happen to be in Philadelphia and would want to experience some of the best BBQ options the city can offer, Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse should definitely be on the top of your list.

BBQ, bar, catering, order online, pickup, delivery

Address: 7500 State Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136
Phone: (215) 333-9663
Website: sweetlucys.com

I’m in love with this Place! In love! Easy and organized pickup. The food, my God! There are no words for how good it is. I ordered the 2 portions of meat combo and I still have lunch for today! My car smells like BBQ greatness now. – John Borat

Fette Sau

Best BBQ Restaurants in Philadelphia, PA

Fette Sau specializes in grilling, roasting, and smoking high-end locally sourced meats for their BBQ. This BBQ restaurant is master when it comes to smoked, grilled, and dry-rubbed meats that will make your mouth water. Fette Sau’s pork ribs, hot Italian sausages, brisket, organic chicken, and other choice cuts can also be bought to be grilled or smoked at home. Their menu has some of the best-tasting grilled treats alongside other food options that complement them perfectly. If you are looking for the best BBQ and service in town, Fette Sau is a prime choice that will leave you wanting more.

All-day, beverage, takeout, really big orders, gift cards, events

Address: 1208 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: (215) 391-4888
Website: fettesauphilly.com

Nice vibe and ambiance. A good place to go and have drinks. The brisket and devilled eggs were really good. Very much recommended. – Arusha Acharyya

Mike’s BBQ

Philadelphia, PA Best BBQ Restaurants

Mike’s BBQ is a BBQ spot that also offers customers high-quality meats to use for catering, events, and parties. For years, this BBQ spot has been satisfying Philly residents with its unique BBQ style. Mike’s BBQ has since branched into providing samples to be used outside the gastropub. They use high-quality meats and produce that are sourced from the best farms. Every order that you have at Mike’s is smoked the same day you ordered it so it is guaranteed fresh. All their options are excellent and will make your mouth water, so what are you waiting for? Drop by Mike’s BBQ today to get that sweet smoked meat!

Order online, catering, gift cards, BBQ

Address: 1703 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: (267) 831-2040
Website: mikesbbqphilly.com

The food was tasty. Packed with flavor. However, 1/8 meat is extremely small for the asking price. It was tasty either way just disappointed in the amount of brisket. Loved the coleslaw. Was unmatched!!!! Would’ve given 5 stars if it wasn’t as pricey. – Monique Chambliss

Mission BBQ

Philadelphia, PA's Best BBQ Restaurants

Mission BBQ has been proudly serving the community since 2011 and has emphasized its passion and dedication in helping the country’s uniformed heroes. This BBQ spot is popular for its homemade BBQ style of food options. Mission BBQ is arguably one of the most patriotic BBQ restaurants you will ever dine in and the aesthetic is evident. They go above and beyond for each customer so they can have an excellent meal and an excellent dining experience. Their menu consists of their meat market, smokehouse signatures, salads, sides, and drinks. If you have a passion for supporting our brothers and sisters in arms, there is no better BBQ spot in Philly than Mission BBQ.

Meat market, salads, smokehouse signatures, sides, drinks, catering

Address: 11000 Roosevelt Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19116
Phone: (267) 538-0102
Website: mission-bbq.com

The food was good, but it was a little expensive. Loved all the sauces they have on the tables. Thought the turkey was a tad dry for my liking, but the sauce helped out. Thought everything was nice and clean and the staff was very welcoming and helpful. – Robert Migli