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5 Best Antiques in Dallas 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Antiques in Dallas. To help you find the best Antiques located near you in Dallas, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Dallas’s Best Antiques:

The top-rated Antiques in Dallas are:

  • Curiosities – dealer collective, selling funky antique jewelry, art, trinkets, decorative items & vintage clothes.
  • DFWM Antiques – eclectic antiques ‘man cave’ serving beer & stocking industrial items, jewelry, coins, toys & more.
  • Lula B’s Oak Cliff – cozy stands with vendors selling vintage apparel, books, furniture & home decor in warehouse space.
  • Dolly Python – hip vintage-clothing store with antiques, oddities & a large selection of second-hand cowboy boots.
  • Legacy Antiques – an antique shop specializing in 18th- & 19th-century French pieces, plus lighting, chests & mirrors.


5 Best Antiques in Dallas

Curiosities is a store that showcases an eclectic collection of art, antiques, vintage items, relics, and jewelry. This fantastic emporium of unique and beautiful very enticing items that many collectors are looking for. Curiosities have been servicing Dallas for almost twenty years since it was founded by Jason Cohen in 2006. Mr. Cohen is also the founder of the fabled Forbidden Books and Video alongside his mother and veteran antique dealer Terry Cohen. When you talk about antiques and hard-to-find items in Dallas, everyone knows that Curiosities is one of your best go-to stores. Their attendants will make sure you are taken care of and will do their best to make your shopping experience as fun as can be.

Antiques, trinkets, vintage items

Address: 2025 Abrams Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75214
Phone: (214) 828-1886
Website: getcuriosities.com

This curiosity shop is loaded with a huge bounty from the past. So many different bygone eras are represented here. You could never see everything here. Always a treasure hunt to enjoy. – Lori Matthews

DFWM Antiques

The Best Antiques in Dallas

DFWM Antiques is an antique store that specializes in the more challenging side of antiques and rarities. This antique store showcases a large collection of hard-to-find antiques and unique collectibles. DFWM Antiques also boasts a wide variety of industrial antiques, refurbished items, vintage products, and other rare and hard-to-find items. For over a decade, DFWM Antiques has been providing not only their amazing and aesthetically pleasing antiques but their outstanding customer service led by their attendants who are customer-focused. Their team of antique experts will make sure all your needs are met from being able to choose from an assortment of antiques to the knowledge they happily impart to customers.

Antiques, trinkets, vintage items

Address: 301 W Eighth St. Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: (214) 680-4960
Website: dfwmantiques.com

I was taken back by this shop and the sheer volume of unique and manly odds and ends pieces. Definitely, a little something for everyone, and I wasn’t even looking for anything. Props to the curator on we’ll put together place. – Tyler Fuller

Lula B’s Oak Cliff

Best Antiques in Dallas

Lula B’s Oak Cliff‘s tagline, which is to offer “cool things for cool people” stands the test of time, as the one-stop-shop has become one of Dallas’s premier antiquities and rare goods stores. The store showcases its vast collection of antiques, vinyl records, decor, furniture, and everything in between. Lula B’s team will assist you in any way possible to make sure your shopping experience is as pleasant as possible. Customer service and satisfaction is the name of the game, and Lula B’s team knows this well; this is the reason why the antique store is one of the best in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Antiques, trinkets, vintage items

Address: 1982 Ft Worth Ave. Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: (214) 824-2185
Website: lulabsoc.com

Love this place. Lots of great antiques and clothes. Even if you don’t find something you want to buy, you’re always happy you visited just to see all the great things and friendly staff. – Alan Strong

Dolly Python

Dallas Best Anqitues

Dolly Python is a multi-award-winning antique store located just outside of downtown Dallas. From rare antiques to vintage garments, Dolly Python is known across the state of Texas for their vintage western apparel like vintage cowboy hats and boots. Dolly Python also showcases jewelry from different eras that will satisfy a variety of tastes and styles. Their staff are also very friendly and will assist you with your purchase and will even provide knowledge for certain items. If you are searching for hard-to-find vintage items or old rare antiques, drop by Dolly Python today and start your scavenger hunt!

Antiques, trinkets, vintage items

Address: 1914-1916 N. Haskell Ave. Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: (214) 887-3434
Website: dollypythonvintage.com

Wonderful vintage shop with lots of great items to choose from! I found some really cute 50s and 70s dresses. Very reasonable prices and nice, knowledgeable staff! Can’t wait to come back! – Gracie Lee

Legacy Antiques

Dallas's Best Antiques

Legacy Antiques opened for business back in 1997 and has since grown into one of Dallas’s household names in terms of antiques and vintage collectibles. For over twenty years, Legacy Antiques boasts one of the largest collections of impressive antiquities and vintage items and trinkets. Legacy Antiques have one of the more comprehensive inventories of rare and hand-picked items from all around the globe. The antique store prides itself on being able to provide antique hunters and collectors the best selection of antiques, decor, vintage items, and everything in between. That, and arguably the best staff that will assist any customer with a smile on their face.

Antiques, trinkets, vintage items

Address: 1406 Slocum St. Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: (214) 748-4606
Website: legacyantiques.com

I’ve shopped at Legacy for years. Without a doubt, they are one of the finest antique stores in the Metroplex. In a time when many antique stores just sell “primitives”, Legacy sells first-rate European antiques at a very fair price. – Tom Robinson

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