“Write For Us Guest Post” – A Comprehensive Guide To Guest Posting

Write For Us Guest Post

Guest Posting (or Guest Blogging as it is sometimes referred to) is a powerful tool in the digital marketplace of ideas. Like any tool, the inherent use of this practice is only as practical and ethical as the ones who wield it – there have been contention and debates surrounding the art of Guest Posting since the dawn of the internet and the rise of internet blogging.

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Before we delve into the minutiae of quality guest posting, it will help to understand the fundamental elements.

What is Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting/Blogging is the act of contributing content to another person’s/company’s blog. The reasons for this can range from exuding expertise, building a rapport with a new audience, garnering reliable and authentic links to a site, establishing authority in a given space, or simply gaining exposure.

Depending on the intention, each of the above reasons for guest posting will have a different priority. If the poster is looking to focus on SEO enhancement, then high-quality and honestly earned links are the focal point. On the same note, if a blogger is simply looking to build and establish a reputation and brand intelligence, then the audience and exposure motivations will take charge.

While these white-hat reasons can be construed as genuine, some nefarious types seek to take advantage of guest blogging for their own ends, which is where the crux of contention can be found.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran who is looking for a refresher or someone who is brand new to the industry and looking for a breakdown of the principles of good guest blogging – you’ve come to the right place.

This comprehensive guide will hopefully answer any and all questions you have about the art of good guest blogging including what to look for in a hosting site, how to establish a good rapport and the positive trickle-down effects of Whitehat guest posting.

What Separates Good from Mediocre Guest Posting?

Before we get into the Why of it all – we should take a little bit of time to explore what separates the good and memorable guest bloggers from the mediocre and forgettable ones.

Writing refreshing people-first content that has viable and interesting information Is not as simple as one would think. Guest bloggers have to demonstrate a sense of understanding and expertise that captures the interest of the host of the intended blog. High-quality guest bloggers are masterful at adding value to the audience they’re writing for – giving them something to take with them that they may not have understood or known beforehand.

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Succinct and straightforward content that provides actionable information that is researched and fact-driven is at the heart of any good guest post. Remember, it should never read as an advertisement or copy-pasted from a company mission statement – it should have a little bit of personality and be reflective of the author contributing it.

Guest Blogging

The Many Why’s of Guest Blogging

Guest posting has been a useful method of attributing authority to brands and authors, building a larger relevant audience, and garnering valuable links which assist in optimising search engine results.

Attributing Authority

Having authority and a trusted voice in any given industry or focus can be a difficult thing to convey in the modern online marketplace. Many marketers, academics, entrepreneurs, and business analysts have turned to the wonders of guest posting to exude expertise in any given field. If you have a guest post that is relevant, educational, and written succinctly that appeals to a wide audience, the association between the author and the contents therein with authority is easier.

The age-old art of leaving the audience intrigued and wanting more is a learned skill in the writing community, guest posting on a relevant website with vital information and an air of intrigue is a sure-fire way to stimulate more readers into positive association with the author and what they’re representing – whether it’s a brand, company, industry, or idea.

Brandishing authority and building an online profile that is relevant and useful for consumers is also a wonderful method of gaining clients who find the information useful, so not only is establishing authority good for brand visibility and awareness – but also for generating revenue (when implemented correctly of course).

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Finding A New Audience

It can be hard finding a new audience if a company is looking to expand into new markets and audiences. Finding a new audience can be troublesome in the modern climate, with fractured attention spans and numerous sources of information. Guest posting on the right site can sometimes make all the difference. For instance, if a guest blogger works in the realm of stock trading, chances are that writing a guest post for a beauty and wellness website will not attract the right kind of eyes.

New traffic isn’t always necessarily good traffic. Guest blogging on a site that is less popular but more relevant to the niche or intended audience will have a more meaningful and longer-lasting impact on the expansion of a useful audience. Guest blogs also have a responsibility to their readers to ensure that any guest posts that come through are going to have some utility for their core readers and follower bases in order to maintain loyalty and residence.

Linking The Right Way

Reliable and trustworthy links are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building any presence online. A solid and relevant link in a guest post gives search engines an endorsement of relevance, which is not something easily done nefariously.

Guest posting can work positively for both the blogger and for the hosting site itself.

If the content is educational, relevant, people-driven, and contains unique content, then the hosting blog will reap the benefits of interested audiences and contribute more to its authenticity as a useful source of information. The guest blogger will in turn reap the benefits of establishing authority in their field and have valuable (and relevant) links back to their own interests be displayed either through a guest bio or through a relevant link.

Links are the bread-and-butter of many SEO and marketing campaigns, and while the practice has seen its share of bad actors in the past, the truth of the matter is that quality audience-driven content is still king in brand building and awareness.

Why Guest Posting

Why Guest Posting Has Its Critics

No doubt most of you have read an article or two about the bad players of guest blogging and posting. Terms like ‘inauthentic posts’, ‘private blog networks’, and ‘spammy practices’ are bandied around a little too loosely for our liking, but we have to give the devil their due and explore a few of the less honourable approaches that some companies have taken in their blogging tactics to solicit this critique.

For every guest post that is rich with valuable information, relevant links, and honourable intention – there is a site that is posting spammy and unreliable articles in exchange for credit or money. These pay-to-play blog sites operate under the guise of journalistic practice and authenticity when in fact the information being presented is more akin to a poorly written advertisement under the umbrella of a news story.

Critics who come down on these types of practices do have a point, but we disagree with those who claim that guest posting is nothing but that. Like a decent introduction to a novel from a peer – a good guest post can be an invaluable tool for sharing important and relevant information to an audience that might otherwise never have found it.

While bad actor blog hosting sites are rampant online, the more honourable and trusted blog hosting sites typically read over content with a fine-tooth comb and will sometimes not accept outside solicitation at all. The reason for this is that some marketing companies focus on the link and SEO rather than the readers themselves.

This practice is being looked at more with each Google algorithmic update that comes to pass, with more intuitive bots being able to siphon quality and value for readers with each integration.

Tips on Finding Quality Contributors

If you would like to publish your guest post on our website,
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Are you a blog host, or simply looking for more diverse and branched pieces of relevant content for your site? Well, lucky for you, the world is awash with quality content writers and creators – the trick is finding the right fit.

There are many ways that a site can solicit quality pieces of content, one of the obvious ones being an advertisement or invitation on the site. You may have seen posts or pages on your favorite sites that excitedly exclaim “Write For Us!” or something along those lines. You may have to dredge through a few bots before you find a genuine contender for relevant and worthwhile authoring, but it is a tried-and-true method that we’ve seen work multiple times in the past.

Social media channels have also become a rich source for hosting sites to solicit quality content, many bloggers are chomping at the bit to have their content read by the right audiences, if you have a decent following then it may be worthwhile to blast out a post that invites contributors to submit.

There are also third-party sites like Fiverr and Upwork that have a wealth of bloggers, journalists, experts, and creators that have established expertise and could be swayed to contribute if they are the right fit for the job.

Tips on Finding Blogging Sites

Tips on Finding Blogging Sites

On the other end of the spectrum, you have motivated bloggers who are looking for the right place to send their content. One could reverse-engineer our above tactics for finding contributors by searching online for sites that are soliciting guest posts. A quick Google search containing terms like “Guest post” or “write for us” can be a great way to begin the journey.

If your niche/expertise is more focused and journalistically based, it may be worthwhile to search for news and scholarly sites that typically have an Opinion section that usually takes applications and pitches. Depending on the level of expertise and unique freshness of the content, this may be a longer road than others.

Another way to find blogs that take contributions is to network as much as possible. Social media channels are filled with writers and creators that have their own active blogging sites, keeping a keen eye on the relevant sites and interacting with them when relevant can be a great way of establishing a good rapport and perhaps opening the door for opportunities a little further down the road.

Don’t Be Duped

Be wary of the spammy and non-genuine sites and bloggers. Developing a sixth sense can be a little difficult, especially if you are just starting out with your guest posting journey. There are ways of mitigating the risks associated with this which will give you some assurance of dodging the wrong sites.

Moz is an example of an analytic tool that actually allows you to peel back the curtain on certain sites and reveal a little more about their true nature. One way of determining the validity of sites/bloggers is through metrics such as Spam scores and authority indexes.

Spam scores are a great analysis of the links that this particular site receives and can give you an idea of the linking practices of the site. When all else fails, there are always the hallowed halls of Reddit and other third-party sites that give users the opportunity to talk openly about different blogs and their practices.

It is NEVER advisable to pay for links – if you have bloggers who are asking you for payment in exchange for a guest post then this is not the best practice and is considered quite unethical. Quality blogs and bloggers are in this business for more than profit and should have the underlying passion and dedication for worthwhile content be at the forefront.


Guest posting may have its detractors, but it is still a worthwhile and viable method for promoting, educating, building authority, and establishing credibility in an increasingly busy world.

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