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5 Best Architects in Chicago🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Architects in Chicago. To help you find the best Architects located near you in Chicago, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Chicago’s Best Architects:

The top rated Architects in Chicago are:

  • Northworks Architects – founded the practice on a philosophy of excellence in design and an appreciation for individuality
  • Dirk Denison Architects – is a Chicago-based firm acknowledged internationally for an award-winning design
  • Landon Bone Baker Architects – established in 1987 that is distinguished by its community-based approach
  • PMPC Architects – starts each project with a conversation so they can better understand your goals and vision
  • Nia Architects – is committed to enhancing neighborhoods and communities through architecture and design

Northworks ArchitectsNorthworks Architects

Northworks Architects is a national firm headquartered in Chicago with offices in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Jackson Hole, WY. They founded the practice on a philosophy of excellence in design and an appreciation for individuality. Their belief in creating exceptional spaces regardless of architectural style has led to a diverse portfolio ranging from contemporary to historic preservation.

Working on both residential and commercial projects, they handle site planning, construction management, building conditions analysis, and interior design services, including custom furnishings. With an in-depth consideration of environmental context and ingenuity for bridging the old with the new, they are reimagining America’s structural character.


Residential, Commercial Projects, Site Planning, Construction Management, Building Conditions Analysis, Interior Design Services


Address: 1512 N Throop St, Chicago, IL 60642
Phone: (312) 440-9850
Website: www.wks.com


“Such an excellent company! It was a pleasure working with Kevianda over at Northworks Architects, she was very detail-oriented, precise, and professional. I’d recommend anyone to work with Kevianda and her team over at Northworks Architects, they have a wonderful group of people. – Rebecca H. & Brian U.” – Chicago Private Yacht Rental

Dirk Denison ArchitectsDirk Denison Architects

Dirk Denison Architects is a Chicago-based firm acknowledged internationally for an award-winning design that considers the uniqueness of each client’s needs to live, work, learn and create. They craft a narrative for each of our projects, one that weaves together the idiosyncrasies of the site, program, and client. Their procedure focus on care and consideration, space and design, quality and craft, materiality, and landscape.

The result elicits surprise, revelation, information, poetry, and seduction while fulfilling the basic human desire to shape one’s surroundings. They offer a full range of programming, site analysis, design, preparation, and administration of construction documents, and post-construction services, as well as interior furnishing and furniture design. Their designs for homes, offices, galleries, student housing, and other spaces for living and working react to the individual character of each client and environment on a human level.


Programming, Site Analysis, Design, Preparation & Administration Of Construction Documents, Post-Construction Services, Interior Furnishing & Furniture Design


Address: 1123 W Washington Blvd STE 2, Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (312) 455-1388
Website: www.dirkdenisonarchitects.com


“Dirk is a renown architect with wide ranging experience with commercial, educational, and residential expertise. His commitment to his profession and his clients is fantastic. He is a wonderful exceptional architect and person.” – Denise K.

Landon Bone Baker ArchitectsLandon Bone Baker Architects

Landon Bone Baker Architects established in 1987 that is distinguished by its community-based approach. A creative leader and practical champion of affordable housing and neighborhood planning, LBBA believes good design should be available to all. Collectively with clients and community stakeholders, LBBA co-creates inventive, inviting, and sustainable spaces and places that transform lives, revitalize neighborhoods and regenerate cities.

Nowadays, Landon Bone Baker Architects is still working with many of the same clients to build healthy communities across Chicago. It’s made their projects more complex, and also more rewarding. What they bring to the table is not only excellent architectural work but also responsible for a positive impact on the community. Landon Bone Baker Architects strives to create a model for the architect to act as a leader in shaping their communities.


Housing, Design, Planning, Cultural, Institutional, Rehabilitation, Commercial


Address: 1625 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 988-9100
Website: www.landonbonebaker.com


“I used to work for an agency who managed properties for Landon Bone Baker. Their projects are impressive. Some things that stuck out to me were the architecture of the HVAC system and the quality of the front and rear porches. Kudos for following Housing Quality Standards.” – Dee T.

PMPC ArchitectsPMPC Architects

PMPC Architects starts each project with a conversation so they can better understand your goals and vision. Whether you decide to work with PMPC or not, you will walk away from their conversation with a better understanding of what it will take to bring your design and construction project to fruition. Prashanth Mahakali has worked as an architect since 2002, after receiving his master’s in architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A student of Chicago’s extraordinary building styles and architecture, these classic Chicagoland styles inspire and inform many of Prashanth’s contemporary designs. Prashanth is wholly committed to providing his clients with the highest level of satisfaction. He thoroughly listens to each client, taking into consideration their needs and vision, while providing knowledgeable guidance, which he then translates into functional, aesthetically pleasing designs for even the most discerning clients.

PMPC Architects provides a broad range of architectural services to ensure that each project progresses smoothly from concept to completion.


Architectural Design, Preparation Of Construction Documents, Feasibility Studies, & Additional Project Management


Address: 965 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642
Phone: (312) 207-0501
Website: www.pmpcarch.com


“I have had the pleasure of working with Prashanth and his staff over the past year. Project collaboration with his team yielded some very wonderful architecture designs and models. His staff is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their work. PMPC is a well-run professional association, with innovative and creative design talent. His team is amazing at transforming a customer’s vision into reality, all while approaching it from a cost-effective perspective. I highly recommend his team and would consider them a first stop if you are looking for an architectural partner for a custom home.” – Kevin Q.

Nia ArchitectsNia Architects

Nia Architects is a purpose-driven design firm committed to enhancing neighborhoods and communities through architecture and design. Nia counterparts with community developers, leaders, groups, and members to create goal-oriented design solutions. Their team has created various award-winning multi-family, education, healthcare, community, and mixed-use projects over the past 20 years.

Anthony Akindele founded Nia architects in 1996. For the last over 20 years, the firm has been designing and developing an array of projects all over the City of Chicago and the rest of the world. Nia is a black-owned and registered MBE architecture firm composed of a diverse range of architects and designers. The strength, innovation, and creativity of their firm are rooted in their team’s diversity.


Home, Community, Education, Commerce, Work, Health


Address: 850 W Jackson Blvd #600, Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (312) 431-9515
Website: www.niaarch.com


“Anthony Akindele is very kind!” – Folake K.