Founded in 2011 by Kevin Osborne, Kev’s Best is an independent blog and news site, 100% locally owned and operated.

Kev’s Best started as a very small newspaper, consisting of only a few writers looking to break into the world of technological and business journalism. We always look for writers looking to make a difference in the world and keep our viewers informed. It’s important to hold all companies to account and enrich the public’s knowledge about ongoing events in the world of technology and science. The gadgets of today will be superseded by the gadgets of tomorrow. Start-up companies will rise and fall, while government policy will continue to shape the veracity of innovation for decades to come.

Our publication dedicates itself to recording the events and activities related to technology, business, science and start-ups. This realm of journalism can be a dynamic and everchanging environment, so it’s crucial that our writers remain informed, up to data and diligent in all their processes. Stories can change so rapidly and we value being one of the first to deliver authentic, breaking news.

We ensure that our contributors are all members of the Society of Professional Journalists, as this guarantees that our writers are governed by integrity and transparency when reporting all relevant news.

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Kev’s Best is owned by Kev’s Best LLC.

To contact our office, please visit our contact page.