Ape’s Hidden Mistress (AHM) “Walt Disney” NFT Mint Date In December and Countless Offers $3 Million For “Minted NFT Wallet”

Ape’s Hidden Mistress (AHM) “Walt Disney” NFT

Due to expect sell out time was less than 1 second, they are planning a fair lottery system. However, even with the fair lottery system, it will be difficult to mint for these NFTs that are being offered for $3 Million USD for a minted NFT wallet right now. (Countless offers of $1 Million USD for a minted NFT without the wallet that minted)

Walt Disney and AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) NFT is being called as winning a lottery, or a jackpot because with a single NFT, the minter earn $15,000 every month plus some percentage of earnings from their Tarzan film project with many free airdrop of 3D Graphic Walt Disney NFTs to “original minters only”.

Also, just for being “online” on their Discord, anyone has a completely random chance to win a free NFT every day.

Learn why all the top investors are currently offering about $1 Million USD for a minted NFT and $3 Million USD for the minted wallet because there are huge benefits for a wallet that successfully mint an NFT in December.

Continue reading to learn more about why “minting themselves” an NFT on the mint date in December 2021 is worth $3 Million USD to countless investors.

Before learning why, let us take a moment to discuss another important topic. They had some issue when they launched their Discord channel.

In a recent interview, Walt Disney and their team shed more light on a serious issue; the reason why they changed the rules of their Daily Free Mint Giveaway events on Discord.

As soon as Walt Disney and AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) announced that they would be giving out free mints to random people on their Discord channel, all the Wall Street top stock brokers started joining. 

These people were never really online; they weren’t real NFT fans but reward fans that come online once a week for a minute or two to check if they won.

“This was a mistake. We made it that even offline people were part of the event. We didn’t expect this result. Who would have thought that daily random giveaway would bring 80% of Non-Discord Users,” said Oliver Miller.

The project is at its earliest stage, as it didn’t even start yet and the event rule already had to change due to massive top stock brokers. So the new rule is that, AHM will be giving out free mint NFT to anyone who is “online at the time of the event”.

The event time is “random” and “happens daily”. It does not hurt to simply be online on Discord and maybe you or your invited friends might just win $3 Million, as that is current offer rate for a “minted NFT wallet”. (Also countless offers of $1 Million for a just minted NFT)

Back to why owning an AHM NFT on the mint date in December 2021 is like winning the jackpot.

It is a fact that anyone who gets to mint an AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) MFT or win one will never need to work again in their life.

If you wonder how one of Ape’s Hidden Mistress NFTs can get you over $15,000 every month starting 2022, you should also know that it is only one of the countless benefits that “first, original minters” will enjoy. 

For this reason, so many top investors who did not have Discord accounts have opened them and are trying to win free NFTs. These people have joined because they knew instantly that this was a best investment.

Some of the rewards that await the first batch of only NFT minters who mint by themselves on the launch date in December include:

  • A few confirmed free airdrops of 3D Graphics NFTs to all first minters, even if they already sold their original NFTs.
  • A weekly commission from what Walt Disney earns from the film projects
  • Many more rewards, including multiple secret surprise news.

If you’re ready to join in on the action or you need some more information, check out their DiscordTwitter and website. Top investors say that “Ape’s Hidden Mistress” (AHM) NFTs will get sold out in a few seconds when it launches in December.

Furthermore, all the proceeds earned from minting fees will sweep floors and fund the weekly surprise and fun giveaways. The daily random mint giveaway will continue every day until the day before launch in December.

Just keep track of the top NFT projects such as Walt Disney’s AHM and never work again for life! Here are their DiscordTwitter and website: AHM.global.