5 Best Yoga Studios in Jacksonville 🥇

5 Best Yoga Studios in Jacksonville

Below is a list of the top and leading Yoga Studios in Jacksonville. To help you find the best Yoga Studios located near you in Jacksonville, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Jacksonville’s Best Yoga Studios:

The top-rated Yoga Studios in Jacksonville are:

  • Yoga Den Studio – grow stronger, live longer!
  • Red Skies Yoga – provides a variety of classes to feed the soul and body of every practitioner.
  • Bella Vida Yoga – offers 21 classes a week with a variety of Vinyasa style yoga classes and workshops.
  • Everbalance – is a wellness boutique offering a wide selection of fitness group classes such as yoga, barre, and pilates.
  • Black Cat Yoga – Jacksonville’s preeminent yoga studio located in the heart of the Historic Riverside, Avondale, and Five Points Districts.

Yoga Den Studio

5 Best Yoga Studios in Jacksonville

Yoga Den Studio‘s philosophy is centered on providing a judgment-free environment and offer customers an abundance of permission to rest and be at ease. They teach customers how to correct their postures if needed, to help them avoid pain and discomfort. The studio believes that yoga is a practice that is not learned overnight and is learned slowly. In this studio, a mixture of seasoned students and newbies share classes together in a fun and satisfying environment where everyone can be themselves and relax. If you are looking to get into yoga or are looking for a more chill and healthier environment, check out Yoga Den Studio today.

Classes, workshops, training.

Address: 8789 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32217
Phone: (904) 289-1548
Website: yoga-den.com

Great place. I’m very much a beginner and felt very welcome. If you’re looking for a place to stretch it out and feel centered, look no more. – William Sullivan

Red Skies Yoga

The Best Yoga Studios in Jacksonville

Red Skies Yoga offers students a safe and welcoming environment where they can experience and create their own personal health journey. The studio also encourages students to be more expressive to help their self-healing and transformation. Their instructors are not only qualified and knowledgeable, but they are very supportive and empowers the students to have a better self-perception and confidence in leading a healthier lifestyle. They offer classes that help people feed their body and soul whether they are a novice getting into yoga first the first time or a seasoned practitioner.

Classes, teacher training

Address: 4788 Hodges Blvd STE 206, Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone: (904) 535-6928
Website: redskiesyoga.com

I love this place and can’t wait to sign up for more classes!! The yoga studio is great and the people make it special. Positive Vibes! – Carlos Roman Trucker

Bella Vida Yoga

Best Yoga Studios in Jacksonville

Bella Vida Yoga is a yoga studio located in the heart of the Jacksonville Beach area in the very classy Casa Bella Village. The studio offers over 20 classes a week on a variety of yoga teachings such as Vinyasa style. They also offer workshops and training for aspiring yoga instructors. Their yoga instructors are friendly, professional, and hardworking, and strives to help their customers achieve unity of the mind, body, spirit, and movement. If you are in Jacksonville and are looking for a yoga studio that is safe, fun, judgment-free, and affordable, check out Bella Vida Yoga today.

Classes, workshops, 200-hour teacher training.

Address: 510 Shetter Ave, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Phone: (904) 539-5730
Website: bellavidayoga.com

I’m a yoga instructor elsewhere and I love this yoga studio. The teachers are highly trained and care about traditional yoga, which is not the case with other yoga studios I’ve attended. – Samantha Ross


Jacksonville Best Yoga Studios

Everbalance is a yoga and wellness center that offers a wide range of fitness programs and classes like yoga, pilates, and barre. The studio is also the only place in Jacksonville that offers beginner and power classes for these services. Their team believes in teaching their students to combine sculpting the body and building a brand-new core through the use of pilates. Secondly, they believe that cardio and calorie-burning are very effective in conjunction with barre. And lastly, yoga helps with relaxation and flexibility. If you are looking for an amazing workout or relaxation session through these services, Everbalance is definitely the place for you.

Virtual and On-Demand classes, in-studio classes, private instruction, corporate wellness, pelvic health program, membership.

Address: 5298 Sunbeam Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32257
Phone: (904) 478-1873
Website: everbalance.com

I had the best yoga meditation class today. What a great way to start the year! Thank you, Tatyana! Love Everbalance! – Jennifer Dee

Black Cat Yoga

Jacksonville's Best Yoga Studios

Black Cat Yoga is a leading yoga studio located in the historic Riverside in Avondale. The studio offers a variety of yoga classes that helps students benefit whether they are a novice or a practicing yogi. They offer Jacksonville and surrounding areas with private and group classes that are taught by one of their instructors. Their yoga instructors are experienced, friendly, skillful, and are more than capable to teach classes of all levels of practitioners. If you want to get into yoga or are a practitioner looking for a change of scenery, Black Cat Yoga is one of the top spots that should be on the top of your list.

Classes, on-demand classes, events, workshops.

Address: 1512 King Street Jacksonville, FL 32204
Phone: (904) 701-2517
Website: blackcatyogajax.com

When I first moved to the area, I tried out a few yoga studios, but as soon as I found Black Cat Yoga, I knew I had found my Yoga home. Going to Black Cat Yoga is like going home. – Anne Bianco